Make Your Websites SEO Friendlier With These WordPress Plugins

Make Your Websites SEO Friendlier With These WordPress Plugins

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Explore the 30 Most Important WordPress Plugins and Enhance your Website Visibility and Rankings

Plugins UAE: For users who are working on WordPress sites, additional programs are one of the greatest benefits under the WordPress platform. However, it should be known that though variety is good, at times it becomes a headache too. There are a lot of plugins which are required for WordPress and you need to make sure what are your requirements. With amazing choices in front of you, it is extremely hard to figure out which are the plans that you will need. There might be questions regarding how can you make a choice if two plugins are similar or if the selected plugin will be compatible with your website.

But there is nothing to worry about as most of the WordPress themes come with a set of optimal plugins. By installing the recommended software, you are good to go. Therefore, the ideal choice for amateurs who feel confused or are unable to figure out the intricacies of various programs on their own must follow the recommended plugins. In this article, we will introduce you to a range of WordPress plugins which are basically one-fits-all type rather than the custom made ones which only work with specific websites.

Plugins UAE: A comprehensive list of the recommended wordpress plugins

As a matter of fact, keeping the number of additional programs to a minimum, you must make sure that the plugins you are using have the best functionality. Looking for a suitable software might take long hours. However, we have made things a bit easier for you by making a list of plugins which will be useful for your WordPress based sites.

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1. W3 Total Cache:

This plugin works like a magic wand making sure a smooth and speedy website functioning. To gain more organic traffic and improving the rankings, a high loading speed is a must. This will help you fly during peak hours too.

2. Logaster Logo Generator

It is a very user-friendly plugin that helps in creating a beautiful emblem and branding components. Choose from multiple ranges of logo that works as per your requirement.

3. Yoast SEO

It is basically an all-in-one program comprising essential tools to create titles, descriptions, graphs and many other amazing things. Interestingly, it is lightweight and easy to configure.

4. Wordfence security

It offers you an extra layer of protection and prevents any malware attack from malicious robots and hackers. Moreover, it notifies you if any suspicious actions are detected.

5. Anti-Spam Plugin

It helps to keep the website clean and free form nasty spam comments. In addition, it works without disturbing the visitors which is a really good aspect of a website interface.

6. Google XML Settings

This plugin helps to surface all the new contents on Google. Waiting for search engines to detect updates is very risky since it can be stolen and passed on for someone else. This plugin creates updated sitemaps and informs Google about your freshly brewed content.

7. Google Analytics

Monitoring search statistics is very easy with this plugin for one or more than one website. This can be done without logging into the Google Analytics account. It is an extremely convenient way to see your promotional activity on your website.

8. Disqus comments

To keep your visitors interested, you must involve them with your website. This can be done by asking for feedback. Additionally, allowing the visitors to provide input also ensures that your platform is protected from spammers.

9. WP Forms

This is by far one of the easiest and intuitive programs that you can use to add all sorts of forms to your website. Be it contact forms or subscription forms, it will work with all kinds of forms. The visitors are sure to feel good and like the clean-cut with minimal designs.

10. OptinMonster

This plugin helps to create amazing ways for lead generation. In addition, it helps you add effective opt-in forms for the growth of the subscribers encouraging visitors to get involved with any project.

11. JetPack

Share content among the social media and attract more exposure for your project. It is very light and runs smoothly without hampering the speed of the site. This also helps in arranging your posts according to the number of shares.

12. Vault Press

If your website contains quality contents, then you must understand the need for creating a backup. At times, relying on your hosting provider cannot give you complete protection. Vault Plugin restores your site within minutes and keeps your data safe.

13. WP Migrate DB

Being a blogger, it is clear on your part that at times, you need to migrate or relocate your site from remote server to a local development environment. Meanwhile, with WP Migrate DB, you can trust a professional for switching hostings. It can easily relocate databases with entire media library within minutes.  

14. Simple Image Widget

Wondering how to display an image or text with a link? This plugin helps you to create visually appealing designs for your sidebar. This will surely catch the interest of your audience and make sure they click on the links.

15. Akismet

You can permanently say goodbye to the annoying spammers with Akismet. This plugin uses the feedbacks and tags them as spam. You have the flexibility to unmark it if you feel any particular comment is inappropriate. It is indeed the best spam moderator ever.

16. WooCommerce

If you are possessing a full-fledged online store and you want to market content-related services, WooCommerce is ideal for you. With a range of tools which are both free and fee-based, you can easily customize your ecommerce strategies by utilizing amazing features.

17. All-in-One SEO Pack  

SEO parameters are necessary to go ahead with your website or project. Use this plugin to create SEO-friendly pages, keywords etc. and the range of your work definitely depends on SEO ambitions.

18. Broken Link Checker

In case your website is containing a lot of information, keeping them up-to-date also becomes an essential job. This plugin offers the scope of scouring your site to detect any outdated links and images which creates problems. Inspecting the plugin notifies the issue with the help of the WordPress control panel. Interestingly, Broken Link Checker also helps to replace defective and faulty URLs with the new ones.

19. Contact Form 7

It offers an easy platform to add amazingly designed contact forms to your site. The plugin is incorporated with CAPTCHA and Akismet and keeps spammers away.

20. Edit Flow

This plugin is a one-stop solution for all your WordPress requirements. For example, a well-designed calendar that helps you keep a track of when your next post is due or comprising a dedicated editor section to discuss publications. Under this plugin, there is another additional plugin that you can use for your editorial scheduling.

21. Editorial Calendar

To retain visitors, it is essential to post updated contents. We understand it is difficult scheduling posts in your head,  and therefore, with the Editorial Calendar, you will never miss out on anything. To change dates for editing, you can drag your entry to another slot and there you go!

22. WP Smush

Struggling with the speed of your website? Try optimizing the images on your website. To do this, you need proper editing of the photos which takes days. Now, with the help of this plugin, editing a large photo gallery is easy because it works on an automatic mode.

23. Soliloquy

It is a responsive and powerful tool to customize your WordPress sliders. Adding beautiful sliders is so easy with Soliloquy anywhere on your website. In addition, you can also change the arrangements of sliders by dragging them to the location you want to place them. They take less loading time and do not hamper any of your SEO mechanisms.

24. AdSanity

With Adsanity, you are introduced with a plugin that is handy as well as becomes a guiding factor for your marketing efforts You can choose from its numerous widgets and add them anywhere on your website. You can also track how many times your ads have been viewed and clicked by using analytical tools.

25. Envira Gallery

In case you are dealing with projects that require a lot of images, you need a plugin to store them. Envira Gallery is the best plugin for photo gallery. In comparision to others, Envira has galleries that are visually more appealing and look stunning on any device. Presenting your images in the best possible way can be done by Envira with class apart templates.

26. Login Lockdown

There are hundreds of hackers waiting to attack websites. Therefore, we need a plugin with anti-hacking strategies. One way is by setting up passwords, but it is still not completely secure. With Login Lockdown plugin, you can limit the number of threats. Once the limit is attained, the program is going to block your admin panel and you cannot use it for a couple of hours.

27. Table Press

WordPress does not allow users to work with tables. However, there is one way by which you can remove this flaw. The answer to this is the Table Press plugin. Create tables, add them to your posts and even transport data to numerous other formats without any hassle.

28. WP Touch

In case you are thinking of a bigger outreach, you must have a mobile-friendly website. To do this, you can use the WP Touch plugin. This plugin is highly functional and it also easy to configure. WP Touch develops mobile-friendly contents to suit the requirements of several mobile devices.

29. Thrifty Affiliates

People who are actually interested in opportunities for money-making affiliating market must incorporate Thrifty Affiliates. With this plugin, you are able to rearrange, hide and transport your affiliate links for getting better results for your website. Rely on this professional tool that makes money making an easy process for you.

30. Zendesk

Zendesk is an absolute must for projects catering to commercial purposes. Aspiring companies require to build a good relationship with online visitors. You can use this plugin to add contract forms to your site and go ahead with acquiring your business needs. This is one of the best ways to keep in touch with the website visitors. You can answer their queries, take feedback from them and improve your performance to retain your visitors.

These were the 30 most finest and amazing WordPress plugins (Plugins UAE). You can choose any of them based on your business. It is essential to select the right plugin so that it befits your website and attracts organic traffic. You can use more than one plugin and keep your website updated all throughout.Also get the best services for WordPress Website Design Dubai by UAE Website Development.

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