Common Reasons Why Website Fail

Common Reasons Why Website Fail

Know The Reasons Why Website Fail- Are You Doing It right?

Creating a website and taking it to the top is an ever going process. You need to keep on investing your time and put in so much of effort to make it work. But are you doing it right? Not if your website isn’t giving you the results it should. It is, therefore, essential to know why a website fails so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

The theory of evolution applies to the digital world as well. It is changing rapidly, and if you want to stay afloat here, you will have to work along that change. The age-old techniques won’t work here. You need to adapt yourself and your strategies accordingly.

In this blog, we are going to give you a few points on why website fail. You can go through the checklist and see what you have been missing for so long.

why website fail

1.Not Meant For Mobiles

Today, people are using more mobile devices and tablets for browsing. In fact, most work on the internet is done over the phone. So, your website should be modified to be used on mobiles and tablets as well.

If it isn’t already, you are missing out on a huge number of audience. They won’t spend time in resizing your website according to their mobile. They have options similar to your business, and these options have websites optimized for their mobile. That’s why they have the traffic and the sale while your website is going unnoticed. This is one of the primary reasons why website fail.

2.Poor Design

The design of your website plays a vital role in creating your first impression. Your website must carry all the relevant information out in the front. If the visitors have to find your menu option or your contact number, they will not put in so much of effort. They would just move on to a website that offers simple options of moving around. Poor design is one of the major reasons why website fail.

Also, your website shouldn’t have an excessively flashy design. It acts as a distraction. Talking about distractions, a video or audio that plays auomatically when you land on to a website is very annoying as well. Several people hate having to mute them all the time, and they end up avoiding visiting these websites altogether.

3.Lacks Quality Content

Content is the king in today’s digital world. If your website doesn’t have enough and of course relevant content, the visitor isn’t going to come back to your website. They are looking for a solution. Many websites are offering that. If you can’t provide something different or unique, at least try to give them the same thing differently.

Provide them solutions, give them ideas on how they can get out of the problems whose answers they are seeking. If you are a product and service related industry, keep a section for blogs on your website where you can provide relevant information and solutions for the problems they might be facing related to your products and services.

4.Not Optimised For Search

Even if you have content and a beautiful design, your website won’t make it to the top if it is not optimized for search. People search for the sites over Google, and a good SEO makes sure your website appears in the search results.

So, you see what are you missing out on if you don’t have your website optimized for search. Your website won’t make it to the relevant search results, and the world wouldn’t even know you exist.

5.Missing On Promotion

One of the major reasons why website fail is because they don’t get promoted adequately. You need promotion because you need the traffic for your website. It is important to let people know that you exist and you must keep reminding them about that.

There are several ways you can promote our website. Share things about your website on social media. Integrate the sharing buttons on your site so that the visitors can share if they like something.

You can also use referral links, paid advertising, emails, etc. for attracting the visitors on your website.

6.Loading Time

Slow loading time is another reason why website fail. People today are always in a hurry. They don’t like wasting their time in waiting, especially for a website to load since many other similar sites could load quicker than yours.

Remember, you have less than 4 seconds to grab the attention of your visitor. If your website wastes that time in loading, you are going to miss on every visitor that could have been your customer in the near future. Make sure your website loads in the fraction of a second; so, have it optimized like that.

7.Poor Navigation

Navigation is a vital part of your website. Cluttered and complicated navigation is another reason why website fail. Make sure your navigation menu is easy to find and surf. It should identify the key pages clearly, should be uncluttered and easy to move around.

A lot of sub-menus, side menus and dead ends in your website can put off the visitors. They could get lost in your menus and not finding what they are looking for will drive them away.

8.Not Updating Frequently

Updating the website is as important as wearing a different dress every day. Lack of updation is why website fail despite putting in all that effort. An outdated website screams that the company is either failing or doesn’t care about their online appearance.

It could also make you come across someone who has put up the website just for the sake of it and didn’t want the visitors. Your visitors might feel unwanted, and this will drive them away.

9.No Contact Details Or Easy Return Options

If you are a product or service provider, you must make it easy for the visitors to get in touch with you. If people don’t know how to approach you when something goes wrong, they wouldn’t trust you and avail your services.

And if you are an e-commerce website, you must have the option of easily returning the products that the visitors have bought on your website. Having to email you or call you for initiating the return will turn the visitors off. And this will drive them away.

10.Broken Pages and Links

Imagine visiting a website, clicking on a link or a page you think will resolve your issue and you find it is broken or doesn’t work. How disappointed will you feel? That’s why website fail because you couldn’t deliver what you promised.

Moreover, broken pages, links, images or contact forms distort the look of your website. It might put off the visitors, and your impression will be wrong on them as well. Hence, you must constantly monitor your website for broken links and unresponsive pages.

These are a few reasons why website fail despite your thinking that you have put in all the efforts. You might have, but that should have been in the right direction. Check your website against these parameters and work on the weak areas. It won’t be long before you start getting the results you have always wanted. Also, always let a professional create and manage your website. Otherwise, a little saving in the expense might cost you your business in the long run.

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