Ultimate Guide to Build Your Own Website with the Help of an Efficient Website Builder Tool

Ultimate Guide to Build Your Own Website with the Help of an Efficient Website Builder Tool

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Whether you’re just going to begin a business or want to move your existing brick and mortar business online, you will need to locate a website builder to help your business enter the online market. A useful Website builder tool comes with a variety of choices and so, it is extremely important to find the one that completely meets the requirements of your website.

Everything you should know about a Website Builder Tool

A website builder is a software that enables you to develop a website online. The software either resides on a web server with a hosting company or is a part of the hosted SaaS (software as a service) platform. In other words, you cannot use your personal computer or laptop to hold a software that is going to build the website. Instead, you will have to go for website developing with the help of the designated software.

Have a look at the top small business website builders:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Square Space
  • Weebly

What’s the difference between a hosted solution and a self-hosted software?

In a hosted solution, you have to give a monthly payment to have the software housed and it is managed by a third party company. You need not have to worry about searching for a hosting company or software updates anymore.

On the other hand, self-hosted website builders require you to buy a hosting plan from the third-party company. After you buy it, you need to install the web builder software from another company. You do not have to worry as hosting companies will manage the upgrades and complete the task for you.

Top Considerations That You Should Keep In Mind While Picking a Website Builder Tool

  1. Custom Domain and Branding: Your website requires a unique domain which serves as the address of your website. Remember that the domain numbers are like house addresses through which post offices could locate us. It is obvious that you want your domain (aka URL) to be unique and something that you can remember easily. Ensure your website builder permits for this and does not make you use an extension of their own URL. 
  2. Content Ownership – You must own your content. That may seem simple but some platforms can control your data. This is similar to using Facebook that basically controls the data. The website is your window to the world. So, make sure that the content is owned and controlled entirely by you. 
  3. Available Design Templates – Few website builders delivers beautiful, brilliant, and colorful templates that are both modern and satisfies the advanced designing purposes. Some of them might look like they were created years ago, or worse yet, were coded without the help of a graphic designer. You must make sure your chosen website builder tool has a sufficient number of templates for you to pick for a sample test. 
  4. Functionality Options – You should be pretty clear about what is the purpose of your website before you make up your mind to purchase it. Is it for e-commerce, podcast support, video integration, forum management, or lead generation? Choose a certain website builder that supports the functionality as per your requirement. While some software options like WordPress.org enables you to add plugins, not all allow that kind of a flexibility. Your current and future needs must be maintained by the website. 
  5. Ease of Use –  Websites need to be fresh and serve as living documents. In this case, they have to be easy to use and offer a WYSIWYG style editor. WYSIWYG is the short form of ‘ what you see is what you get’. Website builders enable easy content adding and editing features for users. Make sure you review your builder’s content options and ensure it provides you with the necessary tools. 
  6. Multimedia Support – We live in a world dominated by multimedia today. People love written contents, videos, images, and audio files with good quality multimedia as it becomes very attractive and catchy. For this, you will require a quality software package which allows the use of multimedia effortlessly. 
  7. Cost – The cost of the website builder tool varies from one to another. Get the actual estimation of costs before you sign in to make the purchase. The builders who call themselves free are not actually ‘free’. There are underlying costs which might hamper your budget later and you might fall into trouble. 
  8. Import and Export Options – Relationships and flow include website software and hosting. Always go for a builder tool that allows you to export your content as and when necessary. This will help in breaking up and upgrading the website easily and effectively. 
  9. Technical Support – At some point in time, you will need some sort of technical support. After all, it is software and can develop various defects and issues. Make sure you check out the software and/or hosting company’s technical support options carefully.

With the above-mentioned criteria, it is essential for you to choose a smart website builder tool that gives you a bright and attractive website. By now, we have provided a lot of food for thought and expect you to be empowered to make the best choice for yourself. Hope this article was helpful. Follow us for more updates.Check out our affordable web designing service

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