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When it comes to exhibiting a particular product, a great way to do so is an exhibition stand. You’ll need an exhibition stand for a public display of your products or information about your products. Designing an exhibition stand, though not rocket science, however, must be done immaculately to catch the attention of the public. It must be designed in such a way that one glance at it should be enough to seal a lasting impression.

For your exhibition stand to be a success, it is necessary that it stands out from the rest. Like everything else, your exhibition stand too, speaks for your company, and you don’t want that to speak what everyone already is. In other words, you’ll need to design a stand that’s unique, eye-catching, and provides information about what your company stands for.

While designing an exhibition stand is not cheap, it does not necessarily have to be an extravagant deal. All you need is an efficient team who is dedicated, hard-working, and can think out of the box. So, connect with UAE Website Development, the best exhibition stand design company in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE, for an excellent exhibition stand design that is sure to boost up your company reputation.

Types of Exhibition Stands

While opting for a design, you need to keep in mind your personal requirements. For example, if you are an SMB, you’ll hardly need a large and elaborate exhibition stand, which would be both expensive and simply not needed. So, for your convenience, we have listed below the most common types of exhibition stands that we design. The list, though far from complete, is a quick reflection of what we can do to help you exhibit your products or services in a compelling manner.

Small Exhibition Stand

This type of stands are a great space utilizers. It maximizes the space available which is important in case you have a constraint in space. It uses a floor-to-ceiling carpet effect and contrasting colors that make the stand space look bigger. The pillars stand free, that allows visitors to move around them, which would not be possible in case of fixed cupboard designs.

Realistic Exhibition Stand

This type of design offers one-of-a-kind of experience that creates the space that your products are used in. For example, if your company deals in kitchenware, your stand can be designed to look like a kitchen, with all the products displayed accordingly. Sometimes, that can be much more effective than providing a brochure or even showing a video. This type of realistic designs can help people decide what they want, as they get almost a pop-up experience of the actual circumstances that your products are used in.

Flexible Exhibition Stand

A flexible stand uses a modular design, in which there is room for the addition or removal of elements. This type of designs can easily be modified to suit different stand sizes and layouts. With this type of flexible exhibition stand, you can design a stand that supports all standard exhibition stand sizes.

Interactive Exhibition Stand

An interactive exhibition stand is another great way to stand out from the rest. A stand designed to look like, say a ball pit or anything else that visitors can explore and thus increase the dwelling time at your stand. This can be extremely effective for your business because the more time people dwell in something, more they tend to remember the same. Thus, with this type of interactive design, your business will be remembered.

These are some of the types of exhibition stands that we design. The list, as mentioned earlier, is far from complete. We can and do design various other types of stands, all to suit your personal requirements and choices. Thus, interact with UAE Website Development, one of the best exhibition stand design company in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE, for a unique design that is sure to make your company stand out from the rest.

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