Learn The Need Of Wireframe and Develop A Strong Website

Learn The Need Of Wireframe and Develop A Strong Website

need of wireframe

Understand The Need of Wireframe and Develop A Strong Website

Those who are looking for proper wireframing of the website must first know what is the need of wireframe. You cannot use anything blindly for your website. Before that, you must understand the relevance of any feature that you want to include on your website. Wireframing is one such stage in the website-building process that is necessary to maintain clarity during the transitioning to the design and developmental stages. To put it in simple words, it is a visually simple kind of a template. However, the grayscale shapes and text that help in making up the wireframe are those elements that will eventually make your site lively.

As a matter of fact, we are using the analogy of the house when we are trying to refer to websites and wireframes. Supposedly, the website is a house. Then, the blueprint is the wireframe. As you know, blueprint does not relay paint colors or floor treatments. Similarly, the wireframe is also not responsible for displaying colors, fonts, copy or images. So, the ultimate aim is to have a collaboration with the client for better feedback on what is the kind of content and how it interacts with the other site elements. It is essential for you to know the purposes of site design when we are saying content or when we are making references for copying images.

need of wireframe

Have a Look at The Initial Presentation for Need of Wireframe

To be honest, the wireframing process is necessary to create a superior user experience (UX). This is because a positive user experience is likely to turn website users and visitors into potential customers. Now, let us dive into how to go ahead by using a proper wireframing.

Let us begin with the collaborative wireframing process and understand the need of wireframe. To do this, you must first create a presentation to show the clients through a mock-up during which the agency is trying to describe the contents of their website. This is called the initial presentation where you can see the vital shares of wireframes via an active prototyping software. In addition, it also helps in showing real-life functionality examples by using the live websites to illustrate how these might show up when the site is released.

Moreover, the advantage of using a tool like InVision or UXPin is that anyone who has the URL prototype live preview can add comments, despite not having an account. This will benefit the potential stakeholders on whom you are basically dependent for work.

Comprehend The Need of Wireframe

For developers, wireframes are not the best part of the website. But, they are necessary when you want to facilitate a smooth transition to make creative designs and development. As we mentioned earlier, wireframes serve as the blueprint. In addition, it helps you to stay on track with respect to the timeline and scope of your project.

Have you heard of backtracking? It is something that allows you to add unforeseen time to a designer’s schedule and ultimately affect the project timeline along with the budget. However, if we are having clients buy-in on a wireframe before the design phase, it is understood that they have already agreed on the concepts and elements. Additionally, it is understood that they have also made revision processes smoother and with lesser surprises.

Essential Considerations for the Need of Wireframe

You have hit the mark when you have started a website and its designing. Moreover, you have already managed to tackle your site mapping strategy and now, this is the right time to create the website wireframe.

Have Open Communication And Try To Listen

For any project to complete on a successful note, communication is the most essential key. Moreover, during the wireframe process, it is necessary for the agency and the client to have a good communication. There will be a lot of rounds back and forth over, whether the wireframe is actually fitting your website and helping you to achieve the goals of the pages. The project manager must have the patience to listen to all the ideas that are given to him in order to meet the client’s requirements.

It is necessary to follow the steps so that the client agrees on your designs and layouts. Moreover, this is another case of how a wireframe prototyping tool can help in improving and generating accurate feedback. As a matter of fact, wireframing is one stage in the website-building process that ultimately gives you a clear picture on transitioning the design and development stage.

Organize the Clients Information Early On

The conventional purpose of the wireframe is to ensure that the important message and concepts are presented in the clearest possible manner. After everything, what is the alternative? Can you scatter content all over the site and then expect the client to go and search for it? No. The need for wireframe comes into play here in helping you present simple, organized wireframes and not make a mess of colors or in-depth copy. The client and the agency will be easily able to set up pages to present the website in the best possible way so that it reaches the target audience.

Misconceptions and The Things to Avoid

Before going ahead with designing a website with the wireframe, you must know about the misconceptions and stuff that you should avoid while incorporating that as this will help you better understand the need of wireframe. One typical drawback is the availability of fewer colors. As a matter of fact, a wireframe is not a typical final design. It will not blow your mind with unique styles. It is actually helping with arranging your website in such a way that will pass the accurate message to the user or visitor. If you are trying to present the wireframe in a grayscale effect, then you must make sure that the concepts and the story of the company are portrayed correctly.

By keeping things simple, we are also enhancing a collective collaboration. There are a lot of colors which are likely to be distracting feedback on elements of the wireframe and are not at all irrelevant for building the site. Underneath the misconception issue, you must also know another essential factor:

Look at the shapes and positioning and not the copy: When you are presenting wireframes to the clients, they might often surround you with the question that why there is no real reference of the product or service. The reason why the placeholder text on the page is lacking color is that the focus must be on which item will live on the page instead of the copy. It makes sense to keep things simple when the project is moving with the designing and creative juices are ready to flow.

Therefore, the need of wireframe is important because they help you build the website on a strong structure. They might lack creativity but, that is not the feature of a wireframe either. They offer you a reliable base on which your website will stand. Along with that, it helps the website to reach the target audience with a user-friendly approach with efficient organization and good communication. In case you are thinking of building a website, then make sure you understand the need of wireframe and then implement it with effective strategies.

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