Take Help from an Authentic Drop Shipping Company in UAE

Take Help from an Authentic Drop Shipping Company in UAE

Authentic Drop Shipping Company in UAE

Expand your Business with Drop Shipping

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Drop Shipping UAE:When you’re running a business, you might be worried about the stock keeping. In such a scenario, the thing that can be quite useful is Drop Shipping. Drop shipping is a simple concept of selling a product. When an order is placed by a customer, the retailer passes on the customer’s order information to the wholesaler or supplier who then packages and ships the product to the customer. There is a huge list of companies who provide Drop Shipping solutions and make your business experience much better. Therefore, get in touch with the experts for availing genuine Drop Shipping services in Dubai.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a business method where the retailer ships a product directly from a third-party to the customer. This third party could be a manufacturer, a wholesaler or another retailer. What this means is that unlike a traditional retailer, you never stock the products you’re selling. You only buy products when they are needed, which are then sent directly to the customer. Basically, you just have to transfer the customer’s order details to the producer and they will deliver the product and take care of the inventory along with logistics for the customers.

Amazing Benefits of Drop Shipping

  1. You don’t need to pay any price while launching the products.
  2. The Drop Shippers manage the logistic issues which get hassle-free for you. Not only that, but they also take care of packaging and shipping the products carefully.
  3. As you don’t have to invest a large price for showcasing the product, you can easily go for new product testing and increasing the offerings in the market. In this way, you can serve your customers with thousands of items.
  4. Drop shipping doesn’t depend on the number of co-workers associated with your business. No matter whether you have very less number of staff, Drop shipping is pretty easy to start.
  5. The main thing that Drop Shipping offers you is mobility. Due to this, you don’t need to take any a headache about the product delivery or any other things. Just get a reliable internet connection and roll in the business.
  6. Due to authentic and flawless services, Drop Shipping has become quite trustworthy among the big companies. Such companies are capable of offering a wide range of products to the customers. They just have to focus on manufacturing the products and all the other works like packing, shipping, invoicing, return of goods etc. are done by the respective Drop Shipping company. Thus, connect with the best Drop Shipping company in UAE and enjoy the services.

Common Problems with Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a very nice way to test markets and try a lot of different products to see what potentially might sell, but there are a lot of problems as well that you need to be aware of.

The first problem is that you have to pay for the shipping service. Your supplier marks up the product to cover their internal handling costs; so, you might not be competitive with your price from somebody else who can directly import the product.

The second major problem is that you really give up your customer service function to use a drop ship supplier. If the dropship supplier is not very good at keeping you informed about inventory situations and in case they run on backorder, you might receive orders that you have to cancel. This creates a problem when using a platform like Amazon or eBay. Too many cancellations can give a black mark next to your shipping record and if you get too many situations like this, they may actually drop you from their selling platform and you would not be allowed to sell anymore.

Also, if your supplier is not very good about shipping and they take extra time before they actually ship your order or they take extra time before they actually release a tracking number to you so that you can inform your customers, this creates many additional problems too. Customers from e-commerce sites expect to get instant credit vacation and they like to get their tracking numbers within 24 hours of placing an order.

So, the two major problems really are the higher price that you have to pay along with a lack of control over the service levels that you can give to your customers.

Important Descriptions Regarding Drop Shipping

The things that you’ll need for starting a Drop Shipping business in UAE are a business with your state valuing roughly 550.96 AED to 1101.92 AED. To do that, you’ll have to request the issue your Employer Identification Number and then you can avail the free service. After that, open the Drop Shipper account and start your work.

The probable cost to start the Drop Shipping business in UAE are as follows:

You need to create your own eCommerce store which might cost you around 106.52 AED to 290.17 AED per month

For integrating the business with your state, it will cost you 550.96 AED to 1101.92 AED. The cost of the Drop Shipping business might vary as per the circumstances. So, if you take an average, it would cost you around 1285.57 AED to 1469.23 AED

When it comes to paying the suppliers, you need to have a business credit card while you are going for any transaction with the supplier. There is a chance of getting an extended credit of 15 – 30 days in the near future. Then, you can pay the supplier using a cheque within the given time i.e. 15 – 30 days.

Initially, the shipping cost will be paid by Drop Shippers. After that, it will be transferred to you during paying the bill provided by the Drop Shipping company. Thus, it is on you that how much of a shipping cost will be charged.

You might want to know if the order appears as if it is shipped from your company or not. Nothing to worry about as the Drop Shippers will put your company’s logo along with the relevant details. if somehow the product is returned back, then it will be sent to the Drop Shippers only. But, there will be your company’s address in the invoice that will determine the package was delivered by you.

How to Return the Products?

After buying, due to some reasons, if the customers need to return the product, then it can be a big hassle. There are mainly three parties like Buyer, Manufacturer, and Supplier present in the back-end who manage the deal. The best thing to do is going with the Return Policy which the buyer has to agree upon before making the final purchase. There has to be a unique code to return products and along with that, an authority required to handle such cases. The Return Authority will notify the suppliers about the return issue and then they will provide the customers further notification regarding the refund.

Now, the question is that who provides the shipping charge on returned items. This can vary for different companies. However, here is the ideal way to do the business:

  1. In case the product is found to be defective, then the manufacturer needs to bear the refund. This is the best way to deal with such issues. Along with this, the manufacturer should also provide the cost regarding shipment for returning the goods.
  2. If the product delivered is not damaged, then the customer has to bear the cost. When the customer returns the product for wrong selection, then he/she has to pay the shipping cost. Other than that, if he bought the product due based on the wrong advertisement or bad quality issues, then the manufacturer will pay the cost.

One of the Best Companies Providing Drop Shipping Services

Spark Shipping

Spark Shipping was designed by the company named Sparkwire Solutions. This company has provided many software solutions including Spark Shipping that has improved the e-commerce business efficiently. This is an e-commerce automation tool that directly works with the shopping cart’s API. Added to this is the fact that no plugins are required to continuously upgrade the program.

With the help of Drop Shipping, you don’t need to invest a huge capital for boosting your e-commerce business. This low investment solution is an important factor for a successful business. If you can manage it in the right way, then this will be a fortune for your business over a long period. First, look for the right supplier and then negotiate the best price to get the solutions. Connect with the most reliable Drop Shipping company in Dubai and get the solutions instantly for your e-commerce business.

List of shipping companies in Dubai


Address : PO BOX 187128, Business Bay, Dubai UAE
Contact Name : Mr. Shahram Afsahi Mobile : +971-52-9034423
info Email Website
Phone : +971-4-5548070

2.Consolidated Shipping Services L.L.C.

Address : Dubai Creek Customs – Customs Wharfage, Warehouse B, Dubai UAE
Contact Name : Amith Horra Mobile :
info Email Website
Phone : +971-4-3248884

3.Deep Ocean Shipping LLC

Address : Dubai, , Dubai UAE
Contact Name : Shanavas Mobile : +971-55-5571140
info Email Website
Phone : +971-4-3586999

4.Dgl Clearing and Forwarding LLC

Address : Office Court Building, Oud Mehta Road, Dubai UAE
Contact Name : Zulfikar Mobile :
info Email Website
Phone : +971-4-3709877


Contact Name : Mobile : +971-50-6540295
info Email Website
Phone : +971-4-333846

6.Kanoo Shipping Agencies

Address : Kanoo Bldg, Baniyas St. , P. O. Box 245, , Abu Dhabi UAE
Contact Name : Mr. Tolga Poyraz Mobile :
info Email Website
Phone : +971-2-6774444

Visit here for more information – Dubai Shipping Company


  1. How to successfully run a drop shipping business?
  • First, you need to choose a niche which is laser-focused and gains your interest.
  • Look for other competitors.
  • Select a reliable supplier.
  • Create your e-commerce website.
  • Make a customer acquisition plan.
  • Analyze everything and then optimize.
  1. Is drop shipping illegal?

No, it is not illegal. Moreover, it can be quite profitable for your business. Profits might vary, but in this case, it gets easy because one can quickly turn a profit on a one-man dropshipping operation. There are many e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon etc. that use drop shipping solutions.

  1. What are the best drop shipping companies?

Doba –  Drop Shipping Company.
Oberlo – Marketplace for eCommerce Products.
Dropship Direct– Wholesale Drop Shipping.
Sunrise Wholesale – Wholesale Drop Shipping..
Wholesale 2B – Best Drop Shipping Wholesalers..
SaleHoo – Drop Ship Wholesalers.

  1. Can you drop ship on Amazon?

Yes, you can drop ship on the Amazon platform but it is possible only if you drop ship via Amazon’s FBA program. They have their own Drop Shipping policy that defines that ‘Purchasing products from another online retailer and having that retailer ship directly to customers is not permitted’.


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