The Best 7 Cross-platform Mobile Development Tools Needed to Grow Business in 2019

The Best 7 Cross-platform Mobile Development Tools Needed to Grow Business in 2019

Best 7 Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools

Best 7 Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools

Though mobile is still a luxury for some people, it has become a necessity for the majority. Thus, it is a challenge for mobile app developers to create such an app that works on multiple platforms. There are several upcoming opportunities for new app developers. App developers in general write codes that can run on multiple platforms. Once these codes are created, app developers can reuse them on iOS, Windows, and Android devices. Here comes the existence of cross-platform mobile development tools to save long hours of coding for developers. Cross-platform development is no longer an option for organizations using various mobile devices. As a result, it increases the productivity of employees and the all over growth of the organizations.

According to a survey, more than 60% of the enterprises are involved in cross-platform development. Thus, their annual growth has increased drastically within a year only. If you are a professional mobile app development agency, then you must be acquainted with these tools. But, this article can offer you top-notch cross-platform mobile app development tools if your mobile app developers are busy. Hence you can use these tools and develop all your favorite apps.

Have a Look at 7 Cross-platform Mobile Development Tools that Will Help You Grow Business in 2019

Let’s now talk about the high rated 7 cross-platform mobile development tools that can help your business.


Apache Cordova has developed this open-source tool that comprises a compiler, debugger, and testing tools. Mobile app developers can easily reuse its code on iOS, Windows, Android, and Firefox Operating System. Since all the processes of PhoneGap are plugin-able, developers can use them to complete their task. Regardless of whether the tool is on Google Play Store or iOS, it will support the in-app purchases. PhoneGap is disadvantageous because the apps designed with it are highly sensitive. However, you can overcome this limitation with the help of a third-party app.

2)React Native

React NativeRactNative was launched in the year 2015 and brought forward a golden opportunity for the mobile app development industry. It is considered to be an amazing tool as the writing code once developed can be used on various Operating Systems. Facebook, Airbnb, and a couple of other famous mobile use this tool. It is advantageous to use this tool because it reloads the code live without delays. Furthermore, app developers prefer this tool due to its intuitive and modular design. It is extremely beneficial for those who want a simple interface while developing apps. One can easily operate its design on most of the mobile devices without delaying the graphics.

React Native has such a high learning curve that it takes more time to initialize. The memory management is not so easy as React Native inefficiently deals the float computations.


XamarinA Xamarin tool allows you to use C# codebase and evaluate this tool on multiple platforms. Like other frameworks, here the developers can work with native APIs, IDEs, and languages as well. It is for your information that the Xamarin Git integration is developed in Xamarian studio. Using this tool, you can develop simple apps tirelessly. This tool lets you share around three-fourths of the code on various mobile platforms. Thus, it cuts down the development cost by half. Last but not least, Xamarian has a quality testing and monitoring system that is compatible with a wide range of devices.

The only concern for mobile app developers is Xamarian compatibility issues with Android and iOS libraries. But, this problem can be solved if it is properly addressed by the developers.

4)Sencha Ext JS

Sencha Ext JSThis tool can be a perfect choice if you are willing to develop data-intensive mobile apps. It is a robust package of pre-tested, superior, and ultramodern UI components. These components can unleash the potential power of HTML5 and the latest browsers. Apart from this, you can run this tool to develop business intelligence cross-platform mobile apps. This tool offers supreme data visualizations and analytics to compute millions of records with ease. Sencha Ext JS is equipped with built-in easy to use themes for every popular platform. Moreover, the backend works separately irrespective of the source of your data. This tool supports the integration of PhoneGap/Cordova in order to access the native API.

Though Sencha Ext JS comes with multiple themes, they might seem to be few for some platforms. The commercial version of this tool has complexing licensing methods.

5) Adobe Build

It is a cloud-based tool that can work seamlessly with PhoneGap and compile code rapidly. Developers trust this tool as it offers impressive deliverables. This tool requires a little knowledge of Java. The app developed by Adobe Build works flawlessly on Android, iOS SDK, and Windows Phone SDK. The reusability feature enables developers to finish up the project within tight deadlines. Developers need to punch in a few lines of JavaScript and get access to geolocation, contacts, and camera. This tool can help medium-sized organizations and startups who face ruthless competition. By using this tool, you can collect updates, manage portfolios, and forget about the maintenance.

The data processing speed of this tool is sluggish when compared to Swift. Another drawback is that the background processing of APIs is at a glacial pace. Also, the tool has a miserable native functionality. Finally, most of the APIs don’t even support PhoneGap’s APIs.

6) Convertigo

Convertigo is popular as a mobile backend service that offers products like Convertigo Mobilizer and Convertigo Server. You can build better products by using this tool. Its data replication helps developers in building apps in offline mode as well. Convertigo offers developers the ease to connect with SQL databases and other primary services. It supports all the Cordova plugins which you can use for developing basic features like camera, GPS, and sensors. Even the push notification remains active in the standby mode as well.

Though the paid version is popular, the free version of Convertigo hasn’t received a good response

7) NativeScript

It is an open-source platform app development tool for building a native user interface with ease. As a result, the developers can easily access the native API and reuse the packages. It is a feature-rich tool that supports TypeScript and Angular.js. When there is no internet connection, you can use the JavaScript library offline. Once you have designed the app you can easily use it on various platforms with the cross-platform user interface.

Multi-threading is an alarming issue for Native script.

Wrapping Up…

The products mentioned in this article are the 7 cross-platform mobile development tools that will help you grow business in 2019. The order in which we have listed these tools does not determine their superiority or inferiority. Each of these tools has its own set of pros and cons. Now it’s your job to compare the pros and cons and select the most suitable tool for developing your mobile app. Hope, the limitations would ease up the process of eliminating the unnecessary app for your business. For further guidance, you can approach a cross-platform app development company who can guide you on the right path.

Frequently Asked Questions

The common concern for mobile app developers is knowing the best tools for developing mobile apps that are supported on all platforms. PhoneGap, Xamarin, Convertigo, Adobe Build, React Native, NativeScript, and Sencha Ext JS are the most effective tools that can help you.

Every tool with its own set of advantages and disadvantages are helpful for all types of organizations. So, compare the pros and cons mentioned for each tool discussed in this article and then decide which one would meet your business objectives.

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