Ruby ON Rails, the Origin and Use: Courses and Private Lessons

Ruby ON Rails, the Origin and Use: Courses and Private Lessons


ruby-on-railsRun on Rails is an open source framework that allows you to develop web applications with less code than other frameworks.

Let’s find out how Ruby on Rails is born, what it is and how it is used .

What does “Ruby on Rails” mean?

“But what does Ruby on Rails mean ” and above all where does it come from? Often called simply Rails or RoR , it is an open source framework built in the Ruby scripting language and created by David Heinemeier Hansson on behalf of the 37signals.

Rails needs a minimal configuration and is very appreciated for its simplicity that allows you to develop interesting applications with less code than other existing frameworks.

Ruby on Rails is distributed through RubyGems , the official distribution channel for Ruby applications.

As we have explained to you, RoR is written with the Ruby language , so we have to start from there.

What is Ruby?

Ruby on Rails is written in Ruby , a scripting language interpreted for object-oriented programming . What does it mean interpreted? It means that you can run a Ruby application without it being compiled.

The programming language Ruby was conceived in 1993 by the Japanese Yukihiro Matsumoto , more famous as Matz, and obtained immediately popularity not only in the East but also in the West.

In short, we can say that it is the first oriental project to be distributed internationally thanks to its character set that can be used internationally.

Ruby what is it for

Ruby is an interpreted language , an open source framework that arises from other object languages, in particular:

  • Smalltalk , from which it has drawn almost all the characteristics
  • Lisp , the functional language that allows blocks
  • Perl , to whom we owe the syntax

What to do with Ruby? All you want because the interpreter is written in the C language that is issued with two licenses, GPL and Ruby License , that is, permissive licenses for the software.

Currently Ruby is released in version 1.8.6 but the next release of the Ruby 2.0 version has been announced which, according to the rumors, should bring a wave of news.

As you may have guessed, this is a very widespread language , above all thanks to the frameworks for developing web applications, which we will talk about again and which allow you to create sites in just a few steps thanks to the various code libraries they offer.

How to use Ruby on Rails

We have seen the language with which RoR is written, now let’s see how to use Ruby On Rails .

This type of framework mainly follows two principles :

Do not Repeat Yourself , which means that the definitions are put only once. In fact, Rails is a full-stack framework for which the components do not have to be manually connected to each other because they are already well integrated.

Convention Over Configuration , ie the programmer must handle the configuration only for elements that differ from conventions. For example, if a model is formed by the Post class, the reference table in the database will be called Posts, or its name must be changed manually.

Versions Ruby On Rails

The first version of RoR is 1.0 dating back to 2005, which was followed by a series of Ruby On Rails versions such as:

  • 2 and 2.0 of 2007
  • 1 and 2.2 of 2008
  • 3 of 2009
  • 0 of 2010
  • 1 of 2011
  • 2 of 2012
  • 0 of 2013
  • 1 and 4.2 of 2014
  • 0 of 2016
  • 1 of 2017

And we are waiting for the new version Ruby On Rails 5.2  which promises big news.

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