Know the Effective 3 Ways You Can Rank on Google in 2019

Know the Effective 3 Ways You Can Rank on Google in 2019

After developing a great website for your business, you will need to focus on marketing your brand. Thus, you can let your target audience easily find the products and services provided by your company. You can promote brand recognition only by widening the reach of your website. And, this can be done with the help of a search engine. In this world of digitalization, the search engine is the most effective way to bring your business in front of the right audience. Most of the people trust Google as a reliable search engine worldwide. Approximately 3.5 million searches are happening on Google every day. Therefore, we have focused on the 3 ways you can rank on Google. You might have heard of different SEO tactics and paid advertising for ranking sites on the search engine. But, we have simplified the process by breaking it into three primary ways you can reach your prospects.

Know The 3 Ways You Can Rank on Google:

Have a look at the various forms of having the best rank for your website.

Organic Search

Organic search refers to the search where Google’s search engine algorithms determine unpaid and natural rankings for your website. Here comes the role of Search Engine Optimization that can fetch a better organic ranking for your site. However, SEO is not simple and it combines multiple factors like search query, links, domain authority, website content, and more. Organic search allows you to combine one or several searches together as a single text on the search engine. The process of organic search begins with the consumer with the assumption that he is already interested in your products and services. Unlike paid search, you can optimize the ranking of your site with SEO practices.

Paid Search

In paid search, you can bid on certain keywords and purchase advertising to make your website appear among the top search engine results. Hence paid advertising is another name for the paid search. In Google, you can create these advertisements using Google Ads platform and Pay-Per-Click. Pay-Per-Click states that you will have to pay a specified amount whenever a visitor clicks on the ad through your website. In paid search, the amount you will need to pay to Google either depends on the number of clicks or views of your ads. Other types of paid search include Pay Per Acquisition advertising, Cost Per Thousand impressions and banner advertisements. It is not an attempt to earn visits to your sites organically. You will have to pay a certain fee to earn visits for your sites.

Paid search enables you to earn qualified leads for your site so that you can have a competitive advantage over your competitors. Here, businesses bid on placing ads as a sponsored link on the search engine results page. As a result, the PPC ad appears at the top of the page when search engine users search for keywords related to their business. Optimized contents do not matter with respect to paid search. It is the method of strategically targeting only those persons who are most likely to be interested in your brand. Since paid search brings immediate traffic to your site, you can obtain fast results. Paid search simplifies the process of measuring every single aspect of your PPC ad campaigns. Thus, you come to know the number of clicks, cost per click, and ultimately the sales resulting from these clicks.

It is not obvious for every search engine user to click on your ad appearing on the search engine results. But, the more they search for industry specific keywords, the more they are exposed to your brand. As a result, it helps to create brand recognition in a short timeframe. It is extremely helpful for small businesses in targeting prospects in close proximity to their location. Moreover, they can work with a limited budget as PPC ads are eco-friendly. You can set the budget which you would like the search engine to incur for driving traffic to your site. Hence you will have plenty of ways to optimize your budget as well as the ROI. Unlike SEO strategy, paid search can increase your website visibility on Google.

Local Search

Local Search results refer to the search results that appear according to the local area of the users. Local search results appear with a map listing along with the primary details of your business and its website. Optimization of your Google My Business listing helps you to achieve the results in local search. Hence it assures you that your company’s information is correctly displayed in Google and you can add additional information if you want. Hence you can add FAQs, pricing, as well as pictures of the physical location of your business. It is the best way to stand out in the local search results. It will be easier to approach the prospective customers using.  mobile devices. Someone in area interested with your products and services can visit your website in no time. Having a local presence is very useful for you to exist in today’s market. You can dominate the local searches for increasing the conversion rate of your business.

To Conclude…

Organic, search paid search, and local search are the 3 ways you can rank on Google. These three elements are so important that you cannot ignore any one of them. It is ideal to rank high on Google by using the most relevant keywords for your business. But, your business goals determine the element on which you would have to focus on. You can focus on improving SEO as well as do an organic search if you are not willing to put our budget in paid search. But, remember that SEO is going to take a lot of time to fetch you the expected results for your website. Digital agency experts can better guide you regarding which of these three practices will give the best results for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Organic search, paid search, and local search are the three ways you can use to rank your site on Google. Organic search uses Google’s algorithms to determine the unpaid rankling for your website. Whereas, paid search gives you the freedom to decide on the ranking of your website at a certain amount. Similarly, local search is beneficial if you are targeting the local market or the prospects in your region.

Each of the three ways are relevant ranking a website high on the search engine that is Google. But, the objective and target audience of your business states which of the process you need to emphasize.

People worldwide trust Google as a reliable search engine and hence believe its results as well. It, it therefore, important to rank your website among the top search results of Google. You can increase the reach of your business and achieve your purpose in this way only.

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