Get Hold of The Exciting Techniques of Google AdWords for Avoiding Common PPC Mistakes

Get Hold of The Exciting Techniques of Google AdWords for Avoiding Common PPC Mistakes

Google AdWords

PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, is an internet advertising way, where the site name comes on the top of search results. PPC is related to Google AdWords or Bing. Whenever anyone searches for any kind of services or products that the PPC subscribed website provides, the site name comes on the top of search results in Google, Yahoo or Bing.

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Some of The Major PPC Mistakes That Web Professionals Make: What to keep in mind?

While using PPC, users make some certain mistakes that can slow down the momentum of their work. Every PPC professional makes at least one error. It mainly occurs due to wrong targeting or wrong use of keywords. It is always necessary to note down the mistakes so that they are not repeated again.

Mistakes mainly occur while creating PPC ads or due to a lack of testing. Here is a list of some common PPC mistakes made by web designers.

  • Setting Up The perfect keyword:

It is always important to bring out the most traffic to your website. Focusing on the longtail keywords helps you save a lot of money from paying for PPC. If your keyword matches with the searched keyword, then it will help your advertisement to reach on top of the ranking list. Use different web statistics and distribute your keywords to find out the exact word people use to search for your type of products or services.

  • The number one spot:

People usually research on a product before they buy it. So, if you are paying a lot to stay in the first position, then sorry to say, you are losing a lot of clients to the site present in the third position. Being on top will attract a lot of customers, but whenever they try to research, your site will be remembered last when they are ready to buy.

  • Geo-Targeting:

It does not matter how popular your brand is across the world; people always prefer those products which have their state name on it. So, keeping this psychological thing on your mind, you can use Geo-target to place the state name on your ads. It will always result in higher clicks as users will know that you recognize their location.

  • Fraud Networks:

Google or other search engines use a network to distribute their advertisements. Among those networks, many are fraud and do not provide enough traffic on your website. So, it is always recommended to find the perfect domain names that deliver traffic to your site and drop the other names on Google’s excluded sites list. It will prevent you from paying to fraud networks.

  • Telephone Number:

One of the most common mistakes PPC professionals make is providing the phone number of the service provider on the keyword. It may be eye-catching, but it does not help in increasing traffic to your business. You can efficiently use the space for some more attractive and meaningful keywords that can convey the right message.

  • Negative Keywords:

The word negative keyword means losing or wasting money on keywords that won’t help you to gain any business. If you use words like free or jobs, it will attract many people and will increase your traffic immensely, but it won’t help you to gain any business from that. Do you really want to spend money on keywords that will attract people who are only searching for free products?

  • Fraud Policy:

Sometimes, to raise traffic and increase business, some companies use two accounts and use Google AdWords. Google has the policy to fight against these frauds. So, if you find any of your competitor using two accounts simultaneously, then you can call Google and let them know about the fraudulent ways your competitor is applying to gain online traffic.

  • Discounts and offers:

This trick always works. You can always give a holiday or other seasonal discounts to attract customers, and gain more traffic. You can easily provide an excellent competition to your competitors’ business using these kinds of keywords. Christmas special or holiday discounts can be an easy trick to gain attraction.

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