A Beginners Guide to Ecommerce Content Marketing

A Beginners Guide to Ecommerce Content Marketing

A Beginners Guide to Ecommerce Content Marketing

Essential Tips & Steps to Implement

You may have heard of a very popular phrase “Content is the King”. Once, the creator or the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, said that in the future, Internet will be ruled by content. The importance of content is increasing day by day. While traditional marketing has been under downslide, content or digital marketing has seen a recent upsurge in the market. With the increase in the use of smartphones and other electrical devices, digital marketing is the only option left for large enterprises and organizations.

Digital marketing has many forms, much more than traditional marketing. So, this makes it easier to convince people and promote one’s brand to a large mass of people.

Content Marketing in In-depth Details

Content Marketing in In-depth Details

There are a few things that you must keep in mind before diving deep into content marketing which we are going to discuss here.

Attractive and beautifully developed content have enough capability to engage with customers and instill trust them. In the present world, most of the prominent companies are trying to implement content marketing as the first choice of brand promotion. Reasons for choosing content marketing depends on the organization. However, there are a huge number of benefits of using content marketing which includes increased sales, cost-effective solutions and trustworthy customers.

The primary purpose of marketing is to provide interesting and relevant information about your business, goods, and services to your target audience. There are different types of digital marketing, including content advertising. You can use imagery, text and video content to educate your customers and prospects and inform them about the benefits of purchasing your goods or services. Content marketing involves the process of creating informative content and distributing it using digital channels to enlighten your potential customers. It has become a necessity for every brand in the modern society.

If you do not understand the art of content marketing, you cannot succeed in your digital marketing campaigns. Sharing helpful content will assist you to build and maintain customer relationships. If people realize that you always share useful content on your social media accounts, they will always follow you. Good content will direct them to your website where they will learn more about what your business sells.

Additionally, content marketing improves brand reputation. Sharing educative content will attract serious customers to your company. They will become loyal to your brand and help your business grow. If you win the trust of your customers and prospects, the reputation of your brand will improve, which will boost your sales and profit.

Lastly, great content improves your SEO efforts. If you create and distribute quality and optimized content, the online visibility of your business will improve. Also, unlike the traditional marketing techniques, content marketing is cost-effective.

Some Excellent Benefits of Content Marketing

Some Excellent Benefits of Content Marketing

In short, content marketing lets you to grow your business. Content marketing is important for many reasons. First of all, providing valuable content to your audience is the best way to create a lasting relationship with your potential clients. But making business is not just an exchange of value. For a great amount of businesses, it’s much more than that.

It is about the values of your team, the experience you gathered in years of working on the field, the failures, the successes, the acknowledgments, the network, the know-hows, and the incredible people that work on your team. It is the details of your products and how you got to design them. It is your communication approach with your audience, how you clear their doubts, how you engage with them and so on.

All of these “little things” shared over time, add up to build a relationship with your audience. Content marketing is simply the medium to do that. So, why is building a relationship with your customer important? Again, there are many reasons.

  • More sales: if people get to trust you and value your expertise, they will likely buy from you too. 
  • Free insights: they can help you get better at what you do. 
  • Better understanding of your audience: when you communicate with your customers on a daily basis, it just gets easier to understand what they want. 
  • Loyalty: people love what is familiar. If your customers are very happy with your service, why should they change for another one? 
  • Free advertising: how many times did you choose a brand because someone close to you suggested it? We all know the power of word-of-mouth advertising. Now, consider that word-of-mouth extends to social media and do the math yourself.

7 Steps for the Perfect Content Distribution Strategy

7Steps for the Perfect Content Distribution Strategy

The Internet is filled with content. Everyday, marketers write new content, and publish it for their audiences. But, only 50% of this content created is shared significantly. To help deal with this problem, selection of an appropriate content distribution channel is the ultimate solution.

Content distribution is a subset of marketing, wherein, after creating content, strong distribution channels should be used to effectively distribute this content.

  1. Research & Development– Identify your goals, find the appropriate target audience in alignment with your goals, brainstorm for ideas that click and choose the type of your content. A good groundwork always paves way for a great content.
  1. Making of the content– Before creating your content, find out what your audiences are really interested in. Write with a flow, be clear about the purpose of your content. And always remember to weave your content into a story. It helps readers grasp the context easily.
  1. Content Distribution channels– On the basis of your requirement, choose the appropriate channel from organic distribution channels and paid distribution channels. Organic distribution channels drive traffic for free, are very effective in the long run and distribute consistently to drive traffic. Paid distribution channels drive traffic with paid ads, get evident results immediately, and are the easiest way to drive traffic.
  1. Republish your content– Platforms like Medium and LinkedIn help to reach a vast audience. Content can be republished on these mediums to achieve high leads and conversions.
  1. Repurpose Content – Repurpose your blog into Audio Books, Short Videos, Infographics, Gifs, and E-Books.
  1. Schedule and Distribute Content– Reach out to your audience at the right time by scheduling your posts. Distribute your content on other social media platforms consistently.
  1. Analytics– Use Google Analytics to analyze your blog traffic. Respond to the comments of the audiences to keep them engaged.

Content marketing is the future of marketing. And good content requires creativity. The biggest advantage of content marketing is that it can reach globally anywhere in the world. If you are considering content marketing, then it’s a good choice of yours. Start as early as possible because it will help you in the future giving you a secured source of income.

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