Reputation Management Plans






Price Per Month AED 2199/Month AED 3299/Month AED 4999/Month AED 6999/Month
2nd Month Onwards AED 1899/Month AED 2999/Month AED 4399/Month AED 6199/Month
Campaign Duration 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Phone Support
Email Support
Messenger Support
Reporting Monthly 3 Months Weekly Daily
Phrases Protected & Monitored 1-3 3-5 5-7 7-10
Search Positions Protected 1st Page 1st Page 1st-2nd Page 1st-3rd Page
Search Positions Monitored 1-10 1-10 1-20 1-30
Development of Micro-sites
Article writing
Article Submissions
Press Release Writing
Press Releases Submissions
Social Media Bookmarking
Social Media Profiles Creation
Facebook – Setup
Facebook - Enhancement
Facebook – Promotion
Facebook - Daily Management
Twitter – Setup
Twitter – Enhancement
Twitter - Promotion
Twitter - Daily Management
Linkedin - Setup
Linkedin - Enhancement
Linkedin – Promotion
Linkedin Profile Creation
Linkedin - Daily Management
Flickr – Setup
Flickr - Enhancement
Flickr - Promotion
YouTube - Setup
YouTube - Enhancement
YouTube - Promotion
Business Profile Linking
Forum Comments
Creation of Ning Social Network
Digg Promotion
Stumbleupon Promotion
Blog Comments
Blog Setup
Blog Network Distribution
Blog RSS Directory Submission
Blog RSS Distribution
Google Profiles
Yahoo Answers (Q/A)
Quora Answers (Q/A)
Slide Share Presentations
Photo Sharing
Forum Site Reviews
Customer Reviews
Video Creation
Video Testimonials
Power Point Submissions
Video Submissions
Video Promotion
Link Building
Online Tracking
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