Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and we provide more than just these two legal formalities. We believe in keeping the business relationship organized, secure and transparent. And that’s why we provide detailed information like Visual drafts, detailed proposals, project sitemap, Layout cut along with legal documents like Invoice, Non-Disclosure Agreement with clearly mentioned terms and conditions.

Yes, we can and we will, for free. You can avail out help in under 24 hours.

Sure. We do not charge anything for minor changes. However, for the changes that exceed one working hour, you will receive a written proposal containing the plan, scope, and cost of the changes along with the terms and conditions. We also make changes to the websites developed by other vendors but they take a little longer, and you will receive a similar proposal for them.

No, we do not provide exclusive hosting services. However, we can guide you through it.

Yes. Once our job is done, you can use the preferred host for your site.

Yes, they are, and extremely well so. Our packages have free basic SEO. And we have a different package for Advanced SEO that depends on your requirements. You can contact us for knowing the details.

We offer Web design, Web application development, SEO, Logo design, Identity building, and consultancy and support.

We use open source CMS like PHP, MySQL, XHTML, etc. We don’t have a custom made content management system, and our work mostly depends on the freely available open source CMS since they are cost effective. However, we can adapt to your preferred technology, and we will let you know if we can’t deliver the job as and when you want it.

That usually depends on your requirements and the package you chose. Typically we finish developing a website in 25-35 days. But as we said, it depends.

Our pricing policy and packages are transparent. We do not charge per pages or by the size of the company. Our charges depend on your requirement. For the Small and Medium projects, we charge 50% when we start the work, then 25% of the payment before we start the programming and the remaining 25% after we deliver the work. For the Large or Bespoke web application projects, we charge 35% of the payment at the beginning of the project, other 35% when we reach the mutually agreed milestone and the remaining 30% after the delivery of the project. And we accept all the payment modes.

Yes, we have a portfolio. Or you can contact us for reviewing the samples of our previous work.

Yes, we have, and we often do. We follow the same business practices with them as well.

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