Best 7 Colors that will Make a Striking Logo Design in Dubai UAE

Best 7 Colors that will Make a Striking Logo Design in Dubai UAE

Best 7 Colors that will Make a Striking Logo Design in Dubai UAE

Best Colors to Make a Striking Logo Design in Dubai UAE

Best 7 Colors that will Make a Striking Logo Design in Dubai UAE

A logo stands for the company as it is presented on various platforms for promoting business effectively. The meaning of logo is quite similar to an icon or emblem that symbolizes an idea or message. The uses of a logo are not limited in the market. From companies to social media apps and various television channels, all of them are recognized with their logos.

In order to design a proper logo, not only you need to pick an image or font, but the color scheme is also a significant aspect to keep in mind. Various colors come with different types of implications and emotions that are particular for each color. Thus, choosing the right color for your logo or brand can convey the meaning or message to the viewers.

There are no fixed colors for any particular industry. But sometimes, certain colors become more suitable for some services or brands over others. So, while choosing the color of your logo, you need to think of what suits your brand’s personality the best. This will deliver the correct impression to the customers when they first see your logo.

Thus, to help you get a better understanding about the colors which might be best for your logo design purpose, we’ve enlisted the top five colors for making cool and distinctive logos. But before going into that part, first, you have to know about the importance of color in logo design.

Why is Color an Important Factor for Designing a Logo?

When it comes to business promotion, logo plays a major role in marketing. Usually, the graphical representation department of the organization takes the responsibility of making the logo. The main thing about the logo is that it grasps the company’s image and represents it in a more noticeable manner to the audience. Consequently, an all-around outlined logo is a fundamental part of any organization’s general advertising methodology.

The power of the logo lies in its visual nature; which includes the color of the logo. Selecting colours for a logo means that you’re selecting colours that will be included in the brand’s visual identity. It all begins with a proper briefing, which provides insight into the organization’s core values, audience, positioning, and vision for the future.

Colors plays a vital role in a logo design. Right selection of color contributes a vital part in making a logo successful while the wrong selection of colors can turn a well designed logo into a disaster. Colors make the logo look attractive and eye-catching and secondly, there is specific meaning for each color, for example blue is used to represent ‘trust’. That’s why you see blue in many logos. Similarly, yellow is used to signify sunshine or happiness and the list goes on. Only thing to take care of while using colors in logo is don’t over do it because not every logo is going to be a hit.

Top 7 Colors that are Perfect for Logo Design in Dubai UAE

Colors are a key ingredient of a logo as it plays a crucial role in reflecting your brand’s personality.

A logo’s color or logo color schemes can influence people to think in certain ways and to perceive an image in certain ways.

When creating logo designs, it’s important to choose colors that perfectly represent your brand and that are sure to influence the consumer’s mind subtly. Now, we will look into some of the mostly used colors that are quite preferable for making stunning logos.

1. Red Color for Logo Design in Dubai UAE

The red color generally symbolizes favour, love, anger, hunger, health, thrill and life. Red represents a lot of things like passion, love and thrills but most importantly, it is known to stimulate hunger and that is why most of the food brands use it in their food and drinks logos. Other than food brands, red is also used by beauty brands and entertainment brands.

Also, the color red is the connotation of passion, romance and it has a great impact on the viewer’s mind. It is one of the bold and attractive colors that generally raises the observer’s pulse rates when they look at it. This eye-catching color works well for the entertainment industry who wants to make their logo stand out and grab people’s attention. For example, think about Netflix; it is simply ruling on people’s mind with its dashing red color logo.

2.Blue Color for Logo Design in UAE

The blue color stands for professionalism, trust, authority, power and loyalty. Blue is used in many corporate logos as it creates a sense of safety while indicating faithfulness and professionalism. This color is used by various IT companies, pharmaceutical brands, governments and banks. Blue helps to improve their credibility and dependability. It should not be used for anything food related as dieters have successfully used blue plates to prevent them from having more food.

Blue is mostly considered for its cool and intellectual character. It positively expresses trust, duty, communication, peacefulness, intellect and tranquility. It has also a negative side which usually represents the lack of emotion, hostity, and reserve. It is completely opposite to the red color because it represents a more relaxing and soothing feel.

3.Yellow Color for Logo Design in  UAE

The yellow color symbolizes joy, warmth, innovation and caution. Although yellow is a color of warning, it is also associated with happiness and joy. Well, yellow doesn’t always have a important role while designing logos, but it can be used to highlight any significant feature or point on the logo. For giving a bright shade, you can go for the yellow color. Due to its overpowered nature, it isn’t easy to use the color everywhere.

Yellow color elicits the feeling of hopefulness, directness, and ardor. Being a bright and rich color, it has the ability to stand out even in the busy surroundings. The brands that wish to spread joy and happiness through their product usually use the power of yellow. For example, Mc Donald’s golden arches are kid-friendly and fun and represent happiness, cheer, and joy.

4.Orange Color for Logo Design in Dubai UAE

Orange symbolizes lively, playful, joyful and energetic. Orange is one of the favorite colors of the art and sports brands and along with that, many food brands also prefer orange over other colors. In one part, it represents appetite and on the other hand, it emphasizes playfulness, creativity and energy. The bright orange color is always the first choice for making logos of kids’ products and foods.

This color is creative, youthful and enthusiastic. Orange is a youth-friendly hue and is often used by brands to grab the attention of youngsters around the world. Soft drink brands like Fanta and Mirinda use this tangy color to lure in those with a sweet tooth. Despite being bright and vibrant, the orange color is used less than red or yellow color. Orange is also used in the logos of different products that are available in different seasons like summer, autumn etc.

5.Green Color for Logo Design in Dubai UAE

The green color stands for harmony, nature, health, renewal and abundance. The color of outdoors, eco-friendliness, nature, and the environment, green essentially is a chromatic representation of nature itself. Apart from these, green is also known to enhance creativity. It is mainly used to represent eco-friendly companies or businesses that are into agriculture, recycling, renewable energy, etc. It represents growth while having a soothing effect on the viewer.

Green is a serene and peaceful color that conveys the message of growth and prosperity. Brands that deal with environment and nature often utilize the color green. For example, brands like Animal Planet and John Deere use this color for their brand.

6.Purple Color for Logo Design in Dubai UAE

Another color that also appears in logos is Purple. It naturally defines royalty, luxury, festivity, education and grace. Being a color associated with royalty, purple is mainly used to symbolize religious institutes and educational organizations and also some chocolate brands. Purple is a regal color that represents grandeur, opulence, royalty, and mysticism. It activates the imagination and grabs eyeballs. You’ll always find a sense of wisdom from the purple color. Hall-mark and Big Brothers both use purple for their brand.

7.White Color for Logo Design in Dubai UAE

Last in our list is the white color. It is the symbol of purity, calm, spiritualism and freshness. White is a middle-of-the-road color that suggests purity while giving a touch of elegance. It is also an essential color in negative spacing logos. Experiment with colours and test as many colours as time permits before finalising one. And more importantly, don’t overdo it.

Well, discussed above are the mostly used colors for logo designing. Apart from all these, also there are other color options that you can use to create your logo. In addition to the mentioned colors, you can select other colors like pink, brown, black, gray or any other which suits best for your logo and your brand’s products. Just remember one thing before choosing any color that every color has its own meaning and impact on the viewer’s mind.

FAQs for Logo Design Color

1. What colors are best for logos?

  • Red. The universal sign of excitement, passion and anger.
  • Orange. An invigorating, playful color.
  • Yellow. Accessible, sunshiney friendliness.
  • Green.
  • Blue.
  • Purple.
  • Pink.
  • Brown.

2. How can I make a good company logo?

  • Use Visual Double Entendre.
  • Make sure to select the right color.
  • Try avoiding the Cliche.
  • Make it Ownable.
  • Everybody Loves Custom Types.
  • Keep it Simple.
  • Consider Proportion & Symmetry.
  • Think About Negative Space.

3. What colors are best for marketing?

  • Red – Creates a sense of urgency, which is good for clearance sales.
  • Blue – The preferred color of men.
  • Green – Associated with health, tranquility, power, and nature.
  • Purple – Commonly associated with royalty, wisdom, and respect.
  • Orange & Yellow – Cheerful colors that promote optimism.

4. What are the five characteristics of a great logo?

  • Simple. Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them.
  • Scalable. A great logo should be simple enough to be able to be scaled down or up and still look good.
  • Memorable & Impactful.
  • Versatile.
  • Relevant.


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