Top 11 Designs: Create a Unique Online Store in 2019 in Dubai with the Most Outstanding Designs

Top 11 Designs: Create a Unique Online Store in 2019 in Dubai with the Most Outstanding Designs

Create a Unique Online Store in 2019 in Dubai

Create a Unique Online Store in 2019 in DubaiGone are the days when people used to roam marketplaces for purchasing products. In today’s digital era, everything is online. So, if anyone wants to shop, they can do it online from the comfort of their home. Thus, the rise of the ecommerce websites is taking place rapidly as it allows you to connect with more and more customers across different parts of the world and helps in building your brand. But for an exclusive ecommerce website, it’s important to get the right website design so that it can engage more and more customers. If someone finds the content or the layout of your ecommerce website unattractive, then your website will not engage visitors and your ecommerce business will incur losses.

Top 11 Design Tips to Make Your Online Store Outstanding in 2019

While designing an ecommerce website, it is important that it fulfills all the criteria for a compelling website. Design and functionality become the driving forces of a website, so it’s important to design a website with effective designing tips to make your ecommerce store more appealing.

Take a look at the top designing tips to make your ecommerce store more prominent:

1. Keep the Designs organized and clean

One of the most significant design tips is to keep your designs clean and organized. When it comes to organizing your products online, you should be very attentive because if the visitors don’t find what they are looking for, then what’s the point of visiting your website? So, for the ease of the visitors to find the product or service they are looking for, you need to categorize and sub-categorize your offerings.

Even you should be sure enough that your homepage’s design is clean and sorted and you have a limited number of the products on the homepage. So that when the visitors visit your website, they don’t get stuck in a mess. It is also best if you keep the description of the products, it’s price and discounted price labeled on the product. This will make your website look more relevant and transparent.

2. Choose a responsive theme for your ecommerce website

Another important design tip is to choose a responsive theme for your ecommerce store. A responsive theme means that one which is accessible through any device, be it desktop, mobile, and tablet. It should satisfy the users on almost every screen resolution because the users might use any kind of device. So, in order to make your design compelling, you should make a thorough research on the various ecommerce themes and then choose the one which best fits on all devices. Even, Google is suggesting to make the websites more mobile-friendly as it has been found through the research work that almost 60% of the total searches made on Google are through mobiles.

3. Make navigation easier in your Ecommerce store

For making the e-commerce store more user-friendly, it is advised to make the navigation easier. If the users find too many menus on the homepage, they will get confused. So, it’s better to put Submenus under the Menu category to avoid the conflicting situation and for a smooth flow. It also allows you to put more links to your site. Thus, you can take the help of various e-commerce themes available online which come with a pre-built menu feature for having a classy experience.

4. Make your ecommerce store mobile-optimized

Nowadays, the usage of mobiles has outreached the importance of all other devices in terms of popularity. According to a study, it is recommended to consider some important points when you want to make your eCommerce website mobile-optimized. These are- speed, on-page optimization, local optimization, and mobile design. In addition to this, you should also keep in mind not to block CSS, JavaScript or images.


When it comes to the user’s experience, you must ensure that all the fields on your website are made easily accessible to the users. Therefore, the users should not face any difficulties or struggle while filling up the form, details, or during sign in or sign out. If you find any difficulty in optimizing your website, then take professional help for Local Optimization in Dubai.


5. Keep multiple filtering and sorting options

Not every visitor browses in the same pattern; there are some buyers who know exactly what they are looking for and even some of them are also quite bounded with their budget. Thus, there should be appropriate tools on your website so that with fewer efforts, you can get the right results. There should be the availability of some options so that the buyers can filter and sort the products as per their preference. There can be a variety of sorting options that can be added to the website like:

  • Sort by Relevance
  • Sort by Popularity
  • Sort by Price Low-High
  • Sort by Price High-Low
  • Sort by Newest First

    Thus, every time the visitors visit your website and search their preferred products, they can get a ton of options with just a particular keyword and undoubtedly, it makes the ecommerce website more user-friendly.

6. Proper inclusion of search bar in the ecommerce website

One of the most essential parts of any ecommerce website is the search bar, as it allows the visitors to find whatever they are looking for. It has been found that most of the visitors on the ecommerce website directly go to the search bar after visiting the start page. This happens because most of the visitors actually know what they want. Thus, it becomes quite important to include a search bar on your ecommerce website. Also, you need to customize it in a way that it gives advanced search results and showcases the relevant products associated with the keyword.

7. High-quality visuals should be added to the websites

If the visitors find the images of the products blurry, then he/she will be losing interest to purchase that particular product from your website, which is a great loss. So, it is extremely significant that with every product description that you are providing, you are also providing high-quality images. Based on a research work, it is seen that while making a purchase decision, almost 93% of the customers consider visual appearance as the key factor. And if videos are available, they find it more useful in making an informed decision.

Thus, it becomes important to add high-quality visual content on your ecommerce website for making your brand more popular. It’s quite risky if you compromise the quality of the visuals because there is a chance that once the visitors lose interest in your website, they might not visit it again. Therefore, you can take the help of professional tools to create outstanding visual images for your ecommerce store.

8. Add some user reviews

When it comes to an ecommerce store, then, undoubtedly, user reviews are important. Most of the users prefer to purchase those products whose reviews have been mentioned. If the users review your product as a 5 star, then there is a possibility that the popularity and sale of that product will automatically increase.

It also increases the conversion rate of the product so the more the reviews, the better it is.  One of the biggest examples is Amazon. With a huge number of customer reviews, it has become the largest ecommerce website for products. There, you will find a number of reviews in almost every product, which drives the interest of the customers towards that particular product and also, it gives them more information regarding the after-use of the product. So, it is important to customize the ecommerce website in a way so that the users can post and share their experiences regarding the products.

9. Add product preview

By adding a preview of the product, the potential buyers will get a quick view of all the information about the product which they are looking for. The preview should include all the necessary details about the product like the price of the product, its size, discount rate and other details about it. There are multiple ways through which you can include product previews in your ecommerce website. You can provide a small button on the grid of the product. Thus, when the users want any information on it, they can hover over the product with just a single click. This is one of the most effective design tips to follow, but then, you should not put any unnecessary details on it. Otherwise, it might annoy the users. It is advised to put the details in the right amount.
10. Make the payment process easy in your ecommerce platform

If the visitors find the checkout process complicated or difficult, then they will simply abandon the cart in most cases. So, it is necessary for every ecommerce platform to make the payment procedure easy.  Also, it should be filled with multiple payment options like payment through Net banking, Debit Cards, Credit cards, payment gateways, online wallets and many more. For making the checkout process easier to handle, you can even integrate payment gateways with your ecommerce store. This will not only save a lot of hustle but will also make your payment more secure and faster.
11. Always showcase shipping and return policies

If the users don’t like the product, there are high chances that they will return it back. During the initial stage, this return policy becomes a reason for the loss of the ecommerce store. Hence, it’s better to mention the shipping charges in the website so that whenever the users return the product, it’s not your loss. You should also mention all the terms and conditions on your website related to the returning of the products. So that when the customer is opting to make a purchase, they are clear about every possible case.

The above-mentioned points were some of the most prominent design tips which one should keep in mind while designing their online ecommerce store, especially in a fast-track city like Dubai. If you want to design your ecommerce website for making it more appealing, you can contact some experienced professionals for responsive web design services in Dubai.

Very Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How to start a successful online store?


If you want to start an online store, it is important to make an amazing first impression. You should implement unique responsive themes and layouts, which not only improve the site’s navigation but also keep the users engaged.

  1. What is the best way to create an ecommerce website?
    At first, you should decide your product and its price. Then, you should pick a domain name and brand, choose your ecommerce web hosting, create an engaging ecommerce website, set up a merchant account and last but not least, get your SSL certificate.

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