Reach the Top-Notched Google Apps Reseller in Dubai UAE and Avail Recurring Revenue for Your Business

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company, whose sole aim is to allow millions of apps, movies, games, music, documents and many more, to reach the billions of users based on a global scale. The best part is that anytime, anywhere and across any device, you get to access Google. It comes along with a vast array of services not only for daily viewers but also has something for the resellers, integrators, and other particular providers.

Have you heard that Google Inc. offers a reseller program for Google Apps? Yes, it does! This is the most basic process through which it earns recurring revenue from clients. This clients section includes the ones who deploy Google Apps, either in their business or to help others reach their targets. A reseller offers services that include billing and collection, training and configuration and much more can be added to the list. Now, let us get to understand why partnering up for the G-Suite Solution in Dubai UAE can be beneficial. However, in this case, UAE Website development is the best option. With years of experience, they have earned a reputation for delivering Google app reseller in Dubai.

Google Apps Reseller Dubai UAE



Synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols. Built on the idea that email can be more useful, automatic and dynamic. The fun begins with up to 30 GB of storage, offline support, and much more.


Time-management and scheduling calendar service that helps to make the most of every day. Shareable design for teams that integrates seamless features.


File storage and synchronization service that can keep all files safe as well as within the reach from any smartphone, tablet or computer. manage, edit, open files from wherever you are, on a daily basis. smart enough to back up the online files and store them securely.


Optional service with a better information management system. Retain, search, hold, and export data to maintain an organization’s archiving requirements.



Streamline Your Move to the Cloud with the Guidance of a Google Partner

At first glance, migrating to the cloud might appear to be a major undertaking; however, as a Google Partner, Verbat has the experience and expertise to make the transition for both your data and your end-users a smooth one.

Since 2012, Verbat has helped over 50+ organizations and more than 2000 users in Middle East transform the way they work by adopting Google’s solutions.

Whether you’re considering moving your legacy messaging and collaboration systems to the cloud with Google Apps, building custom applications on Google Cloud Platform, or unlocking the power of your data by visualizing it on a Google Map, achieve your goal with us, the leading Google Enterprise experts.

Verbat offers a comprehensive suite of services to help your organization adopt, manage and enhance Google’s Enterprise technology.

Apps Offered by Google for Resellers

According to Google, the apps offered by them are a part of a suite which is made of Web-based messaging and collaboration applications. These are built to offer numerous key benefits over competing resolutions for businesses. What’s more appealing is that a Google App user does not even need any access to hardware or software installation. Employees get to access the Apps even when they are not at their desk. Being a Web-based suite, the applications get to synchronize with any smartphones despite the version of Operating platform.

The suite includes Google Calendar, Google Docs and spreadsheets, and Google Groups along with other apps. These are particularly meant for editing words, processing documents, mailing records and sharing data or files with co-workers. Nobody wants to miss this exciting set of apps and this is where Google Apps Reseller in Dubai UAE comes to the rescue.

Google Services Rendered through Google Partners: Get in Touch with UAE Website Development

Lets us take a close look at the services that make us apart from other resellers in the business:

1. Software Development

Gmail and other Google apps demand an easy set up the process. But what if your organization needs a complex system? With an innovative thought process, you get custom software development solutions.

2. BI and Analytics Solutions

You do not need external help for setting up your Google Apps system. However, signing up with resellers can help you get the most and that too at the right time.

3. AI Solutions

Resellers with exceptional IT departments can help an organization reach beyond their existing capabilities. Smart Virtual Assistants and Intelligent Chatbots, turn a business one step ahead than the others with AI technology.

4. Mobile App Development

The migration process of making a vast array of valuable services available for access is indeed time consuming, so people choose a reseller. Not just a change in management and training services but also develop applications that can run irrespective of any digital platforms.

5. Software Testing

A project can be successful only if it accompanies an adequate software testing measures. Engage the best software testing team and gain remarkable experience.

6. Online Marketing

Nothing can beat a perfect SEO and hinder quality traffic to reach your ecommerce platform, with a well planned digital marketing strategy. Turn the customers into clients and also generate massive leads, with suitable digital technologies.

Why Trust Us as a Google App Reseller?

In more general terms, a reseller can also be called a value-added reseller, who is a part of a company that purchases products in bulk. These products are then supplemented with purpose, targeting values by adding the personal touch of the reselling company, their own set of services. This whole additional changes and modifications make the applications even more exciting than before. There are two types of resellers: Google Services Partners and Google Technology Partners.

If you are thinking about whether joining a reseller would be safe or not, then leave your worries with Google. Because Google offers a two tracking process, one for the resellers to resell and others for proper deployment of the Google Apps, for any ecommerce businesses. Google offers resellers with the advantage of getting the benefit of the product as well to maintain brand recognition. So,  you can undoubtedly trust the G suite partners. With the best-suited reseller, you get to access a tailormade deployment of Google Apps in any filed, be it business, guidance, consolidated billing, or even in support services. So when the concern is Google Apps Reseller in Dubai UAE, UAE Website Development is the best to choose.  The experts of our team will essentially help you set up a basic Google service and also integrate apps through custom development.

What Sets Us Apart?

UAE Website Development Dubai is a renowned Digital Technology Services company, in Dubai UAE, which is in business for nearly two decades. With us, you can incorporate faster, scale smarter and get to keep secure data than ever before. Our programs have the capability to support you at each and every step. Not just at developing credits to build a new joint but to help you grow at each stage, there are financial incentives. Being a google partner we are engaged with a network of Technology and Services, that too incorporated with customer friendly packages.

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Your search for trusted Google App Reseller in Dubai ends with us. UAE Website Development is a team of developers who are experts in this field and hence can guide you in the best way possible. So delay no more and place a call immediately at our helpline number: 0507077947 which is open 24*7 to guide you in the hour of need.

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