Know How to increase your organic reach with App Store Optimization

Know How to increase your organic reach with App Store Optimization

Increase your organic reach with App Store Optimization

Increase your organic reach with App Store Optimization

There is stiff competition between two things: one is shelf space and another one is consumer attention. You will not find any shelves in the digital world. The discovery happens all of a sudden and that too with a bottleneck. How can customers look for apps that don’t get displayed at the forefront? Here, the app store optimization comes into the picture. In order to get the above done, smart owners want to get more and more involved in app store optimization process. If you optimize the keywords, icons, as well as assets the apps will get more optimized which ensures a permanent position in the app store.

Maintaining the same visibility in the app store requires a lot of determination and henceforth this is considered to be very challenging. Because of this inherent reason, companies get more opportunities in one particular country and leave most of the opportunities below the table. Just, you have to imagine that if the company works for app store optimization, how easily they grasp the global market? However, before you move ahead by incorporating keywords in the app description or think of ways in order to highlight your app in the app store, there are some app store optimization techniques that you should know and master. It is considered as a myth now that the long tail keywords can hack the Google algorithm. However, with the advancement of Google algorithms, it is crystal clear that killer keywords are not sufficient. Henceforth, patiently go through this internal blog to get thorough know-how.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization mainly signifies App Store Marketing as well as Mobile Apple SEO. The sole motive of the App Store Optimization is to enhance the rank of the mobile application in the app store as well as iTunes. Apps are built generally for Android, iPhone as well as Windows phone. Most people concentrate on app store optimization in order to enhance the downloads, but the objectives comprise of

  • Enhancing the brand.
  • Engaging more users
  • Obtaining positive reviews as well as the rating.

In-Store App Strategies

According to the latest research, iPhone apps produces more than 75% more income than Android ones. Until and unless you don’t know the maths, this alone can be a perfect reason if you want to opt for app store optimization. While optimizing apps, there are few points which can garner your app in the play store.

App, URL, Name and The Subtitle

You need to ensure that the name and the URL incorporate all the major keywords which are used to showcase your app. It is imperative to use keywords which reflect the thought process. What kind of keywords will the users type while searching for the app?

Ratings Of The App

The app store mainly concentrates on mobile apps containing positive reviews as well as fresh ratings. You need to ensure that users who are using this app will review it for the next potential user.

App Downloads

If you download more, it will bring the app to the forefront of the radar. Obviously, there will be inquisitiveness among the users to know about your app. They will be anxious to know why people are using your app and henceforth, they will like to follow that too as well,

App Store Keywords

Research is going on to keep the keywords fresh and match those based on the user’s response. But if you follow this trend regularly, it will enhance the rank of the app.

Scrutinize Local Culture

Based on the expert’s opinion, it is known that the underlying concept behind localization is nothing more than “wash, rinse and repeat”. This basically goes deep down to the fact that for each and every geographical location, you should adopt a different strategy. However, before you plunge into this huge ocean, you should know how to swim seamlessly. There is a logic behind the local dynamics of society. Suppose, you are approaching any app development agency, you will find that the agency is less about money and deals with value to a large extent. Also, you will some app agencies concentrating more on presentation than the main usability. Paying conscientious attention to different aspects of the app is essential.

Use of Specialized App Eases the Optimization

An easy and effective way to highlight the app in the play store is to build a specialized app containing unique features like Calendar Apps or Google Maps. Suppose, you choose a famous publisher and then create a mobile app. However, if you are using one app, you need to make sure that you add everything inside it. Since it is a specialized one, it should offer suitable benefits.

Major Mistake That App Owners Need To Avoid

The greatest mistake that people make while using app store optimization is not utilizing the website for generating traffic to the web page. You need to build a separate landing page in order to direct the user to the download section. Don’t behave with our website as if you are an outsider. It is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. With the use of websites, you can generate more users to the depth of the sales funnel and involve them to purchase your app from the app store. All of us are well versed about the fact that content in the app store is restricted to app stores only. Therefore, using content from the landing page can generate awareness about the app which will ultimately lead to the discovery of another mobile app. This is basically a traffic magnet and thereby creates app authority without charging extra money. Suppose you have designed an app in order to sell in the local market, but it will be time-consuming to scale this app on a global market. However, we all are aware of the fact that building an app is only the beginning. The most challenging part comes after. You need to discover the market and what will hit the chord is difficult to forecast.

In a Nutshell

Therefore, you need to begin from simple app store optimization. Follow the above strategies methodically to maximize your profit and make it famous among the larger audience. This informative guide will surely help you to increase your organic search through app store optimization. Moreover, you can refer the user guide to have a quick glance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • First of all, you need to prioritize the app.
  • Then, you need to encourage user reviews.
  • After that, please ensure that your app is cash-free.
  • You need to motivate users for referrals.
  • Then, try to invest in content.
  • Engaging more on social media channels.
  • You need to measure, analyze as well as optimize.

If you wish to enhance the online visibility of your application that results in increased downloads but you don’t want to spend too much on building marketing techniques then ASO is the new tool.

Go through the below steps in order to optimize apps

  • First, you need to move to the Settings.
  • Next, you need to hit the menu button.
  • After that, click on Battery Optimization.
  • Then you need to pinpoint the app you wish to incorporate in your list.
  • After that, press Optimize.
  • Eventually, you need to press Done.

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