Know The Difference Between The Custom Apps And The Prebuilt Mobile Apps

Know The Difference Between The Custom Apps And The Prebuilt Mobile Apps

Pre built app and Custom apps

Custom Apps Vs Pre-built Mobile Apps

A mobile application is a type of software, which used to run on a mobile device. Generally, mobile apps serve as PC software to operate many functions. Apps are usually a small software version, designed for a very specific function within a mobile. As apps are important for a mobile, mobile app development also a crucial factor for a business development of any organization.

A business customer acquirement, vital updates, growth, revenue, everything is highly dependent on mobile application development. With so many online mobile app platform, it is very difficult to choose the perfect technology to fit your needs. Nowadays, people are highly confused about whether they use the pre-loaded app or they would rely on a custom application for their business needs.

There is a lot of prebuilt and custom application, that you can choose for your business. But when you are in confusion which one to choose, then this article with help you regarding the matter. In his article, we will try to explain the differences between a prebuilt and custom apps, and which one would be perfect for you. So stay connected with us.

What Is A Prebuilt App?  What Are The Features It Has?

When you are seeking a mobile solution for a business problem, at this time you can choose a commercial software option. There are hundreds of pre-built software, that you can avail online. Many of these apps are very affordable and easy to use as well as there all some apps which consist various of drawbacks associated with each.

While considering whether to purchase or implement a pre-built app for your particular need, there are a lot of factors to consider. All of these apps offer an automated solution and suites of products that can solve not only your problem but also create a framework for the rapid implementation of new applications. In the case of the simple application, it is possible to create an in-house application quickly, which meets your needs. Also, if anyone has done it before, then you can easily avail it commercially.

As commercial software are deployed throughout the industry, you can get the benefit from the implementation experience from its features and functionality. This pre-built app tends to materialize in the software application by serving a guidance for your business process.

Along with these benefits, you are required to aware of its rules and limitations. The main drawback of the pre-built app is no use of API. If your pre-built app has no API capabilities, then you will be unable to sync data across multiple systems. If you aren’t able to obtain the required data, then the pre-built app would not be perfect for you. When you are choosing a pre-built app solution, then always remember that you need to update it while it requires. Otherwise, you app speed and security would be in danger.

What Is Custom App And Its Features?

Smartphone has started a new era of mobile application development, that helps a business to reach new horizons. There are many businesses from a variety of industries, which needs to track, organize, report or store client data on their own platform, and here custom app is the best and reliable solution to meet all those needs. Custom apps are tailor-made mobile applications, which is developed to manage a particular business, in terms of processes, employees, and customers.

Custom apps are not only important to establish client connection, but it also helps to build the connection with the employees. This apps offers us a great opportunity to create special tools to perform its exclusive functions and it provides unique solutions for any kind of glitches. Custom apps enhance the user experience by providing its excellent features. This app also increases awareness of the customers by providing business updates with a mobile experience.

Along with a lot of benefits, this also has disadvantages too. To build a custom app, you may need put a huge investment for it. Also, building a custom app is a time taking process, therefore you may need to put in a lot to build a good custom app.

Why Choose Custom App Over Prebuilt App?Custom Mobile App VS Pre Built Mobile App

In recent days, all kind of business take advantages of custom apps as it helps it to stay productive. There are several benefits to choose a custom app over a pre-built app.

  • Custom apps can improve the efficiency of your business. This app acts as a vital app for performing its functions and nullify the requirements of the pre-built apps. The custom app is built by keeping your business requirement in mind. You will get everything in this app that you need to run a business.
  • Another advantage of using the custom app is it offers high scalability. Generally, normal apps are built to manage a number of resources and process. In case of your growing business, these apps may not be able to handle the load. Customized apps come up with its excellent and its built by keeping all the parameters in mind. This app also is scaled up easily as per the requirements.
  • To run a business successfully, you need to keep all your data secure. Pre-built apps or other general business apps may not have a special security feature to protect your data resource and end up putting you in danger. A customized app enables your business to strengthen the data security system.
  • Normally the business apps or the pre-built apps may not function smoothly with your existing softwares. As custom apps are built by taking your current business software into consideration, it integrates properly with the existing software to function properly without any errors.
  • Another benefit to choosing a custom app is easy to maintain. While you are using a regular app for your business operations, all the control system is in the hand of the developer. If somehow app developer thinks to discontinue the app, then you may not able to operate it again and your current operations might get stopped. So, by building your custom mode app, you can completely control your app and you can use pretty easily for your business operations.
  • Custom apps allow you to all your updates to your clients, customers, and the employees. This helps you to build a good relationship with all of them. For accessing the client details and to receive feedback, this feature would be perfect for you. This feature also allows you to access client details and receive feedback helping you to improve customer relationship. It is a very discreet way to collect information. It also helps clients and employees by saving their valuable time, as they don’t need to attend each other physically.
  • You can access all important documents to all your work documents while traveling, that proves to be very helpful for all. With the help of the custom app, you can easily transfer  the data from your phone to your desktop. Also, you can retrieve brochures and contracts to share with your employees and clients. This custom app keeps a check of your project progress and deadlines.

Due to all these positive features, you can choose custom apps over a pre-built app to optimize your business process. If you are looking for PPC Services then get in touch with us. 


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