Advanced Digital marketing Ideas For Your Brand (2019)

Advanced Digital marketing Ideas For Your Brand (2019)

Digital marketing encompasses marketing efforts for the promotion of goods and services via the internet or electronic devices. Digital channels include search engines, social media, email, and e-commerce websites. In addition, digital marketers use digital marketing for connecting with their existing and prospective customers. We often use the terms online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing in the place of digital marketing. In other words, any form of online marketing is referred to as digital marketing. Digital media is so pervasive that users can access the required information at any place and time they want. Moreover, they can reach this information on any devices or computers. It is an open platform that is round the clock available for the mutual benefits of buyers and sellers. It thereby saves both your time and effort to bring products and services in front of your customers. Hence, it is essential to be aware of all the advanced digital marketing ideas. In this article, we are going to provide all the effective ideas that will help you to enhance your business needs.

advanced digital marketing ideas 2019 guide

Know Digital Marketing Categories:

Digital marketing is an ever-growing source of promoting your brand via one or more forms of electronic media. Along with the source of entertainment, digital media is popular for shopping as well. People are thereby exposed to what media, friends, relatives, and peers are saying about your products and services. Their purchasing decision is based upon the reviews of the existing customers of a brand. They sort out the brands which are going to meet their needs and preferences. Then, they study customer reviews and build their trust in a particular brand. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing uses multiple channels and methods. As a result, organizations analyze marketing campaigns and evaluate what is working and isn’t in real time. Moreover, various digital marketing categories add a lot of conveniences. We can classify digital marketing in three broad categories. To know, have a look below

1)  Content Marketing

In 2019, you need to concentrate on your contents to make your website more appealing to the target audience. Have a look at the criteria for improving content marketing and earning the right audience to your site.

  • Analyze the target keywords people are using while searching for the products and services your company offers.
  • Ensure a good readability score for the contents on your site.
  • Try to explain the concept of your contents with deep analysis.
  • Improves the loading speed of pages on your site.
  • If possible, then include video, images, gig, meme, infographics to your contents.

2) Simplify Complex contents

The methodology of creating simple contents and keeping hold of readers for a long time is not difficult. Good art of writing is a tactic to persuade your readers to go through the whole article. We have listed down the elements that support digital contents. Hence, have a look below:

  • The layout of a website has the ability to catch the attention of audiences in the first instance.
  • A proper format simplifies content and makes it convenient for readers.
  • Avoidance of complex words, lengthy sentences, and passive voice boost the simplicity of contents.
  • Simple images, video, infographics, and much more make your contents energetic.
  • Finally, you can provide a reference of famous authors in your content.

3) Search Engine Optimization

You can utilize free audit tools to obtain complementary results for optimizing your site. Such tools are great to improve the performance of your site in several ways. We have sorted out the top three SEO factors that can improve the Search Engine Optimization for your website.

  1. Include Podcast and concentrate more on your content.
  2. Ensure structured data familiarity and avoid structured data mistake.
  3. Optimize the SEO image of your site.

Email marketing and SEO, when combined together, can drive valuable traffic to your webpage. Moreover, email marketing has a huge impact on SEO strategies as it increases onsite engagement. Email marketing converts high performing emails into new page contents. It thereby handles a targeted content strategy and earns you more social engagement shares.

Edge computing brings users closer to the origin of data and reduces the bandwidth as well as latency.

3) Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click has undergone a massive change along with its change in new campaign types, target options, enhancement, features, and tools. The best PPC practices you can apply in 2019 are as follows:

  1. Analyze new features in Google Ads and customize your mobile ads accordingly.
  2. Test new features and make an accurate budget plan for 2019.
  3. Consider new advertising platforms and have a wider audience for your brand.
  4. After repeating the above step, you can now prepare your contents for voice research.

Advanced Digital Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business Rapidly:

As we have landed in 2019, digital marketers are looking forward to the scope of digital marketing this year. As per experts opinion, digital marketing will add new ideas and trends to tune up the sector with high-tech strategies. Hence the ideas will work throughout this year and build a better platform for digital marketing in 2020. Therefore let us know the opportunities that 2019 holds for digital marketing.

1)Social Media Marketing

According to studies, social media marketing is the biggest aspect to consider this year. Social networks are most evident for story sharing, location-targeted videos, and live videos. According to a survey, nearly 80 percent of the marketers will prefer videos to present their offerings to their target audience. Marketing may think of adding video ads to their social media strategies.

2)Voice Search

It refers to the use of speech recognition in internet browsing. Gradually, it strives to save the time that you would have invested in typing the query you are searching for. Moreover, searching the internet with your voice commands can be done at one click. Though voice search comes preloaded with default services, you can add your user-defined search engine. You will get more traffic by enabling voice search on your web page. Searchers feel interested with those sites that are capable of providing faster answers. 2019 is the right time to improve your site’s ranking with the implementation of voice search. Remember that nowadays Google is ranking websites on the basis of user experience. Furthermore, voice search mitigates negative signals like bounce rates.

Know The Strategies to Adopt to Benefit from Voice Search

Long tail Keywords

Voice search is entirely different from the ordinary search on search engines. People use more direct queries in voice search and thereby long-tail keywords come into existence. If you use, these keywords, then they will improve the ranking of your site.

Consider Frequently Asked Questions

Emphasize the question that people generally ask and frame concise answers accordingly. Build your content around these queries and make your products more appealing to the prospects.

Develop Contents from the view of readers

Unlike text search, voice search is direct as well as colloquial. Hence it is essential to develop your contents in such a way that they match the tone of your prospects.

Try Out Voice Search

Play around with voice search to know its impact on your website. It will assist you to learn more about long-tail keywords and their importance for higher rankings.

3) Chatbots Assistance

Chatbots are automated programs that serve as an information acquisition interface. It is a medium to interact with prospects through textual or auditory means. Several organizations are using chatbot to enrich their customer service programs. Moreover, customers can solve their product or service related queries by using Chatbot. Customers can also book appointments with the product manager via Chatbot. Make sure that the Chatbot aligns to your brand and make you free from bugs. Moreover, your chatbot shall work seamlessly on all types of devices and provide proper solutions to queries.

Know Perks of Installing Chatbot

  1. Chatbots do not replace the human agent but cut down the operational costs of your business. You won’t have to hire agents for serving your customers for 24*7.
  2. It is expected that Chatbots are going to reduce business costs to a great extent in the next five years. Chatbots aims at increasing customer engagement for better lead generation.
  3. Chatbots aim at solving repetitive queries of customers reduces the workload of your employees. Hence they are more inclined to handle complex queries and improve service quality.
  4. Chatbots establish personalized customer interaction for guiding their purchase decision. They advise the customers based on their purchase history and preference.
  5. Unlike human agents, chatbots do not keep customers waiting for their answers.
  6. Chatbots are knowledgeable enough to predict customer behaviour. Hence they provide notifications as per the customer requirements.
  7. It is possible only for Chatbots to reach innumerable prospects within a minimum turnaround time.
  8. Chatbots catch customer attention as a faster pace through historical interactions.
  9. The chatbot is a reservoir of large customer data for future reference.
  10. It analyzes customer feedback and provides personalized experiences to customers.
  11. Chatbots alter the nature of marketing and maintain proactive customer response.
  12. It can be an effective approach to promote your brand on a global market.

4) Blockchain

The blockchain is a record of transactions taking place across several computers. It ranks fourth in advanced digital marketing ideas but has a lot to do for your business. Each block is interlinked with another one to prevent alterations of the whole record. Blockchain offers the following advantages:


  • Greater Transparency


The blockchain technology has brought transparency on transaction histories of customers. The network participants share the same documentation that can be updated through consensus. You will need to alter the subsequent records for changing a single transaction. Blockchain provides more accurate, transparent, and consistent data. Besides this, you can make the data accessible to all participants who have the required permission.


  • Enhanced Security


Blockchain ensures better security than other record keeping systems available in the market. A transaction needs approval for encrypting and linking it to the previous transaction. It stores information across a network of computers instead of a single server. As a result, it becomes difficult for hackers to get unauthorized access to transaction data. You can use Blockchain for sharing critical information over a large network.


  • Improved Traceability


Blockchain record exchanges of goods and display every step of its journey. Hence it seems easier to trace the actual origin of items. Afterward, the historical transactions data will help you to verify the verify the authenticity of assets.


  • Greater Speed And Efficiency


Blockchain reduces the trading time, chances of errors, and involvement of a third party. Automated processes of blockchain ensure efficient and faster completion of transactions. You won’t have to hire many intermediaries for settling your transactions.


  • Cost Saving


Blockchain reduces your costs as it does not require third parties to ensure the transparency of data. Furthermore, it removes the review of too many documents for completing a trade.

5) Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence brings in new opportunities for revenue generation, cost savings, and job creation. It reduces the requirement of manpower and leads to automation in your business. It extends and expands creativity in doing business. Let us know the opportunities artificial intelligence offers to an organization.


  • Personalized Shopping Experiences


Artificial intelligence enables you to provide personalized marketing experiences for your customers. It thereby generates customer loyalty, improves sales, and helps you to know the purchasing behaviour of any customers. Moreover, it stores and analyses millions of transactions to provide accurate offers to individual customers.


  • Automates Customer Interactions


Artificial intelligence removes human involvement for customer interactions like emails, online chat, social media conversations, and telecommunication. It analyses data collected from previous communications and initiate quick responses to customers. When artificial intelligence combines with machine learning, it becomes more advantageous. Unlike humans, AI Chatbots can simultaneously interact with hundreds of customers across the globe.


  • Real-Time Assistance


Artificial intelligence is highly beneficial for businesses that constantly communicate with a large number of customers. Cloud-based artificial intelligence provides instant and relevant findings while processing big data. You business thereby obtains undiscovered insights to outshine competitors in the marketplace.


  • Predict Outcomes


Artificial intelligence operates other technologies to bring operational automation in your business. It analyses data and predicts outcomes to determine the demand for products and services. In the banking sector, AI predicts currency and stock price fluctuations for a better course of action.


  • Automate the Recruitment Process


Artificial intelligence assists companies in screening applications and recruiting suitable employees. It is also easy to terminate those employees who aren’t meeting their work standards.  

6)Influencer Marketing

The objective of influencer marketing is to promote your brand on an online platform. Influencers build relationships with people to increase the credibility of their contents and recommendations. Influencer marketing has been a great success to expand the reach and positioning of your brand online. As a result, social users come to know about your brand and the solutions it offers. You won’t require additional funds to enrich your content strategy or finding your target audience.

‘Trend’ is a word that can bring massive changes to personal as well as professional life. As per the working principle, there are many things to do with digital marketing. Therefore, enrich your business with the advanced digital marketing ideas we have discussed in this article.

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