Smart tricks and strategies to eliminate WordPress posts returning 404 error : Contact us for instant assistance in your budget

Smart tricks and strategies to eliminate WordPress posts returning 404 error : Contact us for instant assistance in your budget

WordPress posts returning 404 error

Smart tricks and strategies to eliminate WordPress posts return 404 error

Being the most trusted CMS, WordPress offers us multiple features that help a lot in managing a business website. Here, you can easily create SEO-friendly content thereby improving your search engine ranking. Other than this, it also offers other essential features that are the best for online work and for making your own official website. This is the reason why it has always been the top choice for most of the web developers and business owners. But when this software develops errors, it negatively affects your business. Despite the outstanding performance, WordPress users are encountering errors that are quite frustrating while performing an important task. Often, users are noticing WordPress posts returning 404 error. Therefore, you need to be very careful while editing and making changes in WordPress.

Why does WordPress posts returning 404 error occur?

Why does WordPress posts returning 404 error occur

Even though WordPress is the most robust platform to develop websites, a simple glitch can damage the entire site. As a result, users are unable to access your site and this eventually weakens your online presence. The error 404 generally appears when the requested URL cannot be found on the web server.  The only positive part of this error is that the main blog can be accessed by users but few posts are inaccessible with 404 error. If there is an accidental deletion of a .htaccess file or if something is wrong with rewrite rules, the 404 error occurs. And in order to troubleshoot the error, you have to pinpoint out the exact causes and the remove them with appropriate troubleshooting steps.

Know the simple steps to fix WordPress posts returning 404 error:

Know the simple steps to fix WordPress posts returning 404 error

  1. Deactivate plugins, and then activate them one-by-one: At first, deactivate the plugins. Then, you have to reactivate the plugins one by one. After doing this, you can publish the posts without returning a 404 error.
  2. Set a default theme like twenty-six:  By setting a default theme, the problem might be solved as there is a high chance that the theme is a part of the problem. Now, try to publish the post like the plugin check. If still, you are receiving the 404 page, then the problem is not related to the theme.
  3. Uploaded a fresh installation of WordPress: Sometimes, reinstalling the WordPress updates helps a lot. You can also manually upload the files through FTP or  SFTP. This process enables you to eliminate the error and ensures that you have a fresh WordPress file.
  4. 4. Check your .htaccess file to make sure it is correct
  5. Repair and optimize database tables: To do this, you have to use phpmyadmin, or you can also use WP-Optimize as well.
  6. Reset permalinks: Resetting your permalinks can help a lot. You can set it to another choice just by ensuring that the appropriate permalink structure is selected. After this, click on save changes button.
  7. Connect with your web host to check if they need to whitelist a mod_security rule

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Get rid of WordPress posts returning 404 error with effective solutions


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