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In this technologically advanced era, everyone wants to expand their business in the web world. But it seems a difficult task to do on your own if you lack tech knowledge about coding and are not familiar with other tech-oriented terms. But with the launch of the WordPress site, it has become easier to create your own website without coding. In addition to this, its user-friendly interface enables you to handle all your content with much ease. 

But with the increase in popularity of the WordPress site, it has gained a lot of risks as well. The WordPress site is used by many newbies who want to publish their content on the internet but their content is prone to get hacked. Many hackers find these content easy targets for them and hack the new websites. 

These mischievous hackers will try to hack all your contents including confidential data and even the payment gateways. Therefore, it is really important that you protect your website from getting them hacked. It will help you to run your online business confidently and smoothly.

How does your WordPress Site Get Hacked?

Your WordPress site can get hacked due to various reasons and in various instances. Let us look at some of the most common causes that are responsible for your WordPress contents to  get hacked:

  • If you add themes and plugins on your WordPress site, it is more prone to get hacked.
  • An outdated version of the WordPress site is always more vulnerable to getting attacked by hackers than its updated version.
  • Back Door Attack- If your WordPress site’s plugin or theme is poorly coded or you are using an outdated version of WordPress, then hackers can easily get access to the back door of your site. If the hackers get access to the backdoor, then it is a big threat as it can cause severe damage to your website.
  • Redirect Attack- In this type of hacking, the hacker will attack your website by re-routing the traffic from your website to a malicious website. That corrupted website will be filled with wrong and doubtful content materials. These contents are inserted to install viruses and steal confidential information from the visitor’s system. This type of Redirect hacking is quite similar to the Back door attack. Many hackers nowadays use customized tools to scan the WordPress sites to check their defects and vulnerability. So that they can easily hack it and get access to the back door and set up the redirect codes.

How to Repair a Hacked WordPress Site?

Once you find out that your website is hacked, the first thing you need to do is discover the location. Then repair the damages caused to your site by the hacker as soon as possible. Other precautionary steps that you need to take once your WordPress site gets hacked are-

  • First, start the fixing procedure by getting your site offline. However, if you are unaware of the WordPress backends, call us to get technical advice from our team of professionals.
  • To take your WordPress site off the internet, you will have to change all the passwords. Then you will be able to access your contents and other database files. These database files contain all the confidential information about your site but do not contain any plugins or themes.

While changing the password, make sure to note down the username, password, database name, table prefix, and name of the host. These passwords and usernames will be required again at the time connecting your database into the new installation.

Approach Our Experts for Fix Hacked WordPress Websites in Dubai:

If you still need help to fix your WordPress site after getting hacked, then you can contact us at our toll-free number 0507077947. Or you may also mail us at info@uaewebsitedevelopment.com. We provide service in Dubai and our experts are always ready to assist you and strive to offer you the best solutions regarding your hacked WordPress website problems. 

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