Best Landing Page Optimization Strategy in 2019

Best Landing Page Optimization Strategy in 2019

Effective Landing Page Optimizations for a Better Conversion Rate

A landing page that is well designed can be a driving force for your business. Entrepreneurs need to invest a significant amount of time in building landing pages. A lot goes into creating an effective landing page such as choosing colors, selecting offers, writing the copy. However, your ultimate purpose is to achieve a high conversion rate so that you are able to meet your revenue goals. In order to make the conversion numbers a reality, you need to keep in mind some effective landing page optimizations. Here is a list of the steps that you can apply to make a difference in the conversion rates.

landing page optimizations strategy

1. Address The Common Customer Queries

The landing page creates the first impression of your brand to your potential customers. As this is their initial interaction with your company, they might be hesitant to complete the buying process. Therefore, you will need to provide in-depth information on the landing page in order to alleviate the concerns of your customers and achieve a better conversion rate.

You will have to address the common customer questions so that they don’t feel the need to research your brand or products outside your website. Another thing you can do is to feature verified third-party customer reviews in order to instill trust in your visitors. You can also explain how your products or services outsmart those of your competitors in terms of excellence.

2.Avoid Friction Points

Your goal is to create a seamless user experience. In order to achieve that, you will have to limit the unnecessary distractions such as excessive popups, buttons or navigation bars. If you are trying to create a high-quality landing page, you will only need to include a call-to-action(CTA).

You can only ask for the email addresses of your potential customers to make the process hassle-free. Your purpose should be to create landing pages that are simple yet impactful. You can significantly boost conversions by keeping the CTA high on the page or including visuals.

3.Enable A Countdown Timer

One of the most effective landing page optimizations is to enable a countdown timer. By this, the visitor understands that the sale is going to end soon and they will have to act soon if they want to receive the promo code at checkout. You can set the timer as a sticky header so that it is compatible with all screens. Additionally, you can use A/B testing to check whether the countdown timer is being able to convert your visitors into customers or not.

4.Make Use Of Exit-Intent Popups

If you want to increase the conversion rates of your landing page, one of the effective landing page optimizations is to use the exit-intent popups instead of the regular popups. Once the user shows the intent of leaving the site, these kinds of popups show up. Once the users tend to move the cursor to the back arrow, the popup shows up asking the users to enter their email addresses in exchange of a free e-book or a coupon.

5.A/B Testing

Most people usually ask for email addresses with a form along with a submit button. Instead of offering the users a form, you can give them two options. They will have the options of either selecting ‘yes’ indicating that they would like to avail the e-book or newsletter or not. You can take the help of A/B testing by trying out different verbiage and button colors. For instance, you can also make the ‘yes’ button red-colored and ‘no’ button a light gray color. You can try out different things with A/B testing and see what works the best for your landing page.

6.Ensure Hassle-Free User Experience

One of the effective landing page optimizations is to make sure that the experience of your users is seamless. In case there is a form on the landing page, you need to ensure that you ask for the minimum amount of information. Keeping in mind the average attention span of the users, they are less likely to fill out a form with multiple fields. If you want your users to sign up, you need to offer them options to sign in with Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn. In the case of payments, you can offer money-back guarantees to make your customers feel in control of the purchasing process.

7.Add A Targeted Video

You can add a targeted video as one of the effective landing page optimizations. Videos on the landing page are highly effective in increasing the conversion rate as it can convey a message with remarkable speed. Moreover, there is no need for an active input from the viewer. In addition to that, if the content of the video is optimized, it can encourage the viewers to stay longer on your site. It can also earn you trust from your visitors which can be an asset in this digital landscape.

8.Live Chat Facility

If you are struggling to come up with some effective landing page optimizations, you can give some thought to a live chat facility. It can serve two purposes for your landing page. Firstly, you will get to offer immediate assistance to people with queries regarding your products or services. On the other hand, it can be a great opportunity for you to get the response of your visitors so that you are able to make significant changes to the page accordingly. The correspondence with people in real time has some obvious advantages.

9.Tell A Visual Story

One of the most important and effective landing page optimizations is to have a clean landing page. With your landing page, you can make the visitors understand your product, outline a clear way of purchasing your product or piquing their interest to find out more. You should not put all the information up front. The purpose of the landing page is to provide your users with enough information and encourage them to know more.

Another thing you can incorporate is to include a welcome pop up message with discounts for new users. You can also encourage people to sign up for receiving emails. An exit popup can also be effective if a user intends to exit away from your site.

10.Focus On Customer Stories

One of the effective landing page optimizations is to focus on the customer stories. Your conversion rates can increase to a great extent if you highlight the stories of your customers. While making decisions regarding whether or not to buy your products, people want to know the experience of others who have purchased your product or availed your services. If your potential customers are able to relate to the customer stories, you have been successful in piquing their interest. This can prove to be an amazing way of spreading the customer stories and creating a sense of trust for your products or services.

11.Final Thoughts

The effective landing page optimizations that are mentioned above can help you come up with an excellent landing page. You also need to follow it up by gathering and tracking data over a period of time. As you go forward, you may have to tweak it depending on various factors. If you plan to use the same landing page, don’t forget to analyze and test it every quarter.

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