Design a Robust Website for Your Business: Experience Affordable Web Design in Dubai

Design a Robust Website for Your Business: Experience Affordable Web Design in Dubai

Affordable Web Design in Dubai

Affordable Web Design in Dubai Web Designing encompasses various different aspects and skills related to the designing part of the website mainly. It is very less concerned about developing the website physically using languages and codes. Instead, you can just consider it as the designing of the layouts and the prototype models of the website, along with the topics of its graphics designs; its interface design; user experience design; search engine optimization; and likewise.

Taking assistance from expert professionals while designing and developing a website is recommended as it results in a flawless and error-free job. There are many affordable web design in Dubai, which can provide you reliable services in designing any type of professional web pages as per your specifications.

Know More About Web Designing

Know More about Web Designing

Web design, in simple words, means that if you want to build a house, then your architect makes a layout or plan of your house first. That layout places Bedrooms, Halls, Kitchen(s), W/B, Doors, Windows etc. Also, it mentions where is your house from all other surrounding properties. Then, going further, you may select a color scheme for your rooms or for the exteriors.

Website design is also the same. A website designer will create a plan of your site like Home Page, Product, Services, About Us, Contact Us and other pages as per your need.

Then, he will take one page at a time and will place the Page Building blocks as below which is called Layout. The sections of Layout in a web page are provided below:

  • Header- needs to placed on the right side of the page or left, or top.
  • Logo- Logo on header or slider images or static.
  • Body- Below slider or static images and content.
  • Side Bar- if at all you want it on the site.
  • Footer- Footer with a socket or just a footer and content.

The information on the distance between these elements may be given or the web developer has to infer it out.

Similarly, web designer will design the other pages as well.

The web designer has to come up with Typography which is nothing but what font family will be used for H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Body Text etc. This includes if it is bold, normal, or italics.

Also, the main thing would be the color combination of your website. Otherwise, the website will be clumsy and ugly. So, the color of Logo, Images used on site, Menu color, Image colors, Body text, and overall content on the website should match each other.

So, the web designer will provide you with color pallet and most probably PSD, PNG, PDF, Sketch (Mac) files which can be sliced using Photoshop or Sketch and you can use it for further development.

What are the Types of Affordable Web Design in Dubai?

An affordable website means cost-effective and reliable services. Listed below are the four types of web design agencies that you will find in UAE..

  1. Website Starting at 500 AED (Freelancers)

From the outlook of the website, you will get an idea about the company. There is no official phone number or location on the map regarding the same. This group of people is considered to be freelancers and the websites designed by them are riddled with grammatical errors or broken links. This option is the cheapest of all and the reason is obvious. You can approach the freelancers for affordable web design in Dubai.

  1. Website Starting at 2000 AED (Startup Agencies)

Startup agencies can get your job done but they do not provide services after the completion of your project. So, you can least expect proper maintenance services such as updation of the websites, elimination of bugs and security updates from such agencies. However, these agencies can provide, if not highly professional but moderate web designing and development services.

  1. Website Starting at 6000 AED (Established Agencies)

These agencies boast multiple outlets of their organization. They are affordable for small business or startups who are mostly satisfied with the work. Established agencies also provide SEO services which can help you in ranking your site in the search engines.

  1. Website Starting at 35000 AED (International Communication Firms)

These large international firms are sure to get the job done in the stipulated time and ensure that you are highly satisfied with their service. These large firms provide quality as well as assurance to their client’s project so that you can be relaxed after assigning the project. 35000 AED is the starting money that you need to spend and it depends a lot on the company with whom you are dealing with and some can even demand at most 500k AED. However, the best part of these organizations is that you can get post-project services like security updates, bug fixes and many others from these international firms for free.

What is the Difference?

Now, let us take a look at the difference between these four groups.

Freelancers are unable to exceed their limits. They are the most basic site designers and do not have their hands upon the latest advanced tools and technologies available in the market.

Startup Agencies are a step above the freelancers. Such agencies have a number of developers who have the ability to learn, copy and reproduce whatever is required from them. If the job is very tough, then you can come across problems such as delay in time and less quality in the designed web page.

Established Agencies have a huge difference between then and the startup enterprises. These agencies have a reputation to build on and so, they give their best in order to finish the project. They have good employee strength and are more or less able to deliver projects outside their specialization. However, for such a project, they may take more time than what was allocated to them. Quality depends on the development team and their knowledge on the project.

International Communications Firms are the ones who are established as one of the best in the world for providing their services all around the globe. International firms have a reputation and goodwill which if hurt can hamper their annual revenue. So, once you spend a lump sum of money and give these firms the responsibility of designing your site, you can be relaxed as you know that your work will be delivered on time and with the best of quality. Timely updates and bug fixes are some other benefits that these organizations offer to their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a web designer’s job?

A web designer’s job is to create a website. After discussing with the client and analyzing their needs, web designers create and design websites. Their job role is to write, edit content and design the website layout.

  1. What does it mean to be a web designer?

The web designer is that individual who develops content for the site. There are many tools and technologies available in the market that designers depend on like HTML, CSS, PHP, and other such frameworks.

  1. Is Web Design the same as Web Development?

Web designers are the ones who develop the web page layout of the website. They use different tools like Adobe Photoshop to create the layout or the framework of the site. The rest of the coding is done by the developers.

  1. What skills do you need to be a web designer?

The skills required to be a web designer are right below:

  • Visual design
  • UX
  • SEO
  • HTML and CSS
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  1. Do web designers work from the home?

Yes, web designers can work from home. There are many tools available on the internet which are free to use. The web designers who work from home are also known as freelancers. Freelancers bid for the project on their own, design and develop them, and finally, earn money in return after submitting the project to their clients. Freelancers charge a comparatively lower price but the quality of their work is not always up to the mark.

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