Reputation Management Plans

Monitoring online mentions of an individual or company

Online reputation management plays a very important role in building the perception of a brand and in ultimately driving business results

Approach UAE Website Development for Reliable Online Reputation Management Plans in Dubai

Online reputation management plays a very important role in building the perception of a brand and in ultimately driving business results. It goes without saying that customers are the heart of every business, irrespective of the latter’s size, and niche. It is only by providing good customer service that a business can first survive and then flourish. Good customer service can further drive extreme loyalty and create positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. Now, the question is– how do you ensure the best customer service for your clients?

Customer satisfaction can be achieved best by maintaining transparency and delivering what your promise. If you can’t do it, staying in the game would be next to impossible. Another essential for creating an amazing customer experience is a courteous and strong customer service team. A reliable customer service team deals exclusively with the customers and plays a pivotal role in defining your company’s growth.

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Reliable Online Reputation Management Plans

How Does Reputation Management Work?

Google works on a complex algorithm to find out which search results appear on what page. High Page Authority pages appear on top of the search results while low Page Authority pages come in the bottom or sometimes don’t appear till the very bottom. Reputation management companies boost Search results by improving the authority and search visibility of positive content to build a good Online reputation of any company, product or individual.

While every reputation management campaign is different from others, the best Online Reputation Management Company in Dubai i.e. UAE Website Development follows the below tactics:

  • Monitoring online mentions of an individual or company.
  • Publishing real content on websites having good traffic and high search engine authority.
  • Optimizing existing websites and social media profiles to rank higher in the search results for select keywords.
  • Contacting the source to edit or remove negative content.
  • Filing a formal complaint with the search engine or webmaster.

Benefits you can expect from us regarding Reputation Management Plans in Dubai

Have a look at the benefits we offer to our customers while providing reliable Reputation Management Plans in Dubai:

1. Respond quickly and sincerely: As soon as you spot the issue, respond right away, but don’t offer up a pat answer. Showing customers you are truly listening requires a conversational approach in which you respond according to the individual’s specific experience and on the channel that the customer reached out on.

2. Remember to follow up: Just because you issue a refund or replacement—or take some other action to satisfy the customer—doesn’t mean your job is done. Follow up is critical. Revisit the social media forum where the original complaint was lodged, thank them for calling out the issue, and demonstrate to the masses that there was a positive resolution. Also, take the opportunity to privately ask if they are satisfied with the resolution.

3. Watch for trending topics: A single complaint is one thing, but a trend of positive or negative feedback about a specific aspect of your product or service is quite another. Use your social listening software to watch for trending topics so that your customer service team can reach out with solutions and pass on what they’ve learned to product development and marketing before sales begin to decline.

4. Focus on what matters: Inevitably, you’ll encounter someone with nothing better to do than to harass people online. As you continue to build your social customer service skills, you’ll get better at quickly identifying these types of interactions. At the end of the day, you can’t be all things to everyone, so it’s important to pick and choose your battles. That being said, it’s equally important not to let a genuine issue go ignored. Sometimes, just a few quick seconds of research on someone can help identify patterns in a person’s online behavior. If it walks like a troll and talks like a troll—it’s a troll. Move on to bigger and better things.

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Price Per Month
2nd Month Onwards
Campaign Duration 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Phone Support
Email Support
Messenger Support
Reporting Monthly 3 Months Weekly Daily
Phrases Protected & Monitored 1-3 3-5 5-7 7-10
Search Positions Protected 1st Page 1st Page 1st-2nd Page 1st-3rd Page
Search Positions Monitored 1-10 1-10 1-20 1-30
Development of Micro-sites
Article writing
Article Submissions
Press Release Writing
Press Releases Submissions
Social Media Bookmarking
Social Media Profiles Creation
Facebook – Setup
Facebook - Enhancement
Facebook – Promotion
Facebook - Daily Management
Twitter – Setup
Twitter – Enhancement
Twitter - Promotion
Twitter - Daily Management
Linkedin - Setup
Linkedin - Enhancement
Linkedin – Promotion
Linkedin Profile Creation
Linkedin - Daily Management
Flickr – Setup
Flickr - Enhancement
Flickr - Promotion
YouTube - Setup
YouTube - Enhancement
YouTube - Promotion
Business Profile Linking
Forum Comments
Creation of Ning Social Network
Digg Promotion
Stumbleupon Promotion
Blog Comments
Blog Setup
Blog Network Distribution
Blog RSS Directory Submission
Blog RSS Distribution
Google Profiles
Yahoo Answers (Q/A)
Quora Answers (Q/A)
Slide Share Presentations
Photo Sharing
Forum Site Reviews
Customer Reviews
Video Creation
Video Testimonials
Power Point Submissions
Video Submissions
Video Promotion
Link Building
Online Tracking
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