12 Remarkable Websites: Know the Best to Gather Logo Design Inspiration

12 Remarkable Websites: Know the Best to Gather Logo Design Inspiration

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The first touch point that a potential client gets from a brand is its logo design. Logos serves a vast array of function rather than just looking pretty. The perfect blend of colours, typography and negative space can create clever logos, intended for a particular purpose. But you must also not forget to hire talented designers who can turn a logo to remain memorable and distinct. Often minimalism can be a trick to achieve a creative logo design.

Before you embark on logo design, you must try to avoid the pitfalls and solve the creative problems by responding to the client demands. Whether displayed offline or online, the logo serves as an image. With this, your customers will associate with your brand and its values. Now, where do you begin to create successful designs? Here you need a pinch of inspiration to uniquely design a logo which is ready to render you with recognition. Through this article, you get to know about the top 12 logo design inspiration websites, that can enhance your creative thinking.

The Need for Logo Design Inspiration Websites

Before we begin to discuss regarding the website, you must also get to know why or rather how these websites, promise to help you in the long run. There are many Instagram accounts, websites, and colour tools, available in the online landscape. You just have to pick the one that suits your need and create a wonderful journey towards the perfect brand identity. You might need an unconscious burst of creativity, and that is where these websites serve the purpose. An iconic pictorial representation of the brand must have a go-to design in the correct format and accessible across many different media. Hiring a professional logo designer might seem like an unnecessary expense, so to sort things out you must refer to the website to see an upturn in both new and returning customers.

Highly Recommendable Logo Design Inspiration Websites that You Cannot Ignore

In this section, you get to know about a few creative websites, that are reliable and at the same time easy to access. Go through to find your match and start with your ever first design with ample inspiration for the logo project.


  • Logospire


If you’re in search of a simple website with a scrollable logo design inspiration, then Logospire is your ideal choice. It is a great place to start with a gallery featuring different artists. The website comes with a simple and easy to navigate grid web page layout and uncluttered UI, which seems more than easy. Allow the designs to do all the talking. If you locate a logo that seems to be appealing and suitable for your brand then all you need to do is click and navigate to the designer’s website. Yes, you heard it right, this page guides you to connect with the designer’s details. See more of their style and work and get ideas to revamp your creativity. With free access to 12 projects per page and 14 browsable pages, you will definitely get brainstorming ideas through inspirational images.


  • LogoMoose


LogoMoose is packed up with powerful design tools, is an online logo design inspiration community. It supports you to use on your own logo design projects by showcasing the very high-grade logos from professional designers on a global scale. What’s far more amazing is the brand guidelines, which will surely amaze your clients and fellow designers. With access to the premium bundle, the real fun starts. It works through a series of a process where the designers submit their logo designs all year round. Through a well constructive critique and feedback system, the site’s active forum can help you reach the tips and tricks and get your business going. Just with single browsing, through the logo design gallery is enough to get your logo design inspiration and discover all the new logo design trends, that you will definitely fall for.


  • LogoGala


If are looking for inspiration and vivid insight into the logo designing process then LogoGala has got your back. Head over to LogoGala and discover what makes it such a popular design blog and a personal favourite among the creative designing community? The answer is that its free logo tool is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is simply drag the design and drop it in the box. Top notches inspirations come through its brilliant gallery and exceptionally great informative news section. With a stunning logo, you perceive to start a new venture and can advance from idea to finished logo, within a flicker of minutes. No design experience? Not a matter of concern. Choose from hundreds of free fonts, extensive range of images, illustrations and icons to develop a picture. One thing that sets this site apart is that is meant specifically for all the non-designers out there, as it renders endless options.


  • Dribbble


Dribbble is one of the most popular platforms and is known as the go-to resource for discovering and joining with creative talent around the globe. It is a place to share, see, and comment and get exposure in case someone is hiring expert creatives. Part of it acts as a social media site and its other half serves a platform for freelancing. Beyond the sense of a community, Dribbble is also the place where the top of the industry get things done through a podcast, interviews, articles, and live events. If you care about design, then this serves the place for a single most important social network. The platform strives to provide amazing design resources for each and every one.  Join the team and build a brand.


  • Behance  


Behance is a site full of curated galleries, where designers and creatives personals can showcase their work. With endlessly browsing tabs, which introduces modern logos and graphics, you get to explore different ideas and get motivated. It is a platform, which you must look out for, in case you intend to pick the web’s best design collections. No need to put an extra effort in searching, just filter the collections by any specific logo design. Besides, you can also choose to find all the logo design inspiration, with just a scroll through the ‘Best of Behance’ tab. With Behance ‘search’ may seem to be an enjoyable activity.


  • Brand New


Are you looking for info on logo design trends? This is where you need to be, at Brand New. It is a venture of graphic design enterprise Under Consideration. Do visit this design and logo blog. If you need to learn more about designers’ thought the process and how they work to create brainstorming designs. Through each post, you will get a  complete illustration of how new logos tie-up with established brands to create a change in brand identities. This site offers information on logo design and even permit you to showcases awesome logo designs. If you want to cover up new designs and redesign logs then, this is the place for you.


  • 99% Invisible


99% Invisible is basically a podcast that is meant to cover all types of designing topics. If you want to switch things up a little go for 99% Invisible. If you want logo inspiration, guess who was behind the famous logos from Chase National Bank, Xerox to National Geographic. It was Tom Geismar, the graphic designer from this podcast. So you get to reach logo design, straight from the mouth of a designer. Gain logo design inspirations from those who are creating some of the most famous logos across the global space.


  • Logo of the Day


Looking for a large logo database? Explore the ‘Logo of the Day’, which brings to you a wide range of ideas to build logos. Reach the latest trends in designing logos and also become aware of the appropriate place for the right colour, fonts and other elements. Do not be afraid of taking a plunge in the ocean of creativity on this site. The bonus part is that this site features one brilliant logo design per day, now, this is indeed inspiring.


  • LogoPond


Get in touch with the best in identity work from around the web, with LogoPond. Featuring hundreds of ideas, you get your daily dose of inspiration and penetration into the world of logo design. Meet artists from all skill levels through this site or even upload your own designs and showcase your talent in the global platform. Dedicated to a contributing pool of designers, Logopond filled with a really cool collection of logos.  What makes things easier to use is, the clean layout and simple UI. Just scroll or browse through and find what you intend to learn.


  • Logo Design Love


Logo Design Love is completely devoted to the design of logos to create spectacular brand identities. It is indeed a brilliant website and prioritizes that a good logo design is all about the story being told. The creation of visual brand identities usually comes through a clean design layout and organised categories and Logo Design Love is all about these. Updated once or twice a week it comes out with news, exceptional features, opinions, and more. Want to know the stories behind the world’s most iconic logos? Here you gain a vivid insight. Learn what to do to join the process.


  • Pinterest


The only place that can bestow you with thousands of resources, which can assist you with exciting logo idea, is the social media platforms. Get inspiration from around the web and create a board brand identity through Pinterest. It has a variety of images that you can employ to create a logo. An excellent place to explore a variety of visual inspirations. Revamp your creative wardrobes with several Logo Design Inspiration and broaden your logo vision through multiple pins ideas. Browsing through an information-packed website has never been fun, till Pinterest arrived.


  • Vintage Logos


Want to delve into the vintage niche? Then Vintage Logos are just meant to meet your creative collection. It brings along a space filled with featured logs, that you get to explore. Some ultra-specific inspirations include the mid-70’s collected edition of the book World of Logotypes. This is an excellent resource for someone who wants to get to the roots of logo design and need some vintage logo design inspiration.

You can either choose any of the websites listed above to meet your current and place the other in your wishlist. If you have been missing out the desirable logo design inspiration, then here is the time. Grab them all.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why is logo design important for a business?


The first impact that urges s to know more about a company’s brand value, is the logo design. It makes a significant impact on a firm’s public perception. Today it is considered to be one of the most important branding investments for any business. In more simpler words a logo can be represented as the profile of a company.

  1. How do I create a logo for my website?

If you intend to create an exclusive logo design then you need a perfect potion of six mandatory elements.

  • Equipements: A perfect logo you need to have access to the perfect set of tools.
  • Uniqueness: The logo must catch the eyes of your target audience
  • Homogeneity: A perfect blend of a minimalist and versatile.
  • Decipherability: Your logo must be easy to perceive.
  • Scalability: The image must be easily resizable to fit any context.
  • Timelessness: The greatest assets for any brand is a classy, timeless logo.
  1. How can you make a logo effective?

Before you set out to invent your logo, make sure that you have a remarkable insight into the brand and into the current client imagination. Choose a design that can reflect the nature of your business. A flawlessly designed logo is competent in building a good rapport with the audience. Lastly, choose the logo design inspiration website wisely.

  1. Which is the best website to refer to get logo design inspiration?

The websites mentioned above are part of one of the top-rated podcast or blog site. Each one of them can help you to reach your goal of generating something unique that can define your brand value in the global market.

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