Strategies to Boost Your Click-through Rates 2019

Strategies to Boost Your Click-through Rates 2019

Strategies to Boost Your Click-through Rates 2019

Strategies to Boost Your Click-through Rates 2019Click-through rate is one of the most common terms which is generally used by marketers to measure the success rate of their campaign. If you tend to know what it means, it actually stands for the exact percentage of people clicking your email content, after they have seen it. Generally speaking, a high click-through rate has corresponded with higher conversion rates. Moreover, it reveals how people are acknowledging the content of your email as well. It also points out whether they find your content relevant enough to click-through for more. Furthermore, enhanced click-through rate (CTR) has the ripple effect, generating a whole chain of positive results.

Are you worried that your email click-through rate stats are underwhelming? Then, Pat your back as you have dropped on the right page. That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this post. By the end of this post, you will get to know 12 winning strategies to boost your email click-through rates. So, have a thorough look below:

Know the Top 12 Effective and Practical Tactics to Enhance your Click-through Rates (CTR):

Know the Top 12 Effective and Practical Tactics to Enhance your Click-through RatesYou need to design and transform emails that convince your viewers to click through, which makes maximizing these rates at a topmost preference. Here we have discussed 12 effective and practical tactics to boost your click-through rates effectively. The winning tactics are stated here under.

1. Stick to One Call-to-Action    

Whenever you are composing an email, it might be fascinating to add several CTA (calls to action) in the beliefs that your audiences will react to at least one among the offers in the email. Well, not exactly. Furthermore, various call to action may distract and confound your audiences. Therefore, you need to include one call to action (CTA) in your emails to get optimal click-through rates successfully.

2. Segment your Emails

To enhance and boost your click-through rates you need to segment your emails as per the audiences. Moreover, all people have their own interests. Therefore, if you send the wrong offer to the wrong people from your audience list actually they are not interested in. Definitely, this decreases your click-through rates. Therefore, it is very crucial to segment your audiences and send tailored email based on their interests for high click-through rates. Furthermore, you will get the immeasurable click-through rates when you assign the appropriate offer to the appropriate person.

3. Build a Sense of Urgency    

The fear of dropping out is genuine, and obtaining this fear feeling in your audiences can lead them to tap on your calls to action (CTA) right away. Moreover, you can generate a sense of urgency by including some specific words in your emails. Such as today or now etc. Furthermore, creating a sense of urgency means you are convincing your audiences to act rather than wait.

4. Personalize your Emails    

You can easily boost your click-through rates by personalizing the emails. Whenever your audiences get an email from you, they should think that you are approaching them solely. Sincerely personalized emails will seem like something is addressed especially for you. Moreover, that kind of connection drives to extraordinary click-through rates as well.        

Here are the Possible ways that you can try to personalize your emails:

  • Add your audience name in the email –  This is an effective way to personalize your emails. Moreover, you can try to add the name of the audiences in the middle or at the end of an email instead of adding the name of the audiences at the beginning.
  • Ask for the info – You need to ask for the information regarding the subscriber’s interest on your email sign up form. After that, you need to send the segmented emails as per their acknowledgments.   

5. Create Mobile-Optimized Emails:

In this tech-savvy generation, the maximum number of emails are opened on mobile devices. Therefore, if your emails are tough to open or read on a smartphone, there’s probably an enormous percentage of your audiences who aren’t getting the best exposure and are most likely not tapping on your emails. In such circumstances, you need to use email templates which are mobile responsive instead of mobile-friendly to make assured your emails are easily accessible from each and every device. Mobile responsive emails are very easy to read on both mobile devices and systems.

6. Attach Some Colorful and Clickable HTML Buttons:

One of the easiest ways to maximize the click-through rates is to ensure your audiences to know where to tap. Although simple and plain CTA (Call To Action) work for a few audiences. But, an attractive button with the contrasting color instantly brings attention and can significantly enhance the click-through rates of your email. So, if you want to include a button to your email. Then, there are several reasons that you use an HTML button rather than an image button.       

7. Prime the Click:

You need to use some phrases to improve your call to action. Moreover, the words or phrases which you use just before the click that drives your audiences to click through. Here we have described some ways to do this.

  • You need to ask some benefit-driven queries to the audiences.  
  • Make them a nod and say yes via an oratorical question.
  • Provide some proof to the audiences.

8. Use Video:

By using a video, you can increase the click-through rate effectively. Moreover, this is a very useful and effective strategy to enhance your CTR. According to research, whenever the entrepreneurs or marketers add some video in their email, the click-through rate (CTR) will definitely increase by 100 percent to 200 percent.  

Not every email patrons support the capability to play a video right in the inbox though. But it does not imply that you can’t provide the illusion of a video in your audience’s inbox. Furthermore, begetting a play button on the cap of a static image. This is one of the effective ways to link the video content hosted on sites like YouTube and Vimeo or to link to video sales letters.

9. Have an Animated GIF:

By using an animated GIF on your call-to-action button is one of the effective ways to fascinate attention to the button and constrain audiences to tap on the CTA button. In this way, the click-through rate will increase in leaps and bounds.

10. Use Action-Oriented Call-to-Action Copy

The call-to-action copy of your email should embolden people to take some particular and specific action. In addition, you need to use some expressive verbs that describe the action that you want audiences to take instead of using a generic call-to-action like “Click here”. Some examples are mentioned in the following section that you can try to create an action-oriented CTA copy. The examples are as follows:     

  • Read
  • Get
  • reserve
  • Watch
  • Try
  • See
  • Start
  • Learn
  • View
  • Send
  • Shop
  • Submit
  • Take
  • Grab      

By doing so, definitely, you will compose the audience involvement in a way that can convince them to want to take action.

11. Write Engaging Headlines

The headline is a thing that an audience will see very first after opening a message or mail. Moreover, a catchy and good headline instantly grasps the attention of the audiences in an instant.      

Involve your audience and gets them to read the remaining part of your email. And whenever the audiences read the content of your email, they might become more prone to relish action – which makes headlines notable darn significant.

Furthermore, you can guide your audiences to continue reading through the remaining portion of the email contents by linking the headline of your content to the subject line. Furthermore, you will also notice that MailCharts does a great job of establishing curiosity, which provides browsers even further of a reason to continue reading and tap the call-to-action (CTA) button.

12. Use Triggered Words in your CTA

Utilizing some keywords in your CTA can trigger tremendous click-through rates. Here we mentioned some triggered words that you can use in your call to action to enjoy a boost in the click-through rates. The words are as follows:

  • New
  • Instantly
  • Free
  • Because
  • Bonus

All these email marketing strategies are essential to boost your click-through rates.

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