Important Things to Remember Before You Copyright Logo Design

Important Things to Remember Before You Copyright Logo Design

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A logo is a great business asset which should be very creative, unique and as well as meaningful with the business. This logo represents your business to your clients and customers. This is why as soon as you draw the logo, you have a copyright in it. It will help you to protect your logo from other companies or brands who try to copy your logo design. To copyright logo, it is essential to create a copyright notice and attach it with the logo. Fortunately, if you register your copyright, you can claim your it when someone tries to copy your unique logo design and can appeal it in Federal Supreme court for this. In case you are not much aware of the essentials that are required before a logo design, then go through this article thoroughly. Here, we are going to discuss all the important factors and processes that will guide you in the best way.

copyright logo guideWhat is Copyright?

Copyright is the law that gives the right to the logo artist to tell about one can use his logo for their purpose. This law is generally implemented from the laws of the United State. It helps you to protect your unique work from being copied by someone. It also makes your business unique from other brands or businesses around the globe.

This law gives the owner an advantage with several rights. An artist who registers for copyright logo has these below rights –  

  • To reproduce his work.
  • To distribute copies.
  • To display his creation publicly.
  • To assemble the derivative works.
  • To execute the work.

If you register the copyright, no one can break the rule legally.

Below we are discussing some important things to save the uniqueness of your logo. Hence, take a look below:

Things You can’t Copyright

Copyright provides you with many rights, but as a professional designer you can’t copyright these following things:

  • Titles
  • Names
  • Symbols
  • Slogans
  • Calendars
  • Variations of colouring and lettering
  • Measurement charts etc.

But you can save these things of your logo by Trademark. It will help you to protect the word, name, design or symbol of your business logo.

Claim for the Copyright

If you created a logo for yourself, then you need not to claim for your copyright logo. But this situation arises when you draw or create a logo for your client. Most of the clients want your work for making their business unique with your creative logo.

So, first, make sure before sharing the rights to your client for claiming for the copyright of your work. Because, in such agreement, you can’t use this logo for other purposes and you can’t even share your creation with other clients.

Registration of Copyright

Basically, there is no need to register for copyright logo at first. But, if you are willing to save your creation from being copied, then registration for the copyright of your work is most important.

If you add a copyright symbol in your work, you can say all the people that this work simply owns to you and no one can claim for the copyright as it breaks the rules. But, you can be able to claim copyright if someone tries to copy your logo thereby appealing your court.

But, you have to remember that you need to use the copyright symbol in your logo. You can also attach the copyright notice with your logo by which someone can know that the logo is already registered.

The concept of Copyright Infringement

First of all, you need to know about Copyright infringement if you create a logo for your business. When a company or a person tries to copy your logo without your permission, the term ‘Copyright infringement’ arises. This situation helps you to secure your uniqueness and keeps your work safe.

Penalties for Copyright Infringement

If you prove that the person copies your logo or copyright logo, then the person has to give a certain amount of penalties. You can also appeal in the Federal Supreme court to take serious actions against the infringer. If you can prove, the infringer has to pay an amount of a range from 735 AED to 5,50,950 AED as compensation depends upon the damages.

Trademark vs Copyright – Which One is more Secure?

Generally, Trademark helps to protect the slogans and logos while the copyright helps to protect the creative design of a logo. Moreover, it describes that your creation is only your own property and no one has a basic right to use it. But, basically, the Trademark is more secure than the copyright. This is because it helps to protect your logo from other infringers. So, now let’s discuss these two ‘Property Protection’ in depth.

Copyright Protection

At the time of creation, your logo is automatically copyrighted. But copyright registration is required if a company or brand wants to sue over another party or company if they use or copy their logo. As an example, we can say that a book’s text content is the copyright of its author. It helps to protect this book from plagiarism.

If you want to register your copyright logo, you have to fill a form first, then submit it with some amount of fee. You can also send a copy of your unique creation to the Copyright Office of the United States.

Trademark Protection

In contrast, Trademark distinguishes a design, word, a name or a symbol of your business logo from another brand or company. As an example, In iPad or other Mac devices, the Apple trademarks are visible. It means that their logo is protected and all the customers can come to know that this iOS device is released by Apple. Registering a trademark is not as easy as copyright registration. First, to trademark your logo, you have to do brief research about all other existing logos. You have to research that your logo is unique than other all existing logos.

When Should You Copyright Your Logo?

Before knowing the process of Copyright, you have to know when you can copyright your logo. This information is very important before registering for copyright logo.

When You can Claim for Your Copyright?

If you are the original creator of your logo and don’t want to share your copyright rights to your clients, then you can claim for your copyright.

On the other hand, if you hire a designer to create your business logo, then you can only claim for this logo if the designer is ready to give the authority of his logo.

Research Briefly before Claiming a Copyright

If your logo matches with another existing logo, then you can’t able to claim the copyright logo. So, before claiming, do brief research on other logos. Otherwise, you will face trouble according to the rule. Make sure that your logo is unique from others. Just visit the U.S. Copyright Office website for researching the design, name of all other existing logos.

Know the Basic Steps to Copyright a Logo Design

If you want to copyright your logo, go through these below processes which we provide.

Step #1: Fill up the Registration Form and Submit the Application

You can find the copyright form by going the official website of the United States Copyright Office. You have to download it, and then fill up it with reliable information.

  • You can see the form of copyright in the official site. They will give you two option for submission of this form. You can even submit the form online as a paper version or an electronic.
  • If you want to fill up this form online, go to the fillup page, and then choose the ‘Electronic Copyright Office’ login icon. Now, you have to create an account and follow the instructions which will appear on the screen. Thus, you can submit the form.
  • If you want to fill a paper form, you have to go for the option ‘Visual Arts’, and then download the form, ‘Form VA’. First, print the form, and then enroll it with reliable information.
  • Just add your personal information, nature of documentation, the name of the author or owner.
  • Choose the mode of payment, handwritten signature,  contact information as your preference.

Step #2: Pay a Registration Fee

The registration fee to copyright a logo is 143 AED, and the cost to send a paper application form is 887.25 AED.

Before paying the fee, you should remember these following information:

  • The fee is non-refundable.
  • You can pay this registration fee by your credit card if you want to submit the online form.
  • Use a money order or cheque, if you want to submit this via mail.
  • Fill up the Form RE if you want to renew your copyright logo claim.

Step #3: Submit Your Logo Copies

You need to send two copies of your logo if you published your logo on other platforms. But, if you never published your logo publicly, then one copy is enough for submission.  But, you have to remember that they will not return these copies to you. Attach the digital version of your logo if you want to fill up the form online.

But, after some days, you have to submit the hard copy of your logo as well.

Step #4: Get a Confirmation Mail

After paying the registration fee, you have to upload the file of your logo and they will send you a confirmation message for this. After 30 days this is approved by verifying all the information provided by you about the copyright logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you trademark your logo for free?

If you want to trademark your logo for free, then just follow these below instructions.

  • To register a trademark, go to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Web site,
  • Check if someone else hasn’t already registered the mark your category by checking the Trademark Electronic Search System database.
  • Can you use a trademarked logo on your t-shirt?

The first thing you should remember that if someone claim for the copyright or trademark for his logo, sometimes it leads to criminal charges. Copyrighted images basically use in the t-shirt. But you should never use someone’s logo without their permission.

  • How can you legally protect your brand?

You can legally protect your brand by following these below instructions –

  • Protect the web content
  • Use IP protection
  • Register your trademark
  • Trademark your brand
  • Set up Google alerts
  • Get a Patent
  • Create a distinctive mark
  • Create an employee handbook.

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