Develop the Most Robust eCommerce Website for Your Startup with Reliable eCommerce Website Development

Develop the Most Robust eCommerce Website for Your Startup with Reliable eCommerce Website Development

ecommerce website dubai

ecommerce website dubai

For the ongoing trend of e-shopping, having a eCommerce platform is a must. Ecommerce website is the best option if you want to sell and promote any product  or service online. It is the most trusted and unique process of driving sales. With it, you can raise awareness about the business’s products and services. Traditional marketing principles are used by digital marketing platforms for commerce to a multichannel, and data-driven environment. Therefore, it is the best option to start your eCommerce business. So, if you are thinking to develop a perfect eCommerce website for your startup, it is the best idea to opt for the eCommerce website development. To have all the detailed idea about how an eCommerce website works in developing a startup business, go through this article thoroughly.

What is a Startup?

What is a Startup

Startup is generally referred to as the establishment of new businesses which is financed by a group of individuals who are also known as the co-founders. To make your startup unique, each and every prospect and goal should be unique. A startup does come up as a weakly funded venture generally in the initial stage, but it also offers a service or a product which is basically unique in the mainstream market.

Now, the ultimate challenge lies in how easily can you convert commerce into ecommerce. If you fail to exhibit it in front of the online audience, then in this competitive era, the startup will fail quickly. Not only you can have an access to the global market, but it also contributes in expanding the capacity on multiple platforms. Besides this, ecommerce website development has numerous benefits to count on. Therefore, look through the various protocols that are given below to develop a eCommerce website successfully.

Create A Domain:

Create A Domain

At first, you have to create a perfect domain name. One of the most crucial and important tasks is to decide the most appropriate domain name for your startup. As the domain name should represent your business objectives, keep it simple and catchy. It is your discretion, to add all the personal sentiments within the name. Lastly, make it short and equally meaningful and appealing.

Select a Reliable Host Server

Select a Reliable host server

Once you are done with the domain name, the next process is selecting the most reliable host server. This process has become the second most important one while developing a website for your startup. To trust your data, you will have to choose a strong and reliable server. And this should not run scarce on bandwidth or get crushed.

Some of the most popular hosting companies include

  1. CloudFlare Hosting
  2. Amazon AWS
  3. GoDaddy Hosting
  4. CentOS, Rackspace
  5. Unified Layer
  6. Hetzner

It is highly recommended that if you are a startup, then it is best to start off with shared hosting. For your online presence, it is a safe and budget-friendly solution that you can easily abandon if things go south. However, you can always shift to a dedicated server, if your startup is getting into the swing of things, where there is no bandwidth or data sharing. This is the most essential process to keep the website in place without compromising its performance.

Choose the Correct Platform for Ecommerce Website Development

After choosing the best server comes the process of selecting the most suitable platform for your eCommerce business. If you are unaware of the various platforms that are available, please go through the details that are given below

1. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms that is widely used these days. With amazing features and functionalities, BigCommerce is ruling the field of eCommerce. Because of the software which is an SaaS-based shopping cart, it provides an extremely easy interface to the users. This is the reason why it is highly preferred by business owners as it helps in providing excellent user-experience and increases revenue substantially. By eliminating the need of coding, you can easily customize the online store. Thanks to the buyer-centric approach, it reflects various integrations like PayPal, FraudLabs, and tons of other apps. Hiring a professional will help you to get the best things without any hassle.

Although there are many reasons for BigCommerce to be popular, one of the major reasons is the themes. The themes are essentially buyer-centric, and have every feature that fulfill all the buyer needs. Furthermore, to enhance your store with additional features, you can make use of the add-ons. The theme store of BigCommerce includes all the premium themes which are free and suitable for starting a new online store. Moreover, custom themes can also be created with the help of BigCommerce.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is the second best eCommerce platform that offers a wide variety of features to develop a robust online enterprise. It comes as a full-package of solutions to fulfill all your business needs with ease. The features that are available here enable you to customize your storefront easily, organize your merchandise and track records of the products and orders with just a few clicks. The language used in the store’s administrative interface is English while other languages are used for other purposes as and when necessary. Hence, it is best suited for all types of business regardless of the size. This is the reason why this platform is widely accepted and offers superiority to the users.

3. LightSpeed 


The most dominant POS (Point Of Sale) and eCommerce software is LightSpeed. You can bring back the customers more frequently. Thanks to the omnichannel shopping features! This is the reason why it is mostly preferred as it offers spontaneous and reliable POS system and eCommerce solutions. Retailers can easily enjoy command over their online as well as physical store with the LightSpeed onsite. It also has other added features like enjoying multi-linguistic options, managing functions, selecting default language as per your choice, handling sales & customers from your system.

4. 3DCart


If you want to sell any product online, then 3DCart is your ideal choice. The built-in features that are available here focus on designing, creating, marketing, and managing your store in the best possible way. Maintaining offline as well as online payments becomes quite easy here. Other than this, dealing with your inventories, and setting up real-time delivery options are a huge added benefit. Moreover, this platform doesn’t require any expert programming knowledge.

5. Magento


In order to develop a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, Magento is the best option. It is available in a feature-packed development tool with which you can easily customize your online store. Besides this, it also offers a highly active user forum which is necessary for web developers and for successful Ecommerce Website Development. When the concern is customization, there are endless options and possibilities that are offered by Magento. The tons of exciting themes will help you to create one of the most dynamic online  startup stores that can add shine to your enterprise. This is the only reason that this platform is mostly preferred by the big brands as they can invest sufficient money and resources.

6. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is the fastest growing, open-source platform for Ecommerce Website Development. This popular E-Commerce development software is much faster than its contemporaries. It is a perfect blend of WordPress, eCommerce and existing plugins. Infinite design options and payment gateways provide more flexibility to customers. Active community support for functionality upgrades are available here. In order to monitor and manage the performance, dashboards and widgets are introduced.

7. Wix


Because of a simple interface and affordable prices, Wix is one of the most popular platforms. No coding knowledge is required to use Wix. With just a simple drag-and-drop of components, you can develop a beautiful online store that can fulfill all your needs. There are more than 510 templates that you can try here which is the best among all the features. The templates that are available are suitable for electronics, food & drinks, fashion, sports, clothing, and many other niches. For mobile devices, Wix designs the best online store amd you can unhesitatingly use this for your startup.

8. Squarespace


Being one of the best SaaS eCommerce platforms, Squarespace is widely used because of  the beautiful templates and unmatched design capabilities. It eliminates the need of finding the best suitable template for your business because it has a huge collection of themes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Shopify. When it comes to ecommerce (hosting platform, ecommerce platform, and even ecommerce website builder), Shopify is pretty much always going to be a go-to recommendation.
  • BigCommerce.
  • Weebly.
  • Wix.
  • Magento.
  • WooCommerce & WordPress.
  • Squarespace.
  • One Year SEO Strategy.
  • Purchase a domain name.
  • Find a web developer.
  • Get all the paperwork you need for a legitimate startup business.
  • Select ecommerce and website hosting platform.
  • Find a theme that matches your ecommerce vision.
  • Take your website live.
  • Decide the Product You Want to Sell.
  • Choose Your Business Model.
  • Choose a Business and Domain Name.
  • Select an eCommerce Website Builder.
  • Design Your eCommerce Store.
  • Set Up the Payment Gateway.
  • Secure Your Website by Installing SSL Certificates.
  • Select Your Shipping Partner.

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