Secure Your Online Transactions with 5 Essentials You Need to Know!

Secure Your Online Transactions with 5 Essentials You Need to Know!

payment gateway testing 2019

Any eCommerce website contains a gateway system of payment so that the online payments are approved and the purchase can be performed via net banking or debit/credit cards. For encrypting payment information, authorizing the payment and securely passing the information between the merchant and the buyer, a payment gateway is the best e-Commerce service that must be used. Through a payment gateway, a transaction can only be successful when the payment is processed and after the order is completed effectively. In order to ensure whether your payment gateway is working accurately or not, you need to verify several things. One of the best ways to meet this requirement is payment gateway testing.

payment gateway testing 2019

Unlike the testing of other features and applications, Payment Gateway needs diligence and planning in testing for various purposes such as security, authorization, data encryption and web service connectivity. Therefore, this process involves numerous rounds of planning, apprehension, and concise strategy for execution. In case you are unaware of the exact process, take help from this article. Here, we are going to discuss all the essential steps that are required.

Top 5 Essentials Necessary for Documenting, Planning, and Executing Payment Gateway Testing:

1. Functionality

Functionality is a primary factor when the concern is the testing of payment gateways. During the execution and documentation of functional testing for the payment gateways, check the following aspects that are given below:

  • Whether there is a list of various payment options such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash Card, Net Banking etc.
  • Are region-specific charges applied along with taxes and are the calculations done appropriately?
  • Are notifications sent to the customer or the owner regarding the transaction via email?
  • Whether the format of currency and language can be changed at the request of users.
  • Is appropriate time taken for the buffer of checkout and confirmation page and does it get back to the user’s application?
  • During an unsuccessful or incomplete transaction, whether the right error message is displayed on the screen or not.

2. Integrations

Another important aspect that is considered for testing is known as the integrations of the payment of your gateway. To perform this, you will require various credit/debit cards as well as banking service. Besides, it also covers a huge amount of web services that are connected to different bank servers. To get a better clarification, take a look at the following points that are given below:

  • Is it connected with the right bank or financial service?
  • Whether the right information is provided on request and responds from the server of the bank?
  • Whether the right amount is processed in the right currency format by the banking server?
  • Is the entire process completed on time and in order?

3. Security

In case of payment gateway testing, security is the primary concern. It is quite a serious task to keep the transactions that are done online safe from any kind of cyber attacks, vulnerabilities and penetration activities. Therefore, check whether the following list of crucial questions is answered satisfactorily?

  • Whether it can be kept safe from SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and spoofing?
  • Whether it is URL-manipulation and data-manipulation-proof?
  • Does it contain the roles of users and authorization management?
  • Whether the data and information channels and web services connected to banking servers are encrypted?
  • Whether, at each transaction stage, proper SSL certificates and safety access points are implemented or not?

4. Database

A database is considered to be another most important aspect of making the payment gateway integration work successfully. In order to complete transactions via all the payment gateways, all the essential information are carried in the backend. Hence, take a look at the key factors that you need to keep in mind while testing the payment gateways.

  • Whether the details of any customer like name, contact number, and address are collected & maintained appropriately?
  • Is the data like banking, credit card, and cash wallet entries collected and stored properly?
  • Whether the database information is stored in the correct format and with the right access?
  • Is there accessibility of the database file that has authorized users from the intended places and networks?

5. Performance

Last but not least is another most crucial aspect of payment gateway testing– performance. To achieve the exact performance and its benchmark, you have to consider the following criteria of testing.

  • Whether it works correctly during the loading times?
  • Whether it is capable to work in different environments?
  • Is a load of balancing components configured to the gateway?
  • Does it have proper memory, network across server, and space for accurate functioning?

Discussed above are the most essential aspects that you require in the process of testing. However, there are a lot of other things as well. Therefore, perform this task and then proceed with the more in-depth essentials. In case of any confusion or query, let us know in the comment box below.

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