How to Make a Website like Fiverr in Dubai UAE

How to Make a Website like Fiverr in Dubai UAE

fiverr UAE

Get the Stunning Website like Fiverr 

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Fiverr comes with endless benefits that work well with the digital market. No matter which industry you specialize in, it is going to help you to grow your pursuit. Moreover, you can gain loyalty customers required for maintaining the brand credibility and trust. But opting for professionals can speed up the work process and give an insight into the site functionalities.

fiverr UAEFor startup companies and entrepreneurs, Fiverr UAE places an important role in brand promotion and awareness. It is the only platform for marketing small products and services that do not need huge finances. Moreover, it is the ideal ground for freelancers who can add to their skills in minutes. Every freelancer has ample qualities; he can be a musician, a painter, designer, and creator all at the same time. But where to find the right place for promoting his skills and interests? Well, Fiverr is the answer to all the queries. It has been changing the lives of site owners and developers for several years. From effective designing to lifestyle enhancement, it is truly the space for scalability. Hence, if you are thinking of making a site that is as good as Fiverr UAE, stay tuned with this article.

Making Sites Like Fiverr- What’s Best in Store?

Many users may doubt using Fiverr in the first place. They might think that it is not worth their time but we assure you it is not so. With Fiverr UAE you can give shape to your online business idea in a much more effective way. Moreover, you can easily connect to millions of freelancers that can create a stunning web page in minutes. Even if you lack technical knowledge, finding the niche market will not be difficult. Fiverr offers ample benefits and low overhead is one of the qualities. This caters to specific industry needs and works well with the micro job forefront. And if you are a freelancer yourself, there are some subtle benefits that you should not overlook. To know, take a look below:

Time Management

For the user, Fiverr acts as an active agent in managing time. You can be your own boss and decide the flow of work. Moreover, you can monitor your site better by keeping a check on online visitors, the number of times they visit your page, purchasing behavior etc.

Work From Anywhere

Fiverr application is location independent and you can modify your work from anywhere. This can make the quality of your project more productive and improve in generating better sales. The platform offers professional networking where you can search for clients and consumers.

Utilizing Most Benefits

As said before, Fiverr allows the freelancer as well as the site handlers to become their own boss. They can edit, change and take up any role to create a site that is all-encompassing. However, it is advisable to get hold of Freelance Dubai Emiratis Services, for reducing the loopholes. Especially if you are new in the market, there are chances that you may lack resources or money. But a reliable agency can help you through these challenges.

With these subtle benefits, we come to the core of our article, “How to Make a Website like Fiverr”.

Steps for Creating Poignant Sites Like Fiverr UAE

To make your own Fiverr clone, you must have some essentials things within your disposal. You can get hold of WordPress or Joomla! CMS site. Apart from that, you must have-

  1. The domain address
  2. A hosting account which will store the site files
  3. SSL certificates for ease of monetary transaction. Certificates also can help your company look genuine and aids in feasible online payments during checkouts.
  4. Micro-job add-ons and themes for a professional makeover. Moreover, you can employ Freelance Dubai Emiratis Services Online for this purpose.

Once the setup is done, create your job market place using the following steps.

Step 1: Setting up the CMS

First, look through your resources and install the CMS product. WordPress is highly recommended but you can use others as well.  Though the cost may look too much to start with,  you will never be a loser at the end. You can also hire professionals who offer services regarding Fiverr UAE at lesser costs. Then set up an account and move to the dashboard where the work will be done.

Step 2: Setting up Micro-Job Engine Functionality

Once you have installed WordPress, add the micro-job facility by applying engine themes. After activating that, move to the welcome page and search for the Engine Theme account. Get the license number and enter it for fetching a demo site. Checking the demo on the micro-job app helps you to understand how the final site will look after all the inputs are applied.

Step 3: Choosing Packages and Payment Methods

In this step, you can get through any credit card, debit card payment gateways that work best in UAE. You can move to the Engine Settings panel and navigate to Payments Gateways from your host admin area. This provides you three benefits. One, you can earn extra money when a project is delivered. And second, you can offer packages to users who are interested in your work. Third, this keeps the spamming activity away and attracts freelancers and clients. There are some modifications that you must undertake. Visit the Engine Settings and move to the page on Theme Options. Further, you can also deactivate or activate the free posting feature.

Step 4: Changing Demo Site into Your Own Brand and Content

Step 4 is quite easy in comparison to other stages. Simple go to Appearance and navigate to Customize page. Over there, adjust the theme, add a live preview and finish the procedure by clicking on the Publish button.

Step 5: Testing the Newly Formed Website

Keeping active eye is necessary for etching success stories. Thoroughly test every corner of the site created. There must not be any loophole in the presentation. Take up multiple roles of the freelancer, employer, and hiring agency. Post an ad and browse through job listings. Create a profile and add vital information about ratings, gigs, and bio. Fiverr UAE offers management of individual accounts from the custom dashboard. You can check the messages, notification regarding job openings from this space.

Step 6: Managing and Controlling the Micro-Job Website

The CMS admin dashboard offers the site handler to manage the aspects of the new site. He can keep a check on the users which includes both freelancers and employers.  Further, through the Orders option available in the Engine Settings, you can verify how many products or services were searched by people. Through Job Verification page, you can verify, accept, decline job status. This comes with the review system required for knowing the site acceptance, user feedback etc. Once the job status is verified, the freelancer can click the Money Withdrawl button and check how many independent workers have withdrawn money. With time you will be able to manage the gap between the independent workers and the employers seeking service.

Step 7: Keeping a Check on Resources

All set and done, now it is time to check your resources. The ultimate motto of any company is to gain a huge customer base and profits. For that purpose, make sure your site has the following-

  1. Extent your site reach– Use endless free and paid plugins for growing your business. You can also get hold of Freelance Dubai for Fiverr UAE.
  2. Marketing the Job Marketplace– Utilize SEO techniques to generate organic traffic and creating high-quality content. Learn the information about online visitors, their orientation and preference. You can employ SEO analysts who can provide development reports for improving your business pursuits.
  3. Performance– Optimizing the speed and performance of the site is important in the long run. If you are using WordPress, you can upgrade its functionalities through hosting facilities. Micro-job engine offers the users the host facilities that are helpful in site creation.

Finally you can Contact UAE Website Development Dubai Team to make the website like Fiverr


Frequently Asked Questions

Fiverr UAE is coming up as a forum for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employers who are looking for delivering products and services. It is beneficial and involves fewer development costs. Moreover, the user can create their sites without much hassle.

WordPress offers endless plugins and themes that are essential in creating a business site. Its dashboard can be controlled and managed by the admin. It also offers a pool of other features that are necessary for grasping customer attention.

Micro-job offers a wide platform for startup companies. The application is suitable for selling and buying small budget projects.

The price of the CMS service varies but ideally it few dollars. However, you can seek assistance from Freelance Dubai Emiratis Services for availing discounts and other offers.

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