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Over the past few years, the advancement of technology has transformed the traditional hosting into a new form i.e. cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a web hosting service in which several physical or virtual servers are connected to one another with a cloud-like setup which is used to provide cloud web hosting services to clients. Cloud hosting is one of the most reliable web hosting setups because even if a few servers on a cloud fail, the remaining servers take over the job of providing hosting to all the websites hosted on that cloud without any interruption in the service.

Cloud hosting is basically related to hosting websites on either a single dedicated or shared servers. The clustered hosting in which websites are hosted on multiple servers can also be considered as cloud hosting. In the cloud hosting system, a vast number of users shares the server network and pulls data from different locations.

Cloud Hosting Plans in Dubai

So, if you want to get some of the best Cloud Hosting plans packages, feel free to connect with us. UAE Website Development will provide you authentic Cloud Hosting Plans in Dubai which you use for your own purpose.

A Brief Idea about how Cloud Hosting Works

In the case of cloud hosting, every server included carries a certain set of data or information. If any of the servers fails during the transfer, then another server takes its place and completes the job. There are generally two types of cloud hosting; public and private. By availing our Cloud Hosting plans packages, you can get both the cloud hosting services.

Public Cloud

  • Most of the people go for public cloud models where a virtual server is used for hosting. That hosted server basically pulls the resource from a pool of other public virtual servers that are available.
  • The public networks who are same in nature, are used to transfer data among themselves. This data is physically contained in the shared servers. Such shared servers are used to form the cloud resource.
  • The cloud networks provide a security mechanism that protects the user’s data from hacking or intrusion. Along with that, it will suffice for most installations.

Private Cloud

  • When you’re dealing with something that needs more concern for security and privacy, then you should go for Private cloud hosting.
  • Similar to that of servers and networks, private clouds are also ring-fenced resources. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve located on-site or with the cloud provider itself.

Benefits you can get from our Cloud Hosting Plans in Dubai

Cloud hosting is more of a way that you configure servers, instead of an actual tangible thing, but with it being called “cloud” hosting, that’s probably what you’ve come to expect. The simplest cloud hosting definition could be a network of virtual servers that tap into an underlying network of physical servers. The extent to which you tap into this network depends upon the actual needs of the website and can be scaled up or down accordingly.

However, here are some of the benefits we provide to our customers with genuine cloud hosting services:

  • Cloud servers will give you tremendous security and stability. Primarily, this is due to the isolated environment in which a cloud server setup runs. Secondly, if one of the physical servers is compromised, you can simply rely on another server that’s running properly.
  • Cloud servers also offer you incredible speed and performance. When you’re running your site from a physical server, the only location your site’s files can be accessed is from that exact server location. With a cloud server, your website can be accessed from multiple locations, which can be closer from the actual physical location of your visitors– improving their site speed. Thus, feel free to call the UAE Website Development team and get your right Cloud Hosting Plans Packages today.
  • Scalability is infinite when it comes to cloud hosting. Upgrading your disk space and memory is a very simple process and can be done from multiple different servers. The hardware constraints of a single physical server location are not limited to cloud hosting services.

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