How We See Laravel’s Future

How We See Laravel’s Future

Laravel's Future

Laravel's FutureAfter the “clash” between Taylor Otwell and Fabien Potencier (the inventor of Symfony) the real Laravel game in our opinion has just begun. We do not like ” intellectual clashes by force of things as some like” but the rust between the two worlds has always felt and breathed, and although perfectly compatible and able to go forward together, let’s say it’s Laravel now deny all those who call it “great for small-medium web app” nibbling at Symfony that kind of “complexity” that has made you so angry lately Taylor Otwell

Laravel in the last months – last semester of 2017 and first 6 months of 2018 – has had a success that is extraordinary to say a little! The learning curve of Laravel is very low, the community of developers that loves the framework is really bubbly and supportive, Laravel is really useful to companies and to every single web developer (speeds up the way of working, makes it simpler and more effective and it improves its performance) … but there is one on Laravel, on Laravel’s future .

Taylor does well to show the muscles , but be careful not to pull the rope too much, let’s say the confrontation fills the news and technology blogs around the world felicito Laravel, and why not even Symonfy, a stormy debate with no way out in our opinion, it could instead isolate Laravel from the PHP world, and there that would raise several problems, at which point it would be very complicated (for all) to live on Laravel, but this is another story.

Laravel is the MVC frameowrk written in PHP at the time , it is true, but Laravel’s mission must always be open source, in all terms: in debates, in summits, in training events as well as in all activities diffusion. Laravel, we always keep it in our hearts and we can not wait to see you in our Laravel BASE Courses, ADVANCED in the classroom and remotely that will take place between October and November 2018 and Laravel must continue to be an open place, a place of debate, comparison for all the web developers of the world.

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