Top 50 Colors of Persuasion: Colors that Catch the Eye!

Top 50 Colors of Persuasion: Colors that Catch the Eye!

Top 50 Colors of Persuasion

Top 50 Colors of PersuasionWhenever you walk into an interview for any job or any other reason, you can just have one minute to leave a magnificent first impression. From your clothes to the shoes you wear, colors that overhaul the eye will go an extended way towards devising your interviewers delighted. On the other hand, if you have a departmental store and your store does not exude a soothing environment, then it would not engage and fascinate the clients or customers. Additionally, as a human being, we are visual creatures. Thus, the different shades of colors around us impact our decisions. Hence, an e-commerce store, the colors that captivate the eye will influence the shopping as well. Additionally, whenever we are talking about the marketing strategies, the visual presentation makes all the difference in attracting the potential customers and clients of your business, be it the brochure of your business, flyer or on the business website.

In case, if you are willing to develop a business website from scratch or redesign your business website, here are some attention-grabbing and mind-altering ways and guidelines to select the ideal colors for the website of your business.      

Color References: Colors that Catch the Eye

Whether knowingly or unknowingly the colors influence the way clients or customers acknowledge and act to the website. Moreover, there are various types of shades of the color which refers to the numerous circumstances and factors. In addition, a marketing research shows that the clients and customers make the unconscious determination of obtaining merchandise or transferring it by within the initial 90 seconds of primary viewing and between 60% to 92% of the evaluation is based on color solely. You just need to consider some observation whenever you enter any restaurant.

Do you see the color shades of red and orange? Yes, because of the red and orange colors imply happiness, playfulness, warmth and strength. Isn’t this what you require on the website of your business? In case, if you are speculating that the pale-yellow-color in the eBay logo is just as usual. Then, you are completely wrong. In this matter of fact, it is a well-thought-out strategy and planning. Generally, the pale yellow tone summarizes happiness and passion that balance their contemporary marketing policy. Moreover, this is the real understanding of why General Motors leverages logo is blue, which denotes loyalty and assurance.             

Culture, Class, and Gender Diversity that Impact the Purchasing Determination of your Audience :

Before we dip into particular and specific shades of colors that create consciousness, let’s start with the first look at culture, class, and gender diversity that impact the purchasing determination of your audience and clients. Moreover, there are different factors that influence buying decisions as per gender and culture. So, it is recommended to scroll down and read on to know more.

Culture and Class:

Firstly, whenever it comes to the culture, the shades of the colors have several types of intentions and effect issues for the website of your business. For instance, the white color is especially possessed for funerals in the eastern zone. As you move toward the western zones, the white color is known for the color of the wedding and auspicious occasions. On the other hand, white represents the death ceremony in China. While the purple color signifies the same in Brazil.

In addition, a marketing research shows that the middle-class clients or audiences in the United States mostly prefer the shades of the color that seems quite familiar. Such as color shades of red, green and blue. While the upper-tier and more processed echelon exhibit a proclivity for commodities that consolidate fascinating colors such as Azure,  taupe, mauve and many more.

In fact, this is the main reason that the logo of Walmart is designed with the catchy and bright red shade to serve as your everyday brand. Because of Walmart is the most well-known retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets and discount department stores in the United States.                   


There are different choices depending on gender. Men’s like particular shades of color and the women’s like to choose particular shades of color. Moreover, whenever we discuss regarding gender, women display a predisposition for colors in shades of orange and red. All men have preferred the shade of color, which are blended up with the green and blue.     

Climate-Wise Diversity of Preferences:

There are a diversity of color preferences depending on the condition of the climate. Generally, there are two types of climates. One is a warm climate and another is a colder climate. As a rule and regulations of thumb, countries with a warm climate mostly favor warm colors. As an example, we can say the shades of red, yellow, and orange colors. While the people from colder climates are also apt to prefer cooler shades of colors such as blue, green, and purple.

Shades of Colors and Meaning: At-a-Glance

There are different shades of color with diverse meaning. So, if you want to develop a brilliant colored website for your business that catches the eye of the audience, then you need to understand the proper and correct meaning of different colors. Here, in this post, we are about to discuss the various types of shades of color and their meaning.

Thus, without delaying too much, let’s discuss the shades of color and try them out to take your business to the next level of excellence.   

1. Red

Basically, red is the color of the fire and blood. Thus, it is compared with the war, energy, danger, strength, power. Moreover, this shade of color associated with the determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Generally, the red is a very emotionally powerful shade of color. This red color intensifies human metabolism, maximizes the rate of respiration and increases the blood pressure of the human body. Basically, the stop signs in the road, spotlights and fire equipment are designed with the red color because of its high-visibility. In addition, the red color is employed to designate courage. It can be observed in several types of flags as well. Red produces images and text to the proximity. Additionally, you can use this bright color as an emphasis shade of color to incite people to make prompt purchasing decisions.
In addition, it is an ideal shade of color for ‘Click Here’ or ‘Buy Now’ button which are specially used on Internet banners and various types of webpage. The red color is also used to symbolize danger such as the signs of high voltage and traffic lights poles and correlated with energy. Therefore, you can apply this color for the energy drinks, games, cars, particular items which are linked with sports and high physical activities.

Light Red: It represents the joy, passion, love and sensitivity.

Dark Red: This shade of color is correlated with the willpower, vigor, rage, anger, leadership, courage and many more.

Brown: It implies resistance and denotes the qualities of the masculine.

Reddish-Brown: This shade of color is associated along with the fail and harvest.    

Pink: This shade of color implies romance, love, and friendship. Moreover, it indicates the qualities of feminine and passiveness.

2. Orange

Generally, the orange color is blended up with the happiness of the yellow color and the joy of the red color. Thus, the orange color is correlated with joy, sunshine and the tropics. Basically, this shade of color expresses enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement along with the stimulation.

A maximum number of people consider this orange color as a hot and warm type of color. Therefore, it provides the sensation or layer of heat. Nevertheless, this orange color is not as intrusive as a red color. In fact, in a human body orange maximizes the oxygen supply to the brain which imagines a stimulating effect and excites mental activity. Moreover, this shade of color is extremely affirmed by the young generation. The orange color is correlated with healthy food and stimulates the appetite as a citrus color. Using this shade of color to retain attention and highlighting the crucial elements of some particular design is very effective because of its high-visibility.  

Additionally, this orange color is very striking for the promotion or branding of food products and toys.

Dark orange: generally, this shade of color can anticipate deceit and distrust.

Red-orange: It resembles the desire, pleasure, domination, aggression, and thirst for action.

Gold: Provokes the character of renown and prestige. Generally, the significance of the golden color is brilliance, knowledge and money. Additionally, gold often expresses high quality and prosperous.

3. Yellow

The yellow is a brilliant color which refers to the sunshine. Basically, this shade of the color is correlated with the with delight, joy, intelligence and strength. Moreover, this color originate effect of warming, arouses hopefulness, excites mental movement and produces energy of the muscle. The bright and solid yellow color can help you get attention over the crowd. In fact, this is the main reason that the taxicabs are designed and painted with this bright shade of color. But, you have to make sure regarding the usage of this fluent and bright shade of color. Sometimes, it can arise with a disturbing effect. There is a research which states that the newborn babies cry more in the yellow color painted rooms. Moreover, this color gets attention first than other shades of colors, whenever it placed on the black or dark shades of color. The yellow and black color unification is generally used for warning purposes.           

You can employ the yellow color to evoke pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. You can choose this shade of fluent color to promote children’s products and items related to leisure. As yellow is very adequate for attracting attention and observation. Thus, you can utilize this color to highlight the most important components or details of the particular design. The light shades of yellow color conduce to fade into the color of white, thus it usually requires a dark shade of color to highlight it. Shades of yellow color are visually unappealing because they loose hopefulness and convert shabby.

Dull Yellow shade: It represents caution, decay, sickness, and jealousy.

Light Yellow: Joy, intellect and freshness.

4. Green

As we all know, green is the color of nature. Generally, it implies the harmony, freshness, fertility and growth. Moreover, this color has a powerful emotional essence along with safety. Even the dark shade of the green color is correlated with money and resources. On the other hand, the green has a great and effective power of healing. It is the most tranquil color for the human eye. It can enhance the vision and clarity of the human eye. The green color is used to demonstrate safety whenever promoting medical components and drugs.

Dark Green: This shade is correlated with the greed, ambition and jealousy.

Yellow-Green: This can express sickness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy.

Aqua: It is correlated with the healing process of emotional and protection.

Olive-Green: Color of Peace and unity.

5. Blue

Generally, the blue color refers to the sea and sky. Moreover, this color is often correlated with stability and depth. It expresses wisdom, trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Moreover, the blue color is very much beneficial, especially for the human body and mind. It slows down the metabolism of the human mind and generates an effective calming effect. In addition, you can use this shade of color to advertise the services and products which are related to the cleanliness. Such as water purification filters, cleaning liquids and drinking mineral water.

Light Blue: This shade is correlated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.     

Dark Blue: It expresses knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.

Winding it Up

Here, in this post, we discussed the complete and comprehensive guidelines on the ‘50 Colors of Persuasion: Colors That Catch the Eye’. Additionally, this post not only covers the satisfactory suggestions regarding the colors that enhance the entire marketing process but also discuss the variant shades of color and their meaning. However, if there is any sort of query as well as any feedback from your end, please share your thoughts with us.   

Frequently Asked Questions

A research shows that the human eye can see more than 7,000,000 colors. Some of the colors are defacement. Sometimes, few color relationships and colors may become eye irritants which cause wreak havoc and headaches with the vision of the human eye. Other color relationships and colors are soothing. Thereupon, the proper use of a variety of color can enhance productivity, lie down the entire human body and reduce visual fatigue.

Additionally, the yellow is one of the colors which catches the eye first among all the shades of color. You may wonder why? The ideal answer comes from the physics of light and optics. A huge portion of the light is emulated through the bright shades of color, resulting in excessive stimulation of the human eye. Thus, the yellow color is an eye-catcher. But, whenever the radiant yellow shade is employed in the large portions of the design, this will surely annoy the eyes. Therefore, you need to employ this bright and radiant yellow color wisely in a particular portion of the design. The lighter shades of yellow color can be refreshing and joyful.

Graphic designer and entrepreneurs have long known that the color shades act as a crucial role in the progress of any marketing operations. Here is a list of 10 vibrant colors which are most engaging to the human eye and these colors can affect the sales percentage of the business.

Colors are as follows:

  1. Red: This color expresses power. Red is a color which can easily get people’s attention and it holds it. In fact, this is the main reason that it becomes the most popular color for marketing among all the colors.
  2. Blue: Whenever you wish to be viewed as cool and reliable, then this is the appropriate color for you. Moreover, you need to mix the blue color along with the complementary colors shades for best results.     
  3. Pink: Vying for the recognition of a young woman like demographic? Then, the pink color is best-suited color. It’s fun, frilly and totally feminine.
  4. Yellow: The yellow is the most delicate hue but it is also a compelling shade of color. Yellow is the best color to gain customer or audience’s attention.
  5. Green: Generally, green express warm and inviting lending audiences a charming feeling. Moreover, it is a multifaceted color.
  6. Purple: This is the color of royalty and class. This makes it ideal for lending a touch of prestige and sophistication to the marketing operations.
  7. Gold: This color shade is likewise prestigious and fancy. In sequence with green and purple, gold is a strong shade of color that expresses support and resources.
  8. Orange: Orange expresses energy and enthusiasm. This color has effective attention-getting characteristics, it’s fun and cool.
  9. Brown: Brown is a color which is known as an earthy tone. It is a comfort color, lending amusement to the audiences.
  10. Black: Black is another highly adaptable color in the list of color shades. This color can be modern or traditional, exciting or relaxing.

The bright shades of color have effective attention-getting characteristics. Moreover, the qualities of the bright colors make it eye-catching and radiant. Human eyes are more sensitive to some particular shades of color rather than other colors. Additionally, the saturation of the color shade also maximizes the attention. This is the main cause that bright red is more charming than the dark shade of red color. sometimes, the white color is also engaging whenever it contrasted along with the black shades of color. There are various bright colors that catch the attention of the eye. The perfect example is the rainbow. The color shades of the rainbow are in the approximate form of attractiveness.

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet

The color psychology states that the yellow color is the most vivid color of the obvious spectrum, and is the most striking among all colors through the human eye. The human eye actually notices this fluent color at very first, thus no confusion that the yellow color is such an attention-grabbing shade of color, our minds are actually notified to check it out preeminent. Generally, yellow is the color which expresses playfulness and creativity as well as encouragement. This eye-catchy color is bizarre in that there are no dark shades. While other colors can have muted shades and variant tones, yellow is radiant no matter what.

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