Top 15 PHP Development Tools for Developers

Top 15 PHP Development Tools for Developers

Top 15 PHP Development Tools for Developers

Know the Top 15 PHP Development Tools for Developers in 2019

Top 15 PHP Development Tools for Developers

There might be so many server-side scripting languages, but only a few can cater to your needs. Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is one of the most popular open source server-side scripting languages which is so easy to use. There are millions of domains powered by PHP that people use globally on different websites. Being a robust language, many platforms use this one as the primary element of PHP development services. The speed and ease of work, that you will get from this language cannot be found in other languages.

It’s not like the other frameworks that lack in different aspects like the documentation, community support, and so many others. PHP can excel in all these matters by offering well-strategized frameworks and scripts that developers use in their web development process. There are so many PHP development tools to help you beat any other programming languages. In this article, you are going to get a brief about the best tools for your PHP web development process.

The Best PHP Development Tools to Use in the Year 2019

Because of the simplification PHP offers, developers prefer this language so much and this helps to develop several web applications with ease. Some of the major web development projects use PHP as the primary language. The web applications require a lot of things to consider and covering all of them has become possible only after the evolution of PHP 7.

Different programmers are working day and night to improve the overall performance of these web apps. As per the best PHP website development services are concerned, there are certain tools that developers use for their convenience in writing PHP scripts. Here in this section, we are going to discuss the top 15 PHP development tools that you can use in the year 2019.

1. Eclipse

eclipseBeing one of the most famous PHP tools, Eclipse comes with so many flexibilities and features. If you want to use an IDE or Integrated Development Environment for PHP, then Eclipse is always there for you. It comes with the full support of different Operating Systems (OSs) like Windows, Mac, and Linux. No matter how complex the application is that you are developing, you can simplify application without any trouble by using this IDE. It offers you the full liberty to choose from an enormously wide range of plugins that are available in the market.

You can even develop GUI and non-GUI applications with the help of this PHP tool. Eclipse is one of such important tools that allows the use of some significant plugins on your web applications. For PHP development services, Eclipse can be the right option for you to develop and test web apps. It allows you to extend and customize the IDE according to the requirements of the project you are currently working. Aside from being a PHP tool, Eclipse allows its users to develop android apps.

2. Aptana Studio

AptanaThere have been always demands of open source technologies in different platforms. When it comes to PHP, Aptana Studio is another PHP tool that developers use around the world. You can use it with a huge number of client-side and server-side web technologies to develop your own customized web application. It includes different technologies like CSS3, PHP, Python, HTML5, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails to give your web project the shape you want.

It also comes with CLI or the Command Line Interface and Debugger to help you rectify the mistakes you made on the coding. You can even get the full flexibility to work with Git as it supports full Git integration. This IDE helps the PHP programmers to create and test the web applications directly from its interface. To run a PHP web application, you don’t have to start a virtual server separately as you can do so from within this IDE.

3. Zend Studio

Zend StudioIn the list of the top 15 PHP development tools, Zend Studio has found its way with intriguing features it offers. It is even faster than most of the tools programmers use in the development process. You don’t have to put extra efforts or time to debug the code you have written in it as it comes with such flexibility. You can accomplish the target you have set on set on the project without producing any problem.

With the help of Zend Studio, developers can conveniently organize and run the PHP web applications on multiple servers. It supports the latest version of PHP and allows you to integrate a lot of functionality on the web application. With the capability of debugging web applications, this tool is the right choice for availing the best PHP development services. It comes with the full integration of Zend debuggers, X-debug, and X-ray to test the code you have written. You can even extend the functionality of Zend Studio by integrating the Eclipse plugins in it.

4. AWS Cloud 9

AWS Cloud 9If you are developing web applications that are connected to the cloud, then AWS Cloud 9 is the primary IDE that you should use. It helps you simplify the process of developing an application that uses PHP as its server-side scripting language. You have the liberty to use multiple web technologies including the one we are discussing right now. From writing and running to debugging and executing the code across different browsers, you can do all of them with this IDE.

This is one such IDE that allows its users to have the best ever experience in writing web applications using the PHP language. The applications developed using this IDE is not dependent on servers where they run. It lets programmers enjoy the cloud-based PHP web application development process without facing too many hurdles on their way. There are several features that this IDE comes with and these features make it more useful than its other counterparts. It offers code completion, code hinting, debugging and running the web applications developed in this PHP tool.

5. PhpED

PhpEDWhen it comes to one of the most robust PHP development tools, NuSphere’s PhpED is many programmers’ favorite choice. There are certain PHP development services that require this tool to work better with the latest version of PHP.  There is enormous support of CSS3, JavaScript, and even HTML5 with this tool. You can even conveniently work with the most commonly used PHP frameworks that most of the developers use.

Such PHP frameworks include Yii, Laravel, and Zend which you can work on without any problem. If you want to work with this tool in order to develop the best PHP web applications, then you need its latest version. Programmers can easily organize PHP code as they please with the help of this tool. It allows you to work with the PHP code locally as well as remotely. The refactoring capabilities allow this tool to bring improvisation in the code you have written in it.

6. Code Lobster

Code LobsterBeing one of the most helpful IDEs for developers, Codelobster is there to provide you with all the flexibility you need. You can even work with a wide range of popular PHP frameworks to develop different web applications. It allows you to work with the multiple CMSs to manage the content more wisely. Some of the most useful CMS frameworks are WordPress, Joomla, CakePHP, Magento, Symfony, and Drupal that you can work with this tool.

With the Code Lobster, programmers can easily write PHP codes to develop customized web applications. It is an important tool if you are searching for one that offers the best PHP website development Dubai. There are loads of helpful features that you will get from this tool. Such features include syntax highlights, code autocomplete, code validators, SQL managers, debuggers, and so on. You can also choose to upgrade to the professional version of this tool whenever you want.

7. PHP Designer

To create web apps, different programmers use this tool due to the goodness it offers to its users. Integration of CSS3, the latest version of PHP, JavaScript, and HTML5 makes it a better IDE. you can use several types of PHP frameworks and JavaScript frameworks with the help of this tool. If you are in search of the fastest IDE that supports analysis, editing, and even debugging the code written in the IDE, then PHP Designer is your one-stop solution.

Programmers always have the choices that allow them to write high-level PHP codes without making any mistakes. They can easily get to the code in a faster way as this tool supports code completion, code tip, syntax highlighting, and many more features. So, design the application you want with this PHP Designer and test it from the IDE itself.

8. Sublime Text

Sublime TextAs one of the lightest text editors that have been programmers’ first choice is the Sublime Text. It also works as one of the robust PHP development tools by which you can develop as many as PHP web applications you want. Though basically, it is a text editor, but yet it supports markup, code, and prose. The customized UI toolkit makes Sublime an amazing code editor for every programmer.

Due to the custom UI toolkit, you can jump across words, lines, or even symbols with the help of some shortcut key combinations. The most interesting fact of this text editor is that a programmer can make changes to any code they want or line of codes whenever they want. Another reason because of which this is one of the most customizable and malleable text editors is that it can help you provide every kind of PHP development services you want.

9. PHPStorm

phpstormThere might be a lot of IDEs that help to write and test PHP coding, but JetBrains’ PHPStorm is the most modern among them. With the integration of different PHP frameworks and CMSs, you can easily customize this PHP development tool. The most popular frameworks that this tool includes are Laravel, Yii, Zend, and others. Whereas the CMSs include WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and others that you can work with this tool.

Working with a number of web technologies has become easier with this tool. There are multiple relational databases that you can manage with the help of this tool. You can speed up the development process of different web applications with the rich features it offers to its users. It provides programmers with command line tools, a REST client, composer, version control system, and others.

10. NetBeans

NetBeansHaving so much popularity, NetBeans IDE is there to provide all the guidance you need in order to develop different web applications. It includes server-side scripting languages like PHP to help you execute the PHP written codes. As an essential tool to develop web applications with the appropriate PHP development services, NetBeans can provide you with all the elements you need.

There are some of the most important PHP frameworks that this tool supports. It incorporates CakePHP, Symfony, Zend, and other frameworks to let you develop the application in the way you want. It also lets you manage different pieces of content with the integration of different Content Management Systems (CMSs). The code editor and the debugger that comes with this tool support continuous integration to allow you working with several languages.

11. Selenium Test

Selenium TestIt is the testing tool used by so many web developers to remotely control the PHP codes you have written. Such testing tool allows you to write and organize the PHP codes to develop an automated web application based on this very language. To comply on an HTTP website, it comes with the UI tests. The programming language you use to develop the web applications will be of HTTP compliance.

You can test the User Interface by integrating this testing tool with any of the browsers that have JavaScript in their core. If you use this tool as aggregation with the PHP unit, then it won’t be hard to run the automated tests of the applications you developed using this tool. The browser of your choice can help you test all the lines of code you have written with this testing tool.

12. Scriptcase

ScriptcaseAgain it is another tool that developers use in order to develop feature-rich web apps written in PHP.  You can use this tool to build connections with different databases in the development process. It even allows you to generate reports on the development you have made. Shifting to the production phase from the prototype can be easily achieved without wasting any time. The cost of this tool is quite high and that’s why it might not be the optimum choice for you if you are a small company.

It would be an optimum choice for mid-tier companies to develop their web applications. If you want to provide the best PHP website development services, then you can use this tool as a medium to provide so. Scriptcase contains many features that can help you connect with the major database engines, creating interactive reports, generating charts, and many more. You can even export such reports in the most common formats like PDF and XLS.


XAMPPMost of the PHP developers are familiar to the Apache solutions as it is mandatory to run the PHP scripts. PHP is a server-side scripting language and you cannot run it without the help of a server. From the Apache Friends organization, XAMPP is the best choice for you if you want to work with relational databases. It allows you to work with MySQL database to develop your web application in a better way. Whatsoever, for small companies, this should be an ideal option to develop various websites or web applications using PHP.

The most useful feature of this tool is the easy installation via the wizard and a convenient user interface. For more than a decade, developers are contributing to the development of this tool with their combined experiences. It lets you enjoy all the perks of MySQL and Perl as a significant part of the installation process of this tool. To provide optimal stability in the PHP development services, you can always trust on XAMPP. There are loads of CMS components that you can use with the help of this application. It offers you an easy-to-use control panel for all the components that it offers to its users. Being an open source technology, you can use it without paying any money.

14. Retrace

RetraceIn case, you are searching for a tool that offers the features beyond the standard APM or Application Performance Monitoring, then Retrace is the tool you need. It comes with all the necessary features and flexibilities you require to make a better web application from one stop. Though it was invented to program with Java and .NET only, yet now it can embrace the PHP as well for developing web applications. With the help of enhanced log and error tracking feature, you can have all the convenience to write high-quality PHP codes.

You can accelerate the application performance with the help of diagnosing the code. It also comes with the view-related logging features that enable different programmers to fix a lot of issues. You will also get to monitor the key apps along with the server metrics and track the overall performance of the web application. It can inform you which part of your code is vital and which one is not. Capturing all the vital information is easier with the web requests that users make while using the app.

15. Newrelic

NewrelicAnother industry-leading APM that can help you provide the best ever PHP website development services without producing any error. Except for PHP, it supports Ruby, Java, and .Net programming languages to give you all the wings you need in order to develop web applications. Having the full stack visibility into the app performance is not so hard with the help of this development tool. The overall infrastructure monitoring of the developed application is another crucial part of this tool.

There are so many features included with this tool and some of them are app performance trends view on different devices and mainstream JavaScript-enabled browsers. It also offers performance tracking and infrastructure monitoring of the application you are developing. Apart from these intriguing features, there are others also that make this tool more appropriate for your use. These features include code-level diagnostics, cross-app tracing, SQL statements, low impact production thread profiler and many more to let you develop your own customized web app.

Concluding Remark

That’s it! Here we have come to an end to our discussion on the top 15 PHP development tools that you can use in the year 2019. The tools we have mentioned in the above section can be so helpful if you want to develop the best web applications. Some of them are bound to be robust whereas some are open-source IDEs that can help you create robust and customized websites and applications. They are sufficient to provide better PHP development services to all your clients. There are some which can simplify the most complex applications with so much ease. Different browsers can be the places where you can run the PHP codes you have written on those tools.


1. Which Text Editor is Best for PHP?

The Best free text editors for PHP developers are given in the following section.

  • NetBeans IDE
  • Sublime Text Editor
  • Eclipse PDT
  • Atom
  • Brackets
  • Aptana Studio PHP editor
  • Visual Studio Code
  • PHP Designer
  • PHP Designer
  • Code Lobster
  • Zend Studio
  • PHP Storm
  • PhpED
  • Komodo IDE

That’s all you need to know about the best text editors for PHP web development.

2. What are Development Tools?

Whenever developers are about to program some codes to develop some sort of applications, they use some tools which are known as the development tools. These tools are nothing but computer programs that software developers use to create, maintain, debug, and execute the programs they have written in it. There are so many types of development tools that programmers or developers use.

3. What is the Best Software for PHP Programming?

According to many PHP developers, there are certain software applications that they use for PHP programming.

  • Sublime Text
  • NetBeans
  • Eclipse
  • PHP Storm
  • VIM

These are the best software applications that programmers use for PHP Coding.

4. How Run PHP Code in NetBeans?

There are only a few steps that will allow you to run PHP code in NetBeans without facing any trouble. The steps are mentioned in the section below.

  1. Start the NetBeans IDE and go to the File section and then select Open Project from the list of options.
  2. Select New PHP Project file from the new dialog box and select the Open Project option.
  3. Enter your PHP code inside the block where the coding starts.
  4. Move your cursor to the New PHP Project node and choose Run from the context menu and execute the code written in it.

With the steps as mentioned in the above section, you can run the PHP code you have written in PHP.

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