The Best Email Provider in 2019

The Best Email Provider in 2019

Guide to Choose the Correct Website Email Services

Although there is a huge social network buzz, email still forms the core essence of business interactions via the Internet. Therefore, it is imperative to formulate the best email services and make a choice that matches your requirements. Many people are not satisfied with the email service they are currently using. Although there are other challenges, incomprehension of other powerful email service providers makes them adhered to one or two. Therefore, you should take into account the offerings of other email service providers online to determine whether to shift or stick to the same free email service provider.

Correct Website Email Services10 Free Email Service Providers to Choose from in 2019

Let’s have a look at the top 10 best email providers of 2019 that you need to consider if you want to switch to other email service providers


Google has become the market leader in providing free email service to millions of people worldwide. Most of the screen is dedicated to your inbox, with a small space for toolbar as well as other jumbles. Messages are organized neatly through effective communication to ease the viewing process. Moreover, you can read and reply to certain emails easily, even if you are a novice in this field. You have unlimited authority. Messages can be automatically filtered into several categories such as Socials and Promotion, Primary, mainly concentrating on the content you require. Leading Edge spam blocking makes your inbox junk-free. You also have the provision to manage other accounts from the same interface like Yahoo, Outlook etc.

There is 15GB storage capacity for your drive, inbox, as well as photos. Apart from this, you can also access Gmail in offline mode, but you need to take help from Google Chrome for that. It is also equipped with a neat snooze feature that permits you to snooze an email for a specific amount of time. There are also diversified features which include organizing messages into folders and that can be done easily by filtering with the help of a custom labeling system. Although this is not popular with all the users, still Gmail is considered as an awesome service provider and is always the first option while selecting the best email providers of 2019.


The Outlook Web Interface always moves with the traditional style like its desktop counterparts, along with some other email clients. It contains folders and organizational tools on the left, the content of the present folder at the center and there is a preview pane situated in the right. There is a toolbar which provides you a speedy gateway to familiar features. and by right-clicking on the folders and messages, you can easily know the other things as well. Although it looks apparently simple, there is a lot of customizable features. The services determine the essential emails and keep them inside the focused inbox. The information pertaining to flight as well as dinner information gets incorporated inside the calendar.


You can easily share that using or Office 365 users or you can just save the events in the family calendar so that everyone can access the same. It has inbuilt attachment support which has the ability to share OneDrive files as copies or links directly. Also, you have the provision to attach the files directly from Google Drive, Box accounts as well as DropBox. The bulky 15GB mailbox permits storage of files coming from other sources. However, it might happen that you are not satisfied with the service defaults. You can overcome that using Settings Dialogue. Although it will not provide you as many options like Gmail, its properly organized and will give you full control over layout, message handlings, attachments etc.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mails don’t create many headlines but the recent version is built with a more professional approach which outdoes all others in the market. The interface is properly built which looks similar to Gmail containing large Inbox view, filters for common type of messages as well as content. Moreover, it provides easy browsing of the important emails available in the conversation. You also have the provision to organize emails in different customized folders. The layout can be twisted to put up a message preview just with a few clicks.

Mobile users also enjoy the same benefits such as the option to unsubscribe from newsletters and that too without leaving the Yahoo inbox.

Being a sturdy engine, it can integrate comfortably with Facebook. It supports sending SMS and text messages. It is also accessible through the web. Also, it has the provision of sending emails to another email address. The exclusive features include a disposable email address to safeguard your privacy. It is equipped with a 1TB Mail Storage box which enables you to keep everything you receive for a considerable span of time. There are users who find issues in course of time. There are instances where the mail organizations can’t match with Gmail’s labeling scheme features. But in a nutshell, Yahoo is one of the demanding website email services which you can easily switch to in 2019.


This is one of the best website email services providers of 2019 that you can easily opt for leaving the one which you use currently. It basically focuses on privacy and security. When you sign up to particular email service, there can be a lot of privacy issues. But, ProtonMail always prioritizes on privacy. Proton Mails are properly encrypted. No one can read your content. You can sign up anytime and there is no provision of logging IP address separately. Moreover, there is an address verification feature which ensures that you are interacting with the right individual. There is total support for PGP email encryption.

There are certain important limitations to this service. The free product has a small 500MB storage capacity, which has a restriction of 150 messages per day and is very small while considering the organization tools such as no folders, labels, and small filters. This end-to-end encryption is only limited to ProtonMail. It makes sure that you can’t use the service with other clients. However, it will be very much unfair to launch a complaint about a service which gives you so many options and also doesn’t put up any ads. ProtonMail is an important tool which can be used along with some other mailing services like Gmail and is very good at fulfilling the core essentials of the users.


Zoho Workplace is a very good option for the businesspeople and if someone is on the verge of starting his own business, there is no better option than this. It is one of the best website email services providers of 2019 mostly for the business savvy individuals. It provides you with an online office suite, document management system, collaboration tools, etc. It comes with a free plan and supports a maximum of 25 users. They are presently involved in redesigning the services which will be equipped with a 5GB mailbox storage capacity and can be used in any domain you like. There are features which you can find in commercial products and when you incorporate those in the spreadsheet or presentation, it will resemble a real bargain. This email service is very portable and gives you an enormous number of features to build your email such as folders, tags, smart searches etc. The free version of the plan is pretty much simple. It gives you web access for certain instances and email forwarding is not supported.


Although GMX is not that much popular, it is one of the credible website email services. It has the provision of filtering spams and viruses. It comes with an option of unlimited email storage and gives you a 50MB attachment option. With the help of this email collector, you can manage all the email accounts conveniently. Moreover, you have the provision of managing the emails on the web as well as mobile. There are SSL encryptions which safeguard your email service from spams and viruses.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail is a free email service provider which gives you total security against spams and viruses. Also, it gives limitless storage facility to several users. It has email limitation of 25MB. AOL Mail service connects with other email accounts quite easily. Moreover, it provides end-to-end encryption for all the emails for proper security. Therefore, those who are worried about their present email service can easily switch to AOL Mail. The free service feature makes it one of the best email providers of 2019.


This website email service is equipped with 10GB storage and also has the provision of attaching 30MB file size in your email. Apart from this, you may not even require a phone number to perform the sign-up process. Yandex email features provide an easy gateway to use interface. This email service is well encrypted and has proper features of protecting spams.


Tutanota gives you end-to-end encryption, drops, added features of headers and can also manage notifications. Moreover, the subject line of the email, as well as the attachment, are well-encrypted to provide full privacy as well as security. This email service is accessible from any browser and device which supports Android as well as iOS applications.

iCloud Mail

iCloud takes your Apple ID in order to sign in with your iCloud account. iCloud Mail provides you full access to the email that comprises folders of Inbox, Drafts, Tras, VIP, archive, Junk and many more. Since iCloud is synced with your Apple ID, your contact list can be easily accessed. You can send, receive and also organize emails. But the important thing is that you should have an Apple ID to access iCloud Email. If you don’t have one, create an email address before accessing iCloud Mail on

We hope this informative blog will give you a deep insight into the best email providers of 2019 so that you can select the appropriate one that fulfills your purpose. Always try to choose that webmail service that fulfills your criteria and this blog will give you a handful of options to make your job easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

  1. Which is the most secure email provider?

Tutanota- It has end-to-end encryption of emails moving through the system.

ProtonMail- ProtonMail is the most secure open source email platform available which is entirely free. This is properly encrypted and has high-quality built-in features.

  1. Which free email service is best for your business?

Gmail- Gmail is one of the best email providers which is absolutely free and has end-to-end encryption.

Outlook- Outlook comes with a lot of features and has desktop manifestations along with other email clients.

iCloud Mail- Apple users are very much inclined in using this handy email provider.

  1. What is the best-paid email service?

Here is a list of the best-paid email services:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Outlook
  • ProtonMail
  • Zoho


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