All The Advantages of a WordPress Site

All The Advantages of a WordPress Site

The Advantages of a WordPress Site
Advantages of a WordPress Site

Advantages of a WordPress Site

Nowadays 51.8% of websites are created using an open source CMS (Content Management System). This term means free, usable by everyone. They are platforms that allow you, in a more or less intuitive way, to create your pages.

Of these, 60.1% is created in WordPress, or the CMS that over time has outperformed the competition, becoming by far the most chosen. The second in the standings, to understand, does not exceed 6.2%, one tenth of the giant in question.

It is not so much to say: 1 site out of 3 of all those in the world is made with WordPress!

8 specific WordPress advantages

Compared to the competition, this free CMS has the following advantages:

  1. Lower development costs for the customer
  2. Expandable : you can always add new features (even for a fee)
  3. Portability : you have no problems if you want to change agencies, you are not tied to anyone
  4. More rapid development
  5. More documentation : it is so used, that it is more likely to find the solution to a problem online
  6. Greater number of extensions and plug-ins on the market and a practically unlimited amount of themes to use. The WordPress community is always buzzing!
  7. It is not a CMS owner of the agency
  8. There should be no request for fees from the agency

Simple and SEO friendly

WordPress is a very simple and intuitive CMS, based on a continuous search for the best user experience , or the usability of the site by users. Even on the side of who has to manage the site, no platform is more intuitive and simple to use.

Moreover, WordPress is also one of the most SEO friendly systems around. In fact, it allows you to easily optimize the pages of your site, even without being an expert, to move up a position in search engines. It also offers professional tools to better carry out this work even for an agency.

Basically, if you have to make a site, don’t think twice: choose WordPress and you won’t regret it! of course,UAE Website Development Dubai also uses this CMS, click here to learn more about – WordPress Website Development

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