Brilliant Ways to Optimize Google My Business Listing: Talk to the Experts Today!

Brilliant Ways to Optimize Google My Business Listing: Talk to the Experts Today!

Google My Business Listing

Digital marketing refers to the delivery of advertisements through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. We all know the importance of local search. It is all about dominating the Search Result Pages for search queries which are closely connected to the user’s location. However, attracting the customers to your business with a great user intent is pretty challenging.

In terms of local searches, Google helps you ranking your business based on the distance, its relevance, and prominence. Digital marketing plays an extremely vital role in taking your business higher on the search engine amongst the competition in the market. To cement your online presence, it is important to utilize the Google My Business Listing facility. From our experience, we can say that digital marketing services are not leveraged enough. To get a fully optimized listing, it is required to update the website regularly. To make your mark on the search list, Google My Business profile is the only influential factor that can help you reach that level.

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SEOs are facing a challenge because the users do not click through the website anymore. All the information they possibly need is available in the various features of the SERPs. This has a detrimental effect on your website leading to a reduction of the organic traffic. However, you can leverage this situation with the help of Google My Business listings.

Digital Marketing is becoming a pre-requisite for success for businesses around the globe.  However, the speed at which Digital Marketing is evolving is making it difficult for a lot of businesses to:

(a) Understanding the latest opportunities and offers

(b) Figuring out which opportunities are most relevant for the business; and

(c) What is the best way to execute their business ideas and measure success and loss

Know the basics thoroughly and get going!

Before we get to the actual point, it is worth covering the basics. Some issues may occur frequently but you would not believe how many times we see the same simple mistakes being repeated.

  • Claim and verify:

The first step is to figure out whether you have a GMB listing or not. This is important because duplicate listings can confuse the owner of the business and they can incur significant losses. Even if you do not remember creating one, an appealing customer may have done it for you. It can so happen that a rogue colleague, being far too efficient, created a listing of which you have no idea. Simply conduct a quick Google search of your business and see whether a profile pops up for your business. If you see your file, you must claim it as your business. If not, you will need to create a new one. Once you are done, you will need to verify your ownership. A friendly postcard will be sent from Google to your business address with a code. Upon receiving the code, you need to enter the code and verify your business.

  • Fill out the necessary information

Fill out all relevant information and make sure it is accurate and kept up to date. On the other hand, remember to add any special hours or holiday times.

Keep the same business name; do not change it too often. Additionally, do not introduce any sneaky keyword. You might land up violating the Google guidelines. Make sure you write an accurate description at par with the indicatives of Google. Surprisingly, there is a new feature called ‘Services’. With the help of this option, you can add products from the search engine and also inspect the user perspective.

Always pay attention to NAP consistency which, in other words, means that your name, address description, and phone number are all consistent throughout the web. Also, keep a note on other directories and also your own website. It is a simple concept but mistakes are surprisingly common and can create a huge difference in your local rankings.

  • Photos

As a matter of fact, a frequently overlooked aspect of your GMB listing and one that can make a drastic difference to click-through rates is the photos that you provide. Attractive photos help to build an overall positive image of your business. You must include a logo, an image of your premises if you happen to have one and any other photos which you think will help to effectively promote your business. Make sure they look professional and appealing at the same time. Think about what might be a factor that can convert a visitor into a customer.

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