Best Web Design Ideas for 2019 | Create Stunning Websites

Best Web Design Ideas for 2019 | Create Stunning Websites

Whenever you are thinking of creating a website, the first thing that comes to your mind is the design of it. You might wonder how you are going to design the entire website and make it unique from others. The design of your website is the key factor that makes an impact on the user. And it’s entirely up to you whether you want that impact to be a good or a bad one. It’s quite easy to get a little snobby about the trends in product developments of different websites. There’s a very real technical overhead to consider while you are designing a website for making your online presence stronger. So, in such circumstances, you might want to get the best web design ideas to implement them on your website. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss all of the trending web designs that you can implement design your own website in the best way.

web design ideas 2019The Most Creative Web Design Ideas for your Convenience

You might always want to create a stunning website which would be unique, but there is always one thing to consider. And that is nothing but the creative choices which stay alongside the latest trends. Innovation always comes from out of the box thinking as they are there to provide context to your thought. However, if you want to get to the best web design ideas, then you can go through the following section.

Broken Grid Layouts

There’s always a neverending quest working in web designers to create more creative layouts. They also want these layouts to be more engaging with the help of using the grid. The grid is something which we can always rely on to bring logic to the website layouts. With the concept of the broken grid layouts, you get the flexibility to ditch the other one in designing websites.

These broken grid layouts enable different web contents to drift around the gutters of your website. Most of the time the gutters serve as hard stops in different sober layouts. Here, you’ll face the overlapping and convergent of different images and text elements. They often create beautiful juxtapositions of bitmap and letterform on the website which you haven’t expected.

Illustrations Work in the Center Stage

Whatever you do on a website decides how you are established in the digital world. The best way to establish yourself in the digital world can be done through the best illustrations. And the best illustration needs the most appropriate images. The overall work of illustrators can help you to achieve an all-new prominence in both the designing and their marketing.

To bring more abstract concepts to vivid life, illustrations can be so helpful to bring the target audience. Whenever you build digital products, it should be able to personify the user who visits the website. Hence as one of the greatest web design ideas, you should use illustrators on your website. They are capable to draw the attention of users and hold them on your website.

Brutalism Reaches Mainstream Status

There are many steps to follow and things to consider while designing a website layout. Now you might wonder what is brutalism. Brutalism is the ripping open space where designers have the full flexibility to do whatever they want. They don’t have to worry about other concerns that they should think off.

Designers eschew all the optimization advice on the works that they create here. They come with the best practices lists in favor of different aspects of a website. They also avoid the looks and effects that live in the jarring in multiple pages of the website. Although, there might be a lot of web design ideas, but with the brutal bandwagon, you get to the new dimension of web designing.

More Organic and Oblique Shapes

It’s been so many years that the design of different websites has been dominated by card-based UIs. By exposing the geometry of underlying divs there are different shapes of cards that designers have been using.  Now, everything has been changed, you will not find any app that has sharp edges. All of them come with a rounded corner to give it a better look. Not only the primary elements of a website are getting more organic shapes, but the entire content of the site also.

Designers don’t stop here with the organic curves, they also give the boxes a twist to make them beautiful. There are so many websites UIs that offer the emergence of flashing or vibrating colors. They can create striking effects and you can enhance those effects with different color combination. With organic and oblique shapes, you can make the website look more beautiful. Thus, when you are searching for the best web design ideas, these organic shapes help a lot in designing the layout.

More Pervasive Interactions and Animations

Enduring beauty is always the top-most priority of a web designer. It’s not just a static medium that people scroll on to view texts. The ability of a web page doesn’t rely on delivering a simple page of information. When we are talking about great web design ideas, you cannot complete the discussion without pervasive interactions. You have to make the information oriented in such a way that the user can interact with it easily.

There’s always a potential for animations that you want to integrate on the site. The animations are necessary as they offer delightful experiences to web visitors. With the help of certain subtle animations, you can direct the visitor’s attention to the appropriate content. They can go to the right content at the right time with such animations at their help. Moreover, the animations also help by ensuring that the users don’t miss the vital lines of copy. There are tons of tools available to simplify the process of creating complex animations and interactions.

Emergence of Maximalism

The era of minimalism has gone due to many reasons and the new age of maximalism has arrived. There are loads of designers who tend to offer fewer choices and visual distractions to give the website a better design. You can see different websites out there which describe the emergence of the maximalism.

Such web design ideas can even help you to locate them in the list of brutalist websites. You can also expect more maximalist websites to emerge which come out of the most brutal websites. Since people are becoming more and more digitally savvy, website designing has become more crucial. All the designers want to maximize their reach to their target audience.

Serifs Put Their Best Feet Forward

The days are gone when people were using non-retina screens that support poor fonts. Among different web interfaces, web designers use so many types of fonts while designing websites. When it comes to the best web design ideas, you can use the sans serif fonts while designing the layouts. However, having custom font support, you’ll get a robust web platform.

You may find more elaborate typefaces which are taking the center stage while using the screens and font rendering technologies. They also provide you with much more prominent supporting roles to make it more appropriate. For the elegance, refinement, and literacy polish, serif has been the first choice of every web designer.

Floating Navigation Menus

The navigation menu is the deciding factor that how well a user is interacting with your website. Websites come with either conversion-focused or sprawling-focused but both of them have their own characteristics. Providing the user with the most simplified navigation can help you enhance your reach towards the target audience.

Nowadays, designers take a step further by visually detaching the navigation menu from the overall design of the site. Instead of keeping the navigation option at the very top, they’ve started to slide it down a bit. This also comes as one of the best web design ideas like a global object of the website. The most obvious way to do that is to add a drop shadow to the navigation bar and then move it down. You can only do it on the sites that have flatter design.

The Video Element

Conveying information is the ultimate goal of a website that you should worry about as a designer. And if you find the information to be more complex, then there’s no better way to convey it than through a video. In the greatest web design ideas, static images often don’t work out to convey information in a visual format.

Another true fact is that the complexity of the information tends to change over time. A still image is not sufficient to tell you the process of using the product it shows, but certainly, a video is. It only shows you what it contains in it not how to use that. The quality of the video remains high and you don’t have to compromise with it. You can conveniently embed the video on your website without any problem.

To Wrap Things Up

That’s all you need to know about the best web design ideas that most of the designers are worried about. If you are a web designer, then these are the aspects that you can check while designing a website. We hope that the article could help you to get a better idea about what should you include on your website to make it more attractive. Hope, you will be able to draw more customers to your websites with these ideas.


1. How can you Design a Good Website?

You can follow different principles that will help you develop the website in the best possible way. There are principles like the purpose that says the website caters to the requirement of your customer. Communication decides how well you can convey your message to the visitor. Typefaces include the most useful fonts on a website for the convenience to read.  With the help of well-thought color palette, you can draw more visitors to the site. You should use the most appropriate images on your site as they can speak a thousand words.

2. How Can you Make your Website Attractive?

There are a few facts to note if you want to gain trust from your customers. By keeping the layout as simple as possible, you can make the website more attractive. An easy navigation system of the site also makes it more engaging. Whenever you are using CTAs, use it clearly on the website. Don’t worry about the whitespace and remember that with content, less is always more. To make it more attractive, you can also use eye-catching colors and easy to read fonts on the website.

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