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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are lightweight website architectures meant for mobile devices. It is an effort from Google to provide a framework that is easily accessible by all, and through which fast-loading mobile web pages can be built. In general, static content pages take a lot of time to load on mobile devices. Even after the text has loaded, you need to wait like forever, for the images and ads to come into the display. As a result, the position of the text continues to shift, and the whole occurrence is pretty unpleasant to the users.

This is where AMP comes into play. By cutting down the amount of JavaScript and HTML in the web pages, it can boost the loading speed of that page when viewed on a mobile device. Thus, it is capable of providing users with the same lag-free experience that they enjoy on desktops. Therefore, turn to our experts at UAE Website Development for affordable AMP Web Design and Development Services in Dubai.

Benefits of Using AMP

Benefits of Using AMP

With AMP, the publishers can easily speed up their mobile pages without compromising on the ad revenues. Apart from that, there is also the AMP ad landing pages (ALP) which are designed to give the users a greater boost in speed, once the user clicks on an AMP ad. This is achieved by forcing the landing page to use the AMP HTML protocol and also by pre-loading the URL of the landing page in the ad. The many benefits of AMP are mentioned below:

1.Increases Audience Engagement

AMP pages load very quickly, typically under one second. This means that when the target audience lands on an AMP page, they will get to see what they are looking for instantly, without having to wait at all. This also means that the viewers are more likely to stay engaged on the page and be more receptive to the messages that are displayed on the page. This can act as a great booster if you are running say, an e-Commerce web portal and wish to sell some products online. AMP ensures that users are satisfied with the performance of the page so that they are more likely to even complete a deal such as buying your product.

2.Maximizes Revenue

Studies show that for every one second added to the loading time of a page, the conversions fall by a whopping 12 percent. So, if you want users to engage with your brand, the first thing you need to do is speed things up. There can be nothing as damaging for your brand than a slow-loading web page. AMP ensures that users get a faster experience with the pages on their mobile devices. Thus, it actively works in increasing your sales or the performance of your campaigns.

3.Maintains Flexibility

With AMP, your website remains completely customizable, and you can even retain your own tooling. You can use CSS to customize your styling or A/B testing to experiment and build the web page for the best user experience.

4.Reduces Complexity in Operations

It is fairly straightforward to build an AMP page. You do not need to worry about optimizing your code for every platform as the AMP format is completely portable and the page remains fast, irrespective of which platform is used to get there.

5.Components of AMP

AMP is a framework for creating fast-loading web pages for mobile viewing, and consists of the following components:

  • AMP HTML:  This is the markup language used for AMP pages. It is fairly simple, and anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML can easily adapt the existing pages to AMP.
  • AMP JS: This is the javascript framework for AMP pages. It is used in managing resource handling and asynchronous loading.
  • AMP CDN: This is a content delivery network. Its basic function is to take you to AMP-enabled pages and automatically make some optimizations for faster performance. This feature is optional in AMP.

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