Which Video Calling App Works in Dubai?

Which Video Calling App Works in Dubai?

Know the Top Video Calling Apps and its Exciting Features

Being one of the most amazing country, Dubai has something innovative to offer you. The same follows in the sector of telecommunication. It might be a little bit shocking for you but the pretty popular Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger do not work in Emirates. Due to strict policy from TRA officials, the residents and foreigners cannot use these platforms for talking and chatting with their loved ones. But there is good news as well. Video calling apps in Dubai are available through local communication carriers. So, if you are visiting  Oman or Sharjah for a weekend tour or for work, be sure to read this blog. I will try to provide all the insights so that your communication does not cease for the time.

Video Calling Apps in Dubai: What’s There in Store?

Video Calling Apps in DubaiIn this world where several people are traveling miles and miles for a job, missing out on social life is turning out to be a truth. All of us miss our loved and dear ones. And the only respite we have is video calling. It is becoming one of the prime mediums of communication. Not only for personal needs, but it is also helping in work. For instance, imagine your boss sends you on a trip to Sharjah. How will you get connected? Well the applications like BOTIM allow conference over the video option effectively. Thus, you can carry out business without hassle in the UAE. It’s no wonder that Video Calling Apps in UAE keep us virtually close to the ones who matter. We can see, talk, express, smile and be ourselves freely. In addition, with new advancements, we can send emoticons, messages at will. Nonetheless, let us look at the apps that are keeping the UAE connected with the whole world.

Know the Best and Reliable Video Calling Apps in Dubai:

Reliable Video Calling Apps in DubaiUAE is pretty stringent when it comes telecommunication. The authorities do not allow users to use Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Google Duo for that matter. You have to solely depend on VPN services for accessing free internet calls. But there is a catch point as well. Most apps using VPN do not work after a while due to regulations in VoIP. Well, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has monopolized and licensed only two entities namely Etisalat and Du. The reason behind this they have stated is to reduce the crime rate through avoidance of illegal activities over the phone. But the real reason is a bit different. It is the way of earning revenues through local carriers. The blockage takes effect through firewall and restriction of data. Nonetheless, the only alternatives you have are BOTIM, C’Me, and Videolink2.me. But they are advanced and fulfill all the basic requirements. So worry no more and take a look at the most trusted video calling apps works in Dubai and its exciting features.


BOTIM App DubaiThis application is available in the Play Store or iTunes and allows unblocked video and voice call. Etisalat, the local communication carrier of UAE recommends this, especially for the iPhone users. Though the downloading is simple enough, you need to buy a valid calling plan for AED 50 or AED 100. The data and calling plan would depend upon your home or office network. Though this app works all over UAE, the strongest connections are established with Qatar, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, USA, and China. So, if you got relatives in these places, BOTIM is the right choice for you.


C’Me Apps DubaiFrequently used for video calling apps, C’Me offers uninterrupted video and voice calls to all the people in UAE. It is easily available for download in the Play Store or App Store. Due to immense popularity, Du suggests it to all visitors and residents of Emirates. The HD quality sound and picture are its plus points. You can become the mentor of a group overnight through C’me.


Videolink2.meAs the name suggests, through this application, you can send your profile link to others and start a voice chat once they accept your request. The USP of this app is its easy setup. As a user, you can also invite a group of people to live chat and discuss various subjects and things.

Videolink2.me is currently the most popular Video Calling Apps works in Dubai and other parts of Emirates. There is a list of advantages that you can apply to it. You can-

  1. Set schedules and appointments
  2. Create a detailed contact list
  3. Add or delete members in a live chat
  4. Create a profile and sent links to the people
  5. This is ideal for starting a conference since it does not require long registration procedures
  6. You do not need additional plugins for sending screenshots
  7. It supports Google Duo but it works fast among other Videolink2.me users. Therefore, video calls can be done directly through this portal.
  8. Moreover, you can send messages while you are talking to any person. This saves time and does not distract the flow of voice or video call.

Setting up VPN AllianceSetting up VPN Alliance

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other video callings apps in Dubai and one of them is the VPN. The Virtual Private Network provides a world of interactive option. You can connect easily to high-speed internet, talk and video chat seamlessly with the loved ones. Plus, VPN offers privacy and security that does not hinder communication with other countries. Thus, you can expect good things with VoIP. All you need to do is to follow a simple procedure.

  1. First, log in to VPN services by entering the passcode and username.
  2. Tap on the link to download the software application
  3. Then install it
  4. Now, connect to any option provided by VPN.
  5. Once the link is established, get hold of the IP address and start browsing
  6. You can also go live using the camera.

However, it is better to follow DU and Etisalat approved apps.

Future Of Telecommunication in Emirates

Video calling apps in Dubai are improving in recent times. Though money is still a concern for people, TRA is discussing over it. The authorities are trying to provide people with better communication facilities. Whatever shortcomings are present now, they will be shortly removed. But for the time being, you can try to access Instagram and Facebook through C’Me. It might be difficult a bit but the problem will cease soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the notable applications like BOTIM, C’Me work only in parts of Emirates. They are specially designed for foreigners coming to Dubai, Sharjah, Oman and other parts of Emirates.

Yes. Recently, HiU messenger, Kakao Talk, LINE are coming up to provide instant message facility to the local and global users of UAE.

The applications like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Facetime, IMO, Tango are blocked to safeguard the interests of telecom users.

Yes, you can use VPN for browsing the internet, purchasing products, and others. Amazon is one of the platforms that you can use.

As of now, the UAE government has blocked Viber but Google Duo is supported by BOTIM. But sooner, that might change as well.

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