An Advance Guide on How to Start a Clothing Line from Scratch in Dubai, UAE

An Advance Guide on How to Start a Clothing Line from Scratch in Dubai, UAE

How to Start a Clothing Line from Scratch in Dubai, UAE

how to start clothing line

The fashion industry is one of the leading industries nowadays and with the increasing population, there is no surprise that it will be reaching new heights for sure. Based on the statistics, it has been found that the online clothing stores have become an $80 billion a year industry, and it is by far one of the most well-known ecommerce niches. If you are a creative entrepreneur with a vision and if your passion lies in both business and clothes, then it will be really a rewarding experience to start a clothing line business.

But, starting a successful online clothing store is not just about placing an ad or buying a domain. It is dependent upon the branding that you create, the niche that you choose, the sourcing and production of your line and the quality of the clothing. If you are new to ecommerce and your interest lies in fashion and clothing line, then this post is exclusively for you. Here, you will find a complete guide on how to start your own clothing line from scratch in 2019 in Dubai, UAE.

How to start clothing line: An overview of the clothing line industry:

Clothes have now become a symbol of personality, as people wear them accordingly to represent themselves. Thus, it has opened a lot of opportunities for passionate people to start their own clothing business. If you want to start your business in the clothing line, you must possess some business skills along with creativity in this field. Though there are no certain standards for any clothing business, if you want to set your brand apart, then creativity is a must. According to Fashion United, the Global Apparel Industry accounts for 2% of the World’s GDP and is valued at 3 billion dollars. Thus, investing in any online apparel industry is a good decision as this business will eventually rise in future and there is no sign of going down. Apart from this, it is completely data-driven.

Market Research and Feasibility

When it comes to the apparel industry, its market is quite huge as there are a lot of choices available. Its genre ranges from infant wear to old age wear, which includes gym wear, party wear, nightwear, sportswear and many more varieties. Before you decide your clothing products, it’s more important to choose your clothing niche in which you want to sell it. Let’s consider some of the niches which you can choose for your clothing line:

  •    Children and Infant Wear
  •    Sports and Gym wear
  •    Uniform and corporate wear
  •    Cultural wear and wedding costumes
  •    Seasonal wear and nightwear
  •    Casual Wear

Whichever niches you are choosing, every genre is well and profit is guaranteed on almost everyone. But the one thing that is found common in each of them is its unique design and style. Uniqueness is one thing that is deeply attractive to the buyers and it is one such element which makes your brand specific to the users. Every brand has its specific customers and loyal audiences. If you want to get success in this apparel industry, then you must be unique with your dressing style as only then it will be appreciated by several customers.

Possible Challenges You Might Face When You Start Your Online Clothing Line

Whatever business you are dealing with, it has its own terms and challenges which the business entrepreneurs have to face. Similarly, when you are starting your clothing line online in 2019 in the competitive market space of Dubai, UAE, you have to face a lot of challenges. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Focus on new designs

The fashion world is continuously evolving with upcoming trends and designs. When it comes to fashion and new designs, Pairs, Milan, London, New York are the biggest hubs. They come up with new designs every time to set them apart from others and at the same time, attract the customers. Thus, if you are involved in this clothing line business, you have to continuously come up with new designs and styles with the changing trends. Then only, your customers will pay attention to your brand.

2. Increasing competition

While choosing a niche, you should be extra conscious. There is a possibility that the niche you have picked up, someone else is also interested in the same. Under such a situation, a huge competition arises, which can only be won through the uniqueness of the brand. If your brand’s products are unique, it will make a great name in the market.

3. Precise in terms of production

As the owner of the business, it is important that you should be precise. In terms of production. You must get an idea that which apparels are trending in the market depending upon seasonal and all other factors. Thus, you should maintain the average stock of that product. Furthermore, with more production in the clothing line, the cost of production will also increase day by day. Thus, it forces you to come up with an effective strategy that will cause no negative effect on your productivity despite the increase in the cost of production.

4. Proper distribution of the products

Distribution of the products is one of the biggest challenges often faced by the entrepreneurs. It is equally important that your product reaches the market and to your customer on time, after the production.

The overall  marketing plan of the Clothing line

When it comes to selling the clothes online, it is important that you should have an awesome eCommerce website, where the visitors can visit, make their choices as per their preference and complete the purchasing cycle without any harassment. But for eCommerce website development in Dubai, UAE, you can’t just trust any random person. You need skilled, talented and experienced web developers, who are completely aware of the marketing trends and scenarios. Thus, they will create websites that are more user-friendly and lead to better customer engagement.

Listed below are the common processes involved in eCommerce website development and marketing of a clothing line:

  1. First of all, the niche and requirements of the client need to be understood and based on that, the ecommerce themes are selected for the clients
  2. Then, create an online store and upload the products with some time of free customization
  3. After that, create a custom website design which will also include ecommerce add-ons based on the requirements of the clients.

Even the primary requirement for selling clothes online is a good website. In order to drive and engage more people to your website, it is important that you do marketing on various channels. For that, you need to hire a trustworthy Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE. These agents will help you in marketing your brand across various channels and mediums. Some of the social marketing services that help in creating brand awareness are as follows:

  •    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •   Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  •   Content Marketing
  •    Paid promotions or Pay per Click
  •    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

So, if you want to invest in the clothing line business and interested in getting the right traffic, then it’s important to rely on a good Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE.

Proper Analysis of Costs and Investments:

For every business owner, the prime concern is the costs. So, one must have a clear idea about the costs that will be involved in the clothing line business. A business entrepreneur must know what will be the major costs that it will take in starting an online clothing line.

  1. Costs involving business registration and legal charges
  2. Cost of developing a customized ecommerce website
  3. Cost of designing an attractive and effective logo and banners
  4. Advertising and marketing related costs
  5. Cost of acquiring a business license
  6. Costs involving Sales CRM, Payroll Software, Accounting Software
  7. Costs for creating designs and prototypes
  8. Costs of Inventory and Manpower
  9. Costs involving transportation and distribution
  10. Costs of insurance

These are some of the major areas where the majority of the investment of business is involved. Though you might find that the list of costs and investments is too long, yet most of them is a one-time investment and these will also include the future costs.

Frequently Asked Questions for How To Start Clothing Line

When you have decided to starting your own clothing brand, there are some common questions which might arise on your mind. Listed below are some of them:

Yes, with a minimal amount of investment, it is possible to start selling clothes online even from your home. If your designs and products are unique, then you can easily sell your clothes online from home also and there will be demand too. But the process begins with designing of an ecommerce website. So, during the initial stage, in order to examine and detect the taste of the customers, you can even come up with an offline store. This will save your initial investment and work excellently well in knowing the choices, comments and compliments from the customers.

Nowadays, promotion of any brand or business is done via two ways- either through traditional marketing or through online marketing. In traditional marketing, you can advertise your brand and products through newspaper advertisements, billboards, radio ads or TV ads. On the other hand, online marketing consists of Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and so on.

When you are starting your clothing business online, there are four main costs that it will include:

  •    Business Registration and Costs related to legal matters
  •    Cost of production of products
  •    Cost for development of an eCommerce website
  •    Cost of design and its prototypes

But the above-mentioned costs are only the basic ones. Apart from these, when you try to expand your clothing line business, you have to invest in various other fields such as advertising, marketing etc.

Some of the main challenges which the entrepreneurs might encounter after entering into a clothing line business are as follows:

  •    New styles and unique designs
  •    Competition in the field
  •    Production
  •    Distribution of products on time

Yes, it is possible to sell your clothing designs on other online mediums or ecommerce platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon. But this ecommerce platform will act as a medium between you and your customers and it is also advised to follow the right stocks and inventory. Apart from that, these online platforms charge some amount like registration fees, shipping fees, referral fee, etc. So, if you planned to sell your business products on these platforms, then it’s better to do thorough research work and then invest in any of them for the best results.

This is the complete guide on how to start a clothing line from scratch. So, if you have already chosen your business line, then this article will perfectly help you in gaining overall information on the clothing line business. For designing attractive websites, you can contact an experienced team of professionals, as this will be beneficial for the future expansion of the business.

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