The Most Creative Restaurant Marketing Strategies For Maximizing Profit

The Most Creative Restaurant Marketing Strategies For Maximizing Profit

If you are a restaurant owner, running a restaurant is in itself a daunting task. In the recent decade, the unprecedented growth of smartphones and social media platforms allows the potential customers to gauge and criticize your every move. Running a restaurant successfully entails the processes of creating a brand image, maintaining an online reputation, keeping in mind transportation accessibility as well as online ordering. With the increasing shift from conventional retail and sit-down restaurants, a strong digital presence has now become relevant more than ever.

With the gradual demographic and technological changes, you need to market your restaurant in the right manner. In order to increase revenue, it is imperative for you to have creative restaurant marketing strategies.

Have A Fully Functional Restaurant Website

There are multiple aspects of creative restaurant marketing strategies. To begin with, you need to have a website that is fully functional. In addition, it needs to be well thought out and optimized for mobile. On most of the restaurant websites, there are blurry images, and phone numbers that cannot be clicked as well as menus that can’t be downloaded. Having a robust website for your restaurant is the cornerstone for everything. Your purpose should be to make people land on your website and make a reservation.

Additionally, your website needs to have vertical sections so that people can actually end up finding the pertinent information they are looking for. The contact details, a photo gallery, hours and menus- all the information must be there on your website. When it comes to mobile traffic, restaurant industry tops the list. Therefore, you need to make it mobile-friendly to provide your potential customers a seamless user experience.

Secure Your Google Maps Listing

If you want your restaurant to come up in Google’s search results, this should top your priority list. When you search for something on Google, It shows a ‘local 3-pack’. For instance, if you are searching for a seafood restaurant on Google, the search results are going to display three listings along with a map. Google’s algorithm for displaying the name of the restaurants in the ‘local 3-pack’ is always evolving.

Once you own your Google Business listing, you will be able to enhance the online visibility of your restaurant. Therefore, secure your listing on Google My Business and ensure that all the information on it is accurate. This is one of the unique and most creative restaurant marketing strategies that you cannot afford to overlook.

Perfect Your Social Media Strategy

Among the creative restaurant marketing strategies, having a successful social media plan is essential. Although most of the restaurant owners are aware of it, they are not sure how to execute it. If you neglect this aspect of the digital marketing strategy, it can result in rushed posts, low-quality images, and poorly executed pages. You may lose a considerable number of followers as social media platforms are way too important in drawing customers. Also, you can hire a restaurant marketing agency if you don’t know how to curate an effective social media strategy.

Social media platforms are where you get to communicate with your regular customers. Also, you can introduce your endeavors to new customers. However, there are some usual mistakes that restaurant owners often make such as:

  • Connecting the accounts of Facebook and Instagram
  • Including your social media feed on the website
  • Making use of a lot of hashtags on Facebook
  • Not including new images every month
  • Reaching out to a national audience instead of a local audience

It is not a challenging task to come up with an effective social media strategy. The actual challenge lies in executing it properly.

Marketing Via Emails

If you are struggling to come up with creative restaurant marketing strategies, you need to give some thought to email marketing. This is one of the most resilient online marketing strategies. However, it became obsolete because of a scam a decade ago. With the unprecedented growth of Facebook, email marketing became irrelevant again.

Nonetheless, Facebook suddenly limited the number of followers who can see your posts. In addition to that, Facebook also started a trend of asking you to ‘boost’ your posts so that you can reach a wider audience for a fee. That is when the relevance of email marketing became alive again.

If you are a restaurant owner, you can send event details, specials as well as menu items to your customers for free. You are going to find that click-through rates are much better on email than on social media platforms. For example, MailChimp lets you use their email marketing platform for free. However, the number is limited to 2000 contacts.

But email marketing depends on the number of email addresses you have collected. It is one of the reasons why many restaurant owners neglect it as a digital marketing strategy. However, there is an excellent way of collecting your customers’ email addresses without bothering them. You can install a Wifi and ask your guests for their email addresses without having to use a password in order to gain access. If you are on the lookout for creative restaurant marketing strategies, email marketing may be what you need.

Study The Local Market

If you are looking for some creative restaurant marketing strategies, one thing you can easily do is understand the local market. For example, you should get to know the neighborhood around your restaurant. Along with that, you can make partnerships with the local communities of farmers and bakeries. To be precise, you can propel your business towards immense growth once you are aware of the local ecosystem.

Collect The Customer Details

If you want to build the database, one of the creative restaurant marketing strategies is to assemble the necessary details about your potential customers. For instance, you need to try to collect the email address, contact details and full names of your potential customers. You need to do this so that you are able to send daily discounts and offers to them in order to enhance their interaction with your brand. Also, you need to ensure that you send these emails in the morning or during lunchtime for maximizing the effect.

Use Data To Your Benefit

One of the most creative restaurant marketing strategies is to leverage data for making important marketing decisions. If you have data scientists in your team, they can help you to study the data from different perspectives of the business. It can also help the business owners to optimize efficiency and growth to a significant extent.

Focus On Youth And Families

In order to have a successful restaurant business, your focus should be on families and youth. In order to do that, you can arrange fundraisers in your restaurant. For instance, you can raise money for a particular race or a non-profit organization. You can also incorporate family-friendly activities and offer kids’ meals in order to attract families.

Bringing It All Together

Coming up with creative restaurant marketing strategies can be a complex process. However, you can make a difference by focusing on the needs of your customers and the marketing strategies mentioned above. Keeping all these in mind, you will also have to take care of the basics such as a clean ladies’ room, good food, and an amiable atmosphere so that the customers would love to return to you.

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