Best Website Designs | Make Your Website More Attractive

Best Website Designs | Make Your Website More Attractive

best web designs

In the competitive market when various companies are mushrooming every second, an attractive website can bring that particular company to the limelight. Be it any industry, a website does the major work for recognition. It not only grasps attention but also generates leads and revenues. Moreover, an engaging site or page determines the conversion rates which is vital in terms of ranking through SEO. On that note, it is necessary to opt for professional designs that focus on your company requirements and needs. In this blog, we would present the best website designs that would help your enterprise to outsmart its professional online competitors.  

The Need for Best Website Designs: A Note to Remember

Before we look at the best website designs that are suitable for every industry, it is necessary to remember a few things. First, site creation involves a lot of creativity, planning, and execution. It can be a daunting task if you are not clear about the organization goal. Moreover, the design choices may look too confusing or plain depending upon your taste. In this list, we will try to cover the ones that are quirky but work well for the market. It is always better to go for designs that are bold and straightforward. Then it becomes easy to focus on the goals and objectives. Most big enterprises avoid using complex designs to fetch customers and promoting brands. Whatever you choose, it is recommended to refer to your site creating agency.

Best Website Designs: Presenting Special 30

Down below are some awesome web designs inspirations that are clean and bold. They work well pertaining to the industry norms. The sites are efficient in grabbing consumer attention and are SEO-friendly. If you follow the cue points pertaining to any one of them, your web page will secure better indexing.  However, you must select the design depending upon contributory factors. If you wish, you can modify these site ideas and create something out of the box.


One of the best website designs, Everlane has made at the top of the list due to its basic themes that are professional and fresh at the same time. They offer fronts and other features that can surely make your business stand among the crowd. As a matter of fact, most company developers recommend this for creating sites that are clean and bold.


This site is popular for its picture gallery and collection. And as the name suggests they are cat images. And it is wearing a scarf. Besides being cute, it is innovative and quite a lot of customers use it for shopping. You are likely to find more cat pictures while surfing through the sites. Well, not just cat items, there are other things to place in the cart. This site is pretty inspirational for startup companies who wish to specialize in pet shopping. CatScarf is designed keeping in mind the consumers who are also pet lovers. And till now, it is successful in producing merchandise products and hence is one of the best website designs.


Thoroughly professional, THISISPAPER has a Call to Action part which is the USP of the site. The images that it features are designed to grab attention and till now it is actually hitting the jackpot.


If looks could kill then this carousel is already killing customers with its color-rich, high-resolution images. It also comes with a sans serif font which is nailing down the CTA part. It probes you to stay a bit longer. The dress designs are handcrafted and can be a trendsetter. All these features make it another best website designs that users are using.

Brave People

As the name suggests, this site is bold in its approach. It is ideal for human resource campaigns and so far, Brave People has created poignant messages. Its mission on street and alley protection is superb and most enthusiasts and nature lovers enjoy them. The page welcomes you with bold and clear HD images that have a parallax design. The mouseover effect is especially amazing for tapping on the photos and getting details about them.


It is the panel where many ideas get crisscrossed. This is the site that brings the customer to a broad alley and a site menu that is user-friendly and exciting.

Big Bold Brand

If you love challenging website designs then this site is for you. This site features among the best website designs due to its specialty. It is designed in accordance with big and small companies. It is inspiring a lot of developers, illustrators to work freely. And they are able to deliver projects which have an innovative design and upgraded information. The UX/UI designers are certified and are able to handle projects which are a tad bit different. It is in all possibility, the hub for generating brilliant minds. And in 2019, they are giving shape to various start-ups.


Specializing in razors and other accessories, Harry’s circles around san serif fonts that are catchy yet classy which makes it among the best website design. Each slide has a piece of updated information which is smart and gains curiosity among the consumers. Moreover, hovering quality images hit the niche market accurately. In short, if you want something innovative in branding, look up to Harry’s.

GC Watches

As the name suggests, watches are not just navigators and time guides. They are the ones that carry our identity. And GC Watches site perfectly defines the importance of time. It offers exclusive pictures of branded watches that are practically timeless. The copy text is clean avoiding any confusion to the users.


This award-winning appears in the best website designs simply because of its interactive facility. The images, copy text are infused with animations that make it more visually appealing. The graphic designs will surprise you at every level.

Jun Lu

This site focuses on beauty, lifestyle, and fashion industry. And it is good at its work. The professional website centers around images that you need. Each image has its updated information and is available on all social networking platforms. The background is entirely grey or navy blue in comparison to other sites we have discussed so far. Product images take the central stage which does not distract users.

Jonathan Decosta

If you love the work of white, black and grey then this site offers up to the mark images. The monochrome HD photos look more lively than ever.

Escape Committee

If Jonathan Decosta takes grayscale to a new level, Escape Committee has embraced the bold red. It is clear and does not fancy complications.


This digital development agency takes into account the enterprise requisites and creates designs that are out of the box and informative. Sites made with the aid of this agency are professional and compact. The wood grain look in the background speaks volumes and is clean. The font is elegant, dignified and speaks perfection and hence is considered as the best website designs.


One of the editor’s favourite, Nixon has made a place among the best website designs. The primary reason is its bilateral creation of images which features both male and female. The monochrome or grayscale images are clear and direct people where to go. The menu is simplified.

IWC Schaffhausen

This site has infused technology with nature to create a perfect timepiece for users. The design is refreshing and elegant. For a watchmaking and manufacture company, this is a huge step when it comes to delivering messages. The images of the aquatimer collection are visually appealing and can remind you of your exciting underwater sports and scuba diving.

Doug Aitken: The Source

What makes it into the list of best website designs is its infusion of music into the videos. The images and the slides offer soft musical tones that can calm your sources. Moreover, the video part is the trickiest one and different in comparison to other sites.


Most Dubai based web developers love Spotify for the images that it captures. It is specially designed to focus on the streets and grandeur of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The quality images and the short descriptions beneath it hit the niche market. They come naturally and as you scroll down the page you will be surprised to see the parallel design structures.

Google Glass

As the name suggests this site focuses on human expressions while they are wearing glasses. You are likely to find images of animals doing the same but they occur occasionally. This is pretty bold because experimenting with glasses on can be challenging if not pulled off correctly.  

Jack Daniels

Like most countries in the world, Dubai too has a fan-base of Jack Daniels. And this duty-free alcohol has its site that features the images in grayscale. At times, the brand greets adult users with photos of different whiskeys. The site holds special mention due to its innovative idea of promotion and marketing. The home page itself is promotional and interactive.

Block D3

The blueprint of this site centres around the construction of buildings that Dubai residents would love. The architects are certified to create homes that are recreational and fun loving at the same time. It is urban made so the images capture community facilities and space. Plus, the categorical section involves exploration, shopping facilities and eating hangouts.  

Simone Marcarino

Coming out of age, this site holder Simone Marcarino holds a reputation for building conference where most meetings take place. The smashing designs along with a style statement are simple yet elegant. Moreover, the web page offers a mouseover effect to hover around the designs to generate new ideas.

Dubai Pulse

This multi-purpose data source has a simple design that attracts people. It focuses on the services that the UAE government provides and is especially recommended by Dubai ministers.

The list is pretty long and we hope we have covered most of the best website designs. You must be thinking that each one has some common factors but they are meant for inspiration for creating your own sites. Each platform that we covered has utilized its company ideals solely. They are clear with the branding and what they are selling. From videos to graphics to music all are creative and add a different perspective to the page. Anyhow wish you all the luck when you create your blog or site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do these sites have that they have appeared in the list of best website designs?

The design companies and brands that we have listed are clean and bold. They have utilized the themes to the extreme and are interactive at the same time. Moreover, the sites have a gripping Call to Action part that looks natural and genuine.

  1. What are other sites that can feature among the best website designs?

To name a few-

  1. Britney Spears
  2. Symbolset
  3. Whiteboard
  4. Crop the block
  5. Dropbox
  6. Shaun White
  7. Liberio
  8. Pulse
  1. Which are the popular web design companies in Dubai?
  1. Emirates Graphic
  2. Kamil Web Solutions
  3. BrainCandy
  4. Alwaffa Group
  5. E.Direct


  1. What will the web design service provider do?

The agency you are seeking for will help to design and revamp the site if necessary. With tools and techniques, it will make the site more engaging and as a result, it will have a better rank in the search engines.

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