Know How To Fix White Text And Missing Buttons In WordPress Visual Editor: Learn The Easiest Methods With Us

Know How To Fix White Text And Missing Buttons In WordPress Visual Editor: Learn The Easiest Methods With Us

White Text And Missing Buttons In WordPress

Powering almost 35% of the global websites on the internet, WordPress has become one of the largest open-source website management and blogging platforms. Since its release in May 2003, the company and its services have been growing to its sky-high success. Now, people can create their own websites easily. You can easily manage and customize your website with various plugins and essential tools and publish an article or blog you want. If you own a website with a good number of “hits and clicks” and “visitors”, you can generate a good amount of revenue from it through advertising.

However, these online tools might not work right every time. Online tools require constant and timely updates to fix previous issues as well as new features on the tools. If you are using WordPress to write your blog posts, you might have noticed that white text and missing buttons in WordPress visual editor. These problems usually occur because of your browser’s JavaScript errors or cached file problems. You might be facing HTML version conflicts between your browser and the WordPress website as well. Don’t need to stress yourself in such a situation.

Let us tell you the best ways to fix these problems with your WordPress

Typically, on your WordPress Dashboard, you can find all types of text formatting buttons like Bold, Italics, Bullet Points, Text Color, Paragraph alignment etc. However, at times, these buttons disappear causing you a hassle while working on a writing. Here is what you need to do in such a situation:

Clear the Browser Cache: Your browser’s performance depends on your number of search history it stores. The more search history your browser keeps, the more memory it will consume while running. As a result, the application is consuming more RAM. You can try and clear your browser’s cache memory and data by opening up the settings of it. Or, if you have multiple browsers, then we recommend that you should use the other ones for logging into your WordPress account.

Replace your TinyMCE Scripts: If the above-mentioned method doesn’t fix the problem, then you should try this technique to resolve it. Most of the times, these buttons may not appear due to an interrupted installation of JavaScript on your browser. Try replacing the TinyMCE Scripts of your browser with a fresh default copy of it. You can find the scripts at the “/wp-includes/js/tinymce/” folder. Download the stock MCE files from verified WordPress website only.

  • Go to the plugins menu of your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Add New button to open the Plugin Store
  • Now, search for TinyMCE Advanced plug-in
  • Once you found out the plug-in, install it on your WordPress
  • After installing it, enable the plug-in and refresh your website

Usually, this plugin finds all the missing files and adds them to the directory. So, the buttons will automatically appear on your WordPress dashboard again.

If this method doesn’t work, then it means that there are some corrupted files in your WordPress website server. You can add the files manually by using FTP to access the public_html folder and select “wp-includes”. Browse to the theme folder and upload a new copy of “tinymce files”.

Edit the wp-config file: This process can be a bit trickier as you need to have a basic knowledge of HTML and its commands.

  • Go to the public_html folder of your WordPress server
  • Now, you have to locate the “wp-config.php” file to edit it
  • Once you find the file, open it in Notepad
  • After opening it, you just have to add this line: define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false)
  • Now, save the document and close your Notepad and restart the browser


NOTE: If you use too many plugins in your WordPress, then you might have to disable them one by one to see if the issue resolves or not. Some plugins may conflict with other plugin files which results in the appearance of white text and missing buttons in WordPress visual editor.

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