All the Essentials You Need to Know About Dubai Internet City

All the Essentials You Need to Know About Dubai Internet City

Google Dubai

Google Dubai: In the recent years, Dubai Internet City has become a center of interest among the technology admirers as well as other people across the globe. It is an Information Technology park established by the Dubai government for expanding the growth of technology in Dubai. It has become a great success due to the excellent Infrastructure and Statutory support aimed at furthering the growth of Information Technology in the city.

Google Dubai Internet City is a free economic zone that allow various companies to set up a number of ownership and customer related benefits for a long period. Including every high profile, medium and small ventures, there are numerous companies who have built their branches in the DIC. Some of the honourable mentions include Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP, DELL, Siemens, Oracle Corporation, Cisco and the list goes on. Apart from these global ICT giants, there are also many medium and small organizations who have built their entrepreneurial sectors.

Google in Dubai Internet City is one of the leading brands that has set their foothold firmly. Dubai is filled with several business opportunities and Google Dubai is certainly making the most of it. With excellent work culture and dedicated task forces, Google is blossoming in Dubai like several other top international brands.

Well, Dubai Internet City provides a knowledge economy ecosystem that helps in improving the different aspects of business development of Internet and Communications Technology companies. It is considered to be the Middle East’s largest ICT infrastructure having a free trade zone inside it. The Dubai Internet City has a kind of environment that is mostly suitable for ICT business purposes. It offers such facilities that helps the ICT community to easily widen their business and channels.

3 Important Things You Should Know in Dubai Internet City

The DIC technology park which is situated just outside the exorbitant downtown in Dubai is sometimes referred to as Dubai’s ‘Silicon Valley’. This is because just like the original ‘Silicon Valley’, Dubai Internet City also hosts the regional headquarters of many renowned tech giants as mentioned earlier.

Now, let’s check on the significant three things that you should know about Dubai Internet City:

1) What Makes Dubai Internet City Alluring to the Tech Companies?

Dubai is fond of luxury as well as top-notch high-tech projects that surely makes the tech companies to gain interest to set up their office here. But apart from that, another reason for which the tech giants have lured over to this place is its free trade zone status. One of the innovative things is that they have their own man-made palm tree islands.

The other thing which needs to be mentioned is that DIC provides incentives to the companies who built their regional headquarters there. And also, special benefits like tax exemption for 50 years, no import/export issues etc. are quite appreciable.

Everyone is familiar with Facebook today. Facebook started their first Middle East venture in Dubai Internet City in the year 2012 which led them to achieve a better access to advertisers and other important clients in that portion. This is Facebook’s main office that usually deals business in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan.

But as we mentioned earlier, Dubai Internet City is not only beneficial for the large tech companies. Many technology startups have also built their workstations in this free trade zone and along with that, tech incubators have been set up within the city. You’ll be glad to know that various technology associated programs such as hackathons, tech conferences, and Internet of Things expos etc. are also hosted in the DIC premises.

2) It’s Not the Only City of its Kind!

There are other cities in the world who have also arranged their own incentives to set up technology hubs. Back in 1990, Malaysia built their technology city in Cyberjaya which also has some principles that are same as DIC. But still, it hasn’t been able to develop or grow in the same scale as Dubai Internet City. Cyberjaya technology city is known for providing incentives to foreign enterprises so that they can set their business in the tech-focused location. There was a report that said, at present, there are about 800 companies who started their venture in Cyberjaya tech park including 40 global companies.

Another important example which brought the subject of a country promoting new international technological ventures is the Yozma program. This was held in Israel in the 1990s where they announced that if any foreign investment company comes to a deal of 44 million AED with an Israeli investment group, then the Israeli government would add about 30 million AED to that project. This initiative had given a boost to the Israeli technology which led many companies who were associated to this deal to a great height of success in the high-tech field.

Though Cyberjaya or Yozma is quite different from the Dubai Internet City in many aspects, but still they all stand for the same thing at the end of the day. They all showed that how a country or city can set up their own versions of Silicon Valley in their home ground and give foreign companies an opportunity to take part in this mission.

3) Dubai Internet City is Still Under Censorship

The UAE government is not really a patron of free speech because they try to censor any content which is not relevant to technology development. In the initial years, there was more Internet content freedom in the Dubai Internet City and some other parts of the UAE. Again in 2006, it was reported that many of the high-tech parks including Dubai Internet City, Knowledge Village, Dubai Media City etc. in UAE have sidestepped the strict state censorship issue with the help of a different proxy technique. But things got different in the year 2008, when the state-controlled Internet company Du started checking every Internet content including the free zones also using their own servers. That is when they began censoring various contents in Dubai Internet City.

Well, so far, everything was great with DIC until the censor issue came into existence. And, it is true that censorship can surely slow down the pace of high-tech innovations and developments. This might obstruct technology companies operating in Dubai Internet City. The good news is that currently, some of the big nations like India, Africa and Southern Asia is helping to fuel Dubai Internet City’s growth and prosperity for the coming years.

Google UAE
Dubai Internet City
Building 9, office 220/221
P.O Box 502966
Phone: +971 4 4370 680
Fax: +971 4 4370 681

Google Headquarters
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

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CaroVision GT LLC
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Casanova Management Consultancy
Clear View
Desert River
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Elite Talent Solutions
Capsoft: Best Business Software and Hardware Company in UAE
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List of Companies in Dubai Internet City

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