Learn How to Boost your SEO with Google AdWords

Learn How to Boost your SEO with Google AdWords

If you want to improve your organic search ranking, then Google has clarified it many times that the paid advertising will not help you in this regard. However, there are certain ways by which you can use the SEO services Google AdWord that will help you to improve the SEO strategy that you are following. Using the PPC data to get the insights of the organic search is a lot helpful for every marketer. Such insights will save you a lot of time and money while making your SEO strategic plans.

With the help of Google AdWords, you can easily create several ad campaigns to drive traffic at a huge rate. If the SEO techniques are taking too much time to produce strong results, then Google AdWords is there to help you out. Whatever investments you make on your ad campaign, you will get ten times of that. But if you don’t know how you can do so, then it might become a major big issue. In this post, we’ll discuss all the ways to boost your SEO with Google AdWords.

Facts to Consider for Leveraging SEO Services with Google AdWords

Facts to Consider for Leveraging SEO Services with Google AdWordsThere are many users who have no idea about the places where they need to put most of their marketing efforts. If you are one of those users, then you have arrived at the right section of this post. With SEO services Google AdWords, you can optimize the organic search ranking easily. In this section, we are about to discuss all the important facts that you should consider for achieving the goals you have set in your business.


Being one of the pillars that hold the criteria to give you a better ranking, segments are so important. They are nothing but the ways by which you can add a couple of additional rows of data to a view in Google AdWords after making an ad campaign with it. There are two types of segments as mentioned in the following section.

Search Terms Match Type

This segment determines what are the keywords that perform well on different match types. If you want to know about the head terms and the tails for specific terms, then this segment is there to help. It mainly focuses on the type of ad campaign you are using on the search engines. If a high traffic keyword is converting the driven traffic, then that means this segment is working for you.


Having a certain idea about the traffic that comes through mobile devices is so important as most of the traffic comes from these devices. With the help of analytics of Google AdWords, you can have a clear visualization of such traffic. By applying this segment on your ad campaigns, you can see how many of your PPC conversions come from the mobile device users. In such a scenario, you must have a responsive landing page.


If you want to excel in your marketing efforts, then SEO services Google AdWords comes with the filters option. With this feature, you can create a quick filter that will help you to bubble up all the interesting information that you require for the campaign. Create the filter for high-cost keywords to gain higher traffic on your website and separate those which don’t convert easily.

Only a few keywords are out there that can help you convert the traffic that you have successfully driven from the SERPs. Thus, it becomes worthless to keep all the keywords on the campaigns. This is where the filter feature comes into action and allows you to keep only the most popular terms in those keywords. So, because of this feature, you don’t have to rely on the keywords that have nothing to deal with the keywords. It also allows you to sort by the cost you are paying for them.  

Click-Through Rate or CTR on Ads

As one of the most important aspects of this digital marketing effort, CTRs prove to be the deciding factor for an ad whether it is working or not. With the SEO services Google AdWords, you can have a detailed report of CTR on the ads that you have made across your entire ad campaign.

It lets you know what are the headlines and descriptions that are working best for driving people directly to your website. You can even be aware of the facets for which searchers are clicking on the ads. After knowing that, you can easily apply that messaging on the upcoming title tags and other aspects. It also includes on-page descriptions along with the meta descriptions.

Click-Through Rate or CTR on Keywords

This process is quite the same as the previous one with some little improvisations. It takes into consideration the relationship between the search term and the ad text on the campaign where you are posting them. You can be aware about what are the terms that have a stronger claim on the keywords that are drawing web traffic and converting them.

CTR on keywords helps you develop a better map between the messaging and the keywords that a user has searched for. The title tags and meta descriptions are the key factors in this process of SEO and Google AdWords services . If you want to expand your reach, then apart from placing CTR on ads, you should place them in the keywords too.

Keywords with Higher Rate of Cost Per Click or CPC

There are certain differences between average CPC and the maximum CPC for keywords which you should know as you will need them in this section. If you identify the keywords that have the highest average CPC, then the overall cost of your campaign is about to increase. Avoiding such keywords is not so good from the business point of view. The related terms of such keywords may even charge you more than your expectations.

Whoever is there that manages your Google AdWords account knows the value of such keywords with that CPC. Once you found out the reason why PPC marketers are paying so many bucks on their ad campaign, you will be able to know why people prefer using SEO services Google AdWords. In this tool, you will find the conversion column that shows you the overall conversion rate of the visitors. You can even learn about the cost you have to bear if you want to continue your work to convert the leads.

Keywords with a Large Number of Impressions

Whenever the discussion is on SEO services, it can never be completed without mentioning keywords. Keyword impression is the most significant factor that states how a specific keyword or set of keywords are searched the most. As per the SEO services Google AdWords, you can dig deeper to know about the impressions a bit more with it. Without impressions, you cannot have a higher rate of clicks, and without a higher rate of clicks, you cannot have more conversions.


Conversion is the ultimate term for any business organization that spends its money on digital marketing. No matter what you do, the ultimate result is what every business owner needs. That’s why Google AdWords is the tool that can help you make every effort that will not only increase the rate of clicks but also the conversions. The SERPs should be your primary concern as this is the place where your ads are going to appear. It’s also helpful for the PPC campaigns with an informational piece of content that you are about to use for SEO.

High-Quality Score and the High Volume Keywords

Since ranking is the major concern for expanding your reach globally through search engines, having a higher-quality score in this regard is so important. Quality scores are always necessary as they are the primary function of the CTR for your ad campaign. The relevance of the keywords along with the text of your ad copy is another crucial part of SEO services Google AdWords. Users mustn’t leave the page the moment they have landed on it and that’s why you must make the landing page responsive and engaging as well.

Driving a large number of visitors is only possible through high-quality scores of the keywords on which you are making the ad campaign. This tool even allows you to see how well the keywords are performing to convert the driven traffic to the potential clients. To see the high-quality scores of the keywords, you can go to the ad text and then the keyword section of the tool. After that, navigate to the landing page relationships section on the Google AdWords tool.

Text Ad Copy

After you have gone through the previous segment where we have briefly discussed the quality scores with the high volume keywords. Getting insights into the specific ad headlines that did or didn’t work out well is more prominent with this AdWords tool. This can usually inform the title tags that you are using on the ad campaigns.

Apart from that, it also gives you insight into the major aspects that resonate with various searches made on different search engines. The text ad copy can even help you inform messaging within the headlines, text descriptions, and CTAs of your web pages. SEO services Google AdWords can help you work a lot better than the other obvious options that appear on the SERPs. You can use whatever language you prefer in the ads to make your offers more conspicuous.

Banner Ad Performance

If the ads are not working well on the display network of your ad campaign, then checking the banner ad performance is the thing that might help you. You can look for the creative that can give you insights about different aspects. It also includes the type of messaging that your prospects respond to make sure that you get more traffic on your website.

Destination URLs

The SEO services Google AdWords comes with many important features and destination URLs is one of them. It also shows you which specific URLs are there to convert the incoming traffic in the best way. These URLs are nothing but the landing pages where users land for the first time after they click on the search result.

This can be one of the extremely valuable pieces of information for your ad campaign. To convert the visitors into potential clients, you must have a well-designed landing page. A well-designed landing page is responsible for the better rate of conversions. You can take into consideration all the elements that help you hold a user on the landing page. The more time they spend on your website, the more chances you get to convert them into your customers.

Concluding Remarks

That’s all you need to know about the different facts which is required to consider while using SEO services Google AdWords on your entire ad campaign. Whatever ads are there you are creating for bringing in web traffic, they must follow the facts as mentioned in the above section. Ultimately, without creative thinking and some logic application, you cannot make your SEO work. Hope, the post could help you enhance your SEO efforts with Google AdWords.


1. Do Google Adwords Help with SEO?

The answer is complicated as Google AdWords can help with the SEO by making the paid advertisements appeared next to the relevant searches. The longer you pay for the ads, you will see them on the SERPs. The moment you stop paying for them, your ads won’t appear any longer. Though it’s true that Google AdWords can help you connect with a wider audience on the internet without facing any kind of trouble.

2. What is the Difference Between SEO and AdWords?

Though both the SEO and AdWords are parts of digital marketing, there are certain differences between them. AdWords is for the sites that use Google Adsense whereas search engine optimization principles are applicable for all the available search engines. SEO can drive traffic for free while AdWords requires payment.

3. What is Adwords in SEO?

When it comes to Search Engine Marketing, there are mainly two components like AdWords and SEO. They are the most valuable tools that you might require to run the digital marketing campaigns. It entirely depends on your business and marketing goals on how AdWords can help you in SEO. The situation will describe how you can use AdWords in SEO.

4. Which is Better SEO or PPC?

If you want an improved ROI over traditional forms of paid media, then organic search engine traffic is the right option for you. This is an improvement upon PPC that you have made on the ad campaign. SEO is quite difficult as compared with the PPC and it’s even cheaper. SEO is more cost effective than all the marketing tactics that you made for appearing at the top of SERPs. You can deliver relevant web traffic to your website along with its brand awareness.

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