Pinterest SEO: An Entire Guide to Optimize Pins for the Users

Pinterest SEO: An Entire Guide to Optimize Pins for the Users

A popular social media platform, Pinterest is a channel targeting savvy marketers. It is a popular hub of ideas and thoughts which renders a refreshing alternative to other famous social media platforms. And, it portrays an untapped opportunity for many people in the industry of SEO. As a social media channel, Pinterest sits distinctly from the Google centered efforts. But, we must proceed to embrace and encompass the differences. The platform deploys plenty of room for storytelling and creativity from where you can fetch new ideas and designs.

A Discovery program wherein Pinners seek fresh ideas, Pinterest is the terminal where one reaches to share and learn! Besides being a social media base, it is also a search engine which covers over a couple of billion searches per month. Also, Pinterest is a great driver of traffic to a website throughout all business industries. That said, it is responsible for an approximate of 5% of referral traffic. However, traffic isn’t the sole concern for jumping on the bandwagon of  Pinterest. Also, it is a great weapon to facilitate business!

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Representing immense opportunity to succeed amidst market competition, employing Pinterest SEO possesses the ability to supply free traffic to your website. Learn how to direct the traffic that is ready to buy. However, let us begin by portraying a prior discussion regarding Pinterest.

New and Brilliant Ways to Get Found on Pinterest

There are multiple brilliant methods to get found on Pinterest. Let us discuss the significant ways is details.

  1. The Following Tab

If you desire to observe content by the entities you follow, Pinterest is here for you now! The following tab displays the content uploaded by several users that you follow. Also, it has the initial 5 pins prioritized for the purpose of distribution.

  1. The Hashtag Feed

Now, here is something extremely new to Pinterest. The way you receive your content into an appropriate hashtag feed is extremely easy. The key is employing relevant hashtags and letting them play! But, before you commence to insert hashtags to all of the earlier pins, don’t bother.

The hashtag feed is dictated by a freshness and hence, inserting hashtags to earlier pins doesn’t bear any effect. Therefore, simply insert hashtags to fresh pins. These are there to remain always.

  1. The Home Feed or the Smart Feed

Pinterest uses the Smart Feed as an algorithm to determine what a visitor observes in their home feed. It performs in a distinct pattern. It presents the type of content that triggers you to continue clicking and return back for some more. Pins, now, are displayed as the Best First unlike earlier when the Newest First used to pop up. The Smart Feed ranks as well as prioritizes pins according to the quality. And the quality must be determined by the algorithm. However, three separate content pools exist from where your feed is drawn. The first is the saved pins from the users that you follow, and then the related pins as well as pins from your interests. Then, Pinterest selects pins from each to portray in your Smart Feed.

  1. In Search

Now, the question that arises is how to select pins to display in search. Similar to a search engine algorithm, Pinterest’s ones are somewhat critical and hence they bear their cards to their chest.

Moving on, there are four major factors that are distinguished to determine whether your pins appear or not on Pinterest. The Domain Quality, Pin Quality, Relevance, and Pinner Quality are the parameters. And once you attain the knowledge to optimize each of the factors just discussed, you are good to go to bring in consistent traffic via Pinterest.

However, let us follow an in-depth study in these four parameters to achieve the objective.

The Way Pinterest Search Algorithm Performs

Extending the last discussion, let us engage in an in-depth study of the four parameters. As said earlier, the four areas must be strong to fetch greater traffic on your website.

  1. Increase Domain Quality

Pinterest’s idea of determining your website quality is the domain quality. The platform can observe popular pins and learns if the website is a source of great quality content. Now, over to the procedure!

  • Transform to a business account in case you haven’t yet already. A business account renders several facilities which the regular profile cannot access.
  • Then, claim your website in order to authenticate yourself in Pinterest as a verified pinner. This brings in trust and therefore customers’ reliance eventually.
  • After that, on your account, initiate rich pins. Such pins insert additional data to your pins straight from your blog. If you update the data that is on your blog, this will automatically shift across to Pinterest. And the additional information assists in enhancing your ranking.
  • Make sure to maintain consistency in partnership. Ensure to pin daily to keep a continuous flow. Pinterest recommends performing at least 10 pins per day over the clustered 70 pins on one day and no activity on the rest of the days. This makes you an active member marking your consistency.
  • Then, create as well as pin great quality content that receives plenty of saves and comments. All you need to emphasize on is the quality of the content that you plan to publish.
  1. Increase Pin Quality

The popularity and the levels of engagement of your pins determine the pin quality. If several people close up, save, click-through, comment or add a photo, Pinterest perceives that as a great quality pin. Make sure to engage your audience and followers with the pins. Pinterest perceives all of your pin versions while determining the quality of the pin. Therefore, if you save any of your pins to a separate board, Pinterest inserts the number of saves as well as comments which that particular pin receives. Now, if you pin a photo and then wait a few days, you’ll receive comments, as well as photos, pop up on your pin from separate pin versions. Know the way to do it.

  • Write arresting blog post headings!

The whole purpose of a blog’s title is to fetch people to proceed to read the successive sentences. An impressive heading has the potential to intrigue the readers and keep them hooked. Hence, a compelling title must be a necessary aspect that you should definitely look into.

  • Build pin-worthy graphics

Besides attractive headings, you must also look into other aspects as well, like creating a great pin graphic. Try to form a creative and catchy one! Also, you can make a pin graphic interesting according to the audience’s’ ability to perceive. Hence, this also assists you in targeting specific customers. An impressive graphics yields greater traffic to your site. That is because a great one intrigues viewers and triggers them to read and delve into the post. You can design pin-worthy graphics by employing certain tips and tricks.

  • Tricks

Employ the tricks which help you in building an arresting pin-worthy graphics. Ensure that the image is tall and not wide. Also, use a good-quality image. Then, overlay the title of your blog post on the image. This gives a subtle idea of the thing that you present by the image behind the writing. Also, use plenty of images and ideas in your pin. Adding ample pictures works great if your blog posts are on food and craft or Diy. Such categories of posts let you present the steps and hence makes it a high-quality content. Also, attaching a before-and-after picture for your blog works just fine.

  • The Image

Always use an image that is Pinterest-recommended that falls within the size of 900 x 600 px. You must adhere to this strictly or else, pins aren’t distributed and spread across as widely.

  • Monitor Pinterest Boards for Clicks and Saves

In case your pins fail to be saved, consider archiving them. Also, inspect for clicks in Pinterest Analytics because you definitely don’t desire to leave a board which is yielding clicks.

  1. Enhance Pinner Quality

Pinner quality is essentially Pinterest’s process of determining you as a content curator. Earn Pinterest’s trust to curate the relevant-most content. However, let us talk about the ways to enhance the pinner quality.

  • Be an Active member on Pinterest

Investing time in Pinterest grants you the ability to identify the best performing boards as well as pins and tweak your tactic for more comments as well as saves.

  • Pin the Existing Popular Content

Resort to multiple ways to get popular pins. First, browse the category that says Popular. Then, just conduct a search on Pinterest for the topic you deal with or are interested in. Usually, the initial pins to appear are extremely popular with millions of saves.

  • Enhance your Follower Engagement

Employ Pinterest Analytics to receive the record of your top performing pins. And this is likely to be the content that reverberates most with your followers.

  1. Relevance: Insert Keywords to Pinterest

Even if Pinterest marks you as a pinner of high-quality, your pins aren’t visible to the users unless Pinterest perceives your pins as appropriate or relevant. Relevance is basically how close your pins fit the overall interests of your audience along with their specific searches. If you are well aware of SEO, then you probably know the sole way for a search engine to learn about the type and theme of your content is with keywords. Check the steps!

  • Conduct a Pinterest Keyword Research

The best method to do keyword research solely for Pinterest is none other than Pinterest itself. When you enter a search query on Pinterest, auto-suggestions of keywords pop up. This is similar to what the popular search engine Google does to fetch search results. A collection of suggested keywords appear which lets you insert in your search to further narrow it down. Similar to Google SEO, the Pinterest alternative emphasizes long tail keywords. Since there exist plenty of competition for standard keywords, the point is to get the most targeted ones with long tails. Unfortunately, you cannot view the search frequency for keywords on Pinterest. But, in case you are interested in viewing the categories and delving into the Topics section to check the number of people who hinted their interest in the topic, you can do that conveniently This presents you with a picture that displays the popularity of any keyword. Now, you are a huge step ahead in the competition that too just by conducting research on keywords.

  • Optimize your Pinterest Profile for Search Engines

Three locations exist where you can insert keywords in order to optimize your Pinterest account. The username, your business name, and your bio are those three places. The username identifies your Pinterest Profile URL. This is where you can utilize a broader keyword. Next, to insert a business name, you require to transform into a business account. You will receive access to promoted pins and analytics. Also, you can claim the website you own. The platform renders ample room in the name field to insert keywords.

Insert keywords immediately after the business name in order to show the Pinterest users the things you do.

  • Optimize your Pinterest Boards

In case you desire your pins and boards on them to be discovered in the search, then optimize them using intelligent keywords. Always ensure to save the content that you own, to your relevant-most board. Do this as a primary task since the board keywords remain with the pin and assist Pinterest to categorize as well as distribute when relevant. Keyword stuffing isn’t a penalty as of now, but look out in case of changes! Hence, constantly work to upgrade the user-friendliness of your board descriptions. Also, ensure to classify the boards properly. Finally, make sure that you don’t save irrelevant content since this can eventually hurt your distribution.

  • SEO of your Pin Descriptions

Don’t be oblivious to the fact that you also have to optimize your pins by inserting keywords into the description. Now, just writing an enticing description isn’t sufficient and hence, Pinterest experiments with them. You cannot simply choose from the two options which are keywords and an arresting description. Make them both work for you!

  • Optimize Text Overlays and Make Relevant Choices

A visual task of search enables you to take a picture of a product which Pinterest returns the pins it views as a match. This indicates that if you plan to sell a product, ensure that it is clear in the image.

  • SEO of your Blog Posts

Employ the keywords in your blog titles and the body as well. In case you activated rich pins, employing keywords will carry through Pinterest. It is essential to optimize meta description to intrigue Pinterest users and take them back to your blog post.

  • Optimization of your Purchasable Pins

In case you plan to use the Buy It button, make sure to optimize those pins. You must do this by employing keywords in your description and title.

  • SEO of your Hashtags

This is what makes you drive traffic to your page! Use them but do so relevantly. Choose the ones that are specific to the content you own. Bring the desired audience who know the value of the content you post.

  • Optimize your Board Sections

Broad sections are similar to shelves within boards. Pinterest archives more data regarding your pins and boards via broad sections. Hence, ensure to employ keywords appropriately. Use them to display the best of your pins in separate categories. In case you sell several types of products, employ them in order to present each type. If you possess recipe boards, make use of board sections in order to choose by cuisine type or meal.

Pinterest is a fertile platform to market your services. Just employ the techniques to propagate the services to relevant customers with efficient Pinterest SEO. Thus, successful content marketing yields great organic traffic to your website. Thereby, you succeed in facilitating your business and interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to develop SEO on Pinterest?

You can increase Pinterest SEO by optimizing your profile boards, and pins. Execute keyword research and use rich pins to drive traffic to your page. Thus, you can increase SEO on Pinterest.

  1. How to be discovered on Pinterest?

To be found by the target audience on Pinterest, you should search for content by keywords. Pin from websites that you like, click on hashtags to get similar pins and search by hashtags. These are some of the ways to be found on Pinterest.

  1. How to fetch more followers on Pinterest?

Make your profile on Pinterest enticing to the audience which intrigues them to view the contents. Create attractive and unique headings along with witty or intelligent graphics. Make the appearance in such a way that triggers the audience to click and read the post.

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