8 Unique Ways on how to Advertise Your Shopify Store

8 Unique Ways on how to Advertise Your Shopify Store

8 Unique Ways on how to Advertise Your Shopify Store

Learn how to promote Shopify Store in Dubai UAE

8 Unique Ways on how to Advertise Your Shopify Store

Promotion and advertisements are the best ways to boost your store’s performance. As promotion helps you gain good traffic, revenue and then helps you make your brand a renowned one. There are tons of different apps available in the market now. Lots of them are more similar. So, when a user is looking for something, he or she has so many options to choose from. As a result, your app has to differ from others and must have some unique features to attract more clients. Answering your question on how to advertise your Shopify store, there are multiple ways to promote the same which is listed below that can certainly help you to generate more sales and profits for your store.

Brilliant Tips to Improve Your Shopify Store App

When you launch a finance app, of course, you need to promote it. There are a lot of apps in this category, and so, your app not only has to be perfect but it also needs to be different as well. This is possible, and you need to just follow these tips given below:

1. Better start to promote your app as soon as possible after launching it on Play Store.

2. The important key factor is how many installs your app gets during the initial days. For this reason, you can use incentive installs. Companies like CPImobi works pretty good and gives you up to 2000 daily installs.

3. Use forums as it is a good space for getting reviews and share information about your new product.

4. Create a microsite for your app. Use the landing page to feature screenshots and videos of your apps. This will lend a helping hand to bloggers who are thinking about featuring your apps in their articles.

5. Experiment with ASO Optimization. ASO is essentially search engine optimization (SEO) for App Store and Google Play. Similar to SEO, ASO focuses on the relevance of the keywords and the density of keywords in your description. With more than half of the total smartphone users finding apps with search queries, it’s one of the most important things you can do to promote your app.

6. Make the Facebook, Twitter etc. page for your app and write a story of your business there to attract more users.

7. Make the video as informative and flashy as possible and share it on youtube. YouTube can be the required catalyst that will make your app go viral. If you’ve done a good job with the video, it will help a great deal in creating awareness for your products and services.

All of these tips are puzzles for one marketing strategy picture. So, be careful and work in all ways that will help to promote your app and make it visible to the users. With organic installs and traffic growth, you will get to the top.


How To Promote My Shopify Store?


Check out the steps listed below to advertise your Shopify store effectively.

1. Facebook Ads
Share updates of your store and the features or images of your products on Facebook via posts on your store’s social media page. As we know that more than one billion people are active on Facebook, it means your products have a chance of getting live in front of 1 billion people. Facebook Ads are another way that allows you to target unbelievably specific audiences who are more likely to buy your products.

2. Instagram
It is almost essential for every niche store to have a professional Instagram page. You must create a brand around your store and Instagram is, hands down, the best way to do it. First, you need to figure out how you want the theme of all your posts, design, and feel of your profile to represent your brand. Be original and creative with this, look at the other pages in your niche to get ideas, but don’t try to copy other people. You want to make yourself stand out from the competition by being different. The overall goal is to create a unique feel that captures the viewers’ attention with the intent that they will click the link in your bio which is your store URL and make a purchase. Next, you want to gather all of the products that you are selling and begin taking pictures for your Instagram page. Experts recommend doing all this by yourself when you are starting out and later on, you could potentially outsource this and hire a professional. But you want to take professional pictures of your products. For every photo you take, keep your overall brand in mind and the types of pictures you are trying to go for. To grow your page, there are three main ways to do this:

  • Organically: Probably your best option when you are starting out, but you do not want to utilize this strategy forever. This involves clicking users one by one which can be time-consuming and not very fun. The best way to do this is to search based on hashtags in your niche, and start following people manually who have liked the most recently posted photos. This tells us a few things: They are interested in your same niche, they are most likely still scrolling down their news feed if they have recently liked a photo that was posted a couple of mins ago, and most importantly, they are more likely to be your potential customer. So, when they get you to follow request notification, they instantly check out your page. Have the option to follow you back if your page is professionally branded with quality posts or click on the link in your bio.
  • Bot: Automatically follows or unfollows, likes photos, all for you, so you do not have to do the hard work. Bots, in general, have a bad reputation for being spammy and annoying, but this really only applies for the auto-commenting feature, which can be very annoying. However, the follow and unfollow features work really well. It allows you to automatically follow or unfollow people based on hashtags, and users they follow which allow you to target your audience. For this, you can use different Instagram bots, and it works very well. They allow you to change up the speed of how fast it follows and unfollows people, which is important to look into before using a bot because you can get your whole account banned if you run it too fast. Start out by running it slowly, then after a couple of hundred followers, turn it to normal. Then, once you have a decent following, you can turn it to fast, and this is the safest way to do it without getting banned. This makes your life a lot easier but use this strategy at your own risk.
  • Shoutouts: Probably the best way to generate traffic once you have an established brand and a couple of thousand followers. What you want to do is identify the different pages within your niche that give shoutouts. Break them up into categories based on the number of followers they have:- Small (10k-100k followers), Medium (100k-1 Million), and Large (1 Million+). You want to message them and inquire about their rates for posting photos. However, keep in mind the more followers they have, the more they will probably charge. Start with small or medium pages and then eventually work your way up to larger ones.


  1. Blogs
    There must be blogs provided for your store description that give your target users as well as existing users the overall scenario of your store. Blogs are the most convenient way to understand the whole system in an easy manner. There must be blogs for every topic. Write blogs for every topic related to your store and post links in blogs for the specific items you sell or the link of your store in general. The content of the blogs must be very relevant and precise.

    4. Cross marketing
    If you promote your store in different horizons, you must start cross-marketing and sell your products on the different marketplaces according to your needs, such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, Sears, Fruugo, Bonanza, Etsy, Jet and many more. These are some marketplaces where you can sell your products, enhance your business and increase your sales. This is how your brand will become a known one, and ultimately, people will come to your Shopify store again and again. All that you need to do is connect your online store with a different platform like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Opencart, etc. to the marketplace of your choice, with the help of the integration extensions or solutions.
  2. Sell aggressively in the festive seasons
    The cross-marketing or marketplace integration method can specifically help you in the festive season which is going on currently as people are more likely to buy the products from these marketplaces in the festivals such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

    Setting up a store on Shopify doesn’t seem to be a hectic task at first, but heading out to have maximum reach for your site and getting substantial traffic is the main thing that e-commerce store owners have to look after.

    There are three other factors you could follow to have your Shopify store getting on the top:

    6. SEO
    The one thing we often take lightly is the SEO aspect. It really matters when your site does not appear on the first page of search engine results.

    7. Social Media Campaigns
    At first, what matters when setting up social media accounts for your firm is nothing but the number of likes, follows, retweets etc.. So, out of a desperation for likes, people run Page Promotion Ads.

    But Facebook post boosts mentioning offers, referral campaigns and contests would get your post to reach the right audience and maximum reach. You would not get a lot of likes, but people would recognize you in the future. Lots of successful e-commerce firms have very few page follows in social media, but they do their ad campaigns right.

    8. Gaining customer trust
    This is the most important factor for budding e-commerce stores. You have to make sure that the customer solely trusts you in the delivery, product quality and customer service. You could follow some strategies to make the customer believe in your store:

Having a live chat box in your store.

Facebook ads are having CTAs referring directly to your store.

Setting up a mobile app for your store. With this, you could make the customers believe in you that you are a certified store.

These are the most effective ways we have described that can help you in advertising your Shopify store in a proper manner.


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