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In today’s technological era, establishing a proper website for your business is a must. Digital marketing is in high demand as it increases the revenue. And to create a strong digital presence. Investing in a website is the only appropriate way. It is the best method to decrease the promotional expenses of your business. Users can easily access your website with various devices. Along with brand awareness, websites also increase the credibility of your business. And if you can maintain your website regularly, it results in drastic growth and helps you to explore the true potential of your business.

Establishing a website is not the ultimate step. You need to maintain it on regular basis for the development of your business. Opt for reliable website maintenance services and avail effective guidance. UAE Website Development consists of a team full of professionals who are well skilled in website designing and maintaining. In addition to this, we also provide effective tips that are beneficial for your website. Our experts cater to your requirements for small as well as big businesses.

What is the Need for Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance

In any business, website maintenance is an important factor. Websites act as your online voice and hence, it requires maintenance to attract and retain customers. A website is a gateway for your business and it facilitates in promoting various products or services. For real-time service industries, a well-maintained website is a must. Here are a few reasons why maintaining a website is necessary for the growth of your business.

  1. Makes the right impression for your business
  2. Gives your visitors a reason to come back
  3. Boosts your search engine ranking and drive more traffic
  4. Keeps your site updated with the latest security patches and bug fixes
  5. Your website needs to grow and evolve to keep up with the current technologies

Why Avail a Website Maintenance Contract from UAE Website Development?

Our team at UAE Website Development comprises talented and expert web developers who are well experienced in this field and can guide you in the best way possible. We offer best website annual maintenance contract which includes the easiest solutions to evolve your business website. This will eventually help you to ensure that your clients can view all the updated information whenever they visit your site. If you are still wondering why to choose us for AMC for your business website, then go through the benefits that we are going to provide:

Website Annual Maintenance Contract include the given below services

  1. Periodic and/or regular website content updating of information such as new features added or deleted regularly
  2. Update, correct or create new web pages
  3. Creating unlimited number of new pages
  4. Adding new URLs for the development pages and latest news
  5. Adding fresh content to the web pages
  6. Periodic alteration or fresh images and/or graphic alterations such as color, text, etc.
  7. Google Analytics control to keep track of the page visits all over the world
  8. Website checks & repair of broken links or graphic links plus testing.
  9. High Speed Website
  10. Charming Color Schemes time to time
  11. Mobile Responsive with required timely update
  12. SEO friendly and supported website
  13. Join Mailing List
  14. Inquiry Section test and update
  15. Google Maps Live Location Support
  16. Google Name Submission
  17. Audio Video supported
  18. Free Data Uploading for 01 Year
  19. Full Data Backup for Future
  20. Social Media Icons like facebook, Youtube ,instagram,twitter,Linkedin Etc
  21. 100 % Satisfaction with services
  22. Fast Delivery of services
  23. Free Maintenance Life Time support.
  24. Website Updates with latest Technology time to time

Interact with Us Today to Get the Best Website Annual Maintenance Contract

Are you looking for the best Website Maintenance Services in Dubai? Unable to find a relevant one? Relax, as you have just dropped in the right place. UAE Website Development Dubai is comprised of a team full of excellent and skilled professionals who have years of experience in this field and hence can guide you with the best tips and techniques to maintain your website. In case you are concerned with the service charges, we suggest you not to worry as we provide the most affordable services without compromising the quality.

Place a call at our helpline number:0507077947 and interact with our experts for effective website maintenance tips. Additionally, we can also guide you to create the best website that can help to develop your business. We are available 24*7 to guide you with constant support to ensure the smooth functioning of your website.

A Comprehensive Tutorial on Website Maintenance Contract  FAQ

  1. What is the time duration required for Website maintenance changes on your Website?

This will solely depend on the quantity of work that needs to be completed within a stipulated timeline. If we detect any kind of new issues, we can resolve it on our own.

  1. How does Website Maintenance Agency work?

There are a number of things that need to be considered in order to make the website up-to-date. The changes can be small or big depending on the type of the website. It is difficult for website owners to find time every day. Sometimes they may have to seek expert advice in order to make the changes. However, if you hire a technical expert for full time or half time, it might incur the huge cost and the task becomes very tedious. Therefore, keeping these ideas aside the ultimate option is to opt for annual contracts for the maintenance of your website. You will get both effective as well as reasonable service if you avail this annual contract.

  1. Is it a mandate to have a yearly contract with an individual?

There lies the glory of selecting website maintenance services. There are several packages available for both long term as well as short term contracts. Therefore, you have the provision to opt for the best one out of the available options as per your criteria and budget.

  1. What all things are required to provide website maintenance service?

In order to provide web maintenance service for your website, first and foremost thing is to have the accessibility of the website. You just need to enter FTP username as well as password or you can gain control on the hosting panel of the site. For VMS websites like Joomla or WordPress, admin controls are required to do the necessary changes and thereby keeping it up-to-date. Upon completion of the work, you have the authority to modify the password of the control panel as per your choice.

  1. Will one person work on a particular website?


Basically, the work is assigned to the concerned person to make sure that the same individual works on all the problems. This makes the work seamless. You don’t need to panic even when the situation arises to change the person.

  1. Will there be any discount on website maintenance?

If there are several websites for maintenance, you need to contact the concerned authority and they will tell about the discount rate for different packages.

  1. Will you be able to update your website without any prerequisite technical knowledge?

This is depo=endent on the type of website you are using. Therefore, we advise you suitable methods to convert website to CMS so that you can manage it easily.

  1. What are the general services provided by the website manufacturing company?
  • Web-Based Applications
  • Website Upgrades
  • Data Tuning
  • SEO Services
  • Processing of Data
  • Open Source Applications
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Application Development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Bespoke Apps Development
  1. What are the most niche technologies on which website companies work?
  • Java/J2ME/ Swing/Spring
  • ModX Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Magneto Development
  • Xcart Development
  • PrestaShop Development
  • iOS Development
  • PhoneGap/ Cross-Platform Solution
  • Social Media Integration
  • Blackberry/ Windows Phone Development
  • Web Design/ HTML5 & CSS3
  1. Who will require backup services?

Both big, as well as small companies, produce an enormous quantity of information. Therefore, no one wants to lose it in case of a power cut or hard disk failure, whatever may be the reason. Backing up data is not an easy task. However, it comes with a lot of options from where you can choose easily. Let’s have a look at the types of backup available. There are several types of backup namely

  • Incremental Backup
  • Differential Backup
  • Mirror Backup
  • Local Backup
  • Off-Site Backup
  • Online Backup
  • Cloud Backup
  • FTP Backup

But don’t get perplexed by seeing the type, you just have to concentrate on your need. You can easily select any type of aforementioned backup and save your company from severe risks. Therefore, you must be wondering about the backup data service provider. There are myriads of online agencies which provide these services. But it is very difficult to choose the best one.

  1. How will you approach the website designing team?

If there is an authentic registration number as well as request number, you need to note down the details about the task.Moreover, you have to provide the URL where you wish to modify it and then mention the reason like text change, image change, typo errors etc.

  1. How will you proceed with the payment?

You can select the price as well as the appropriate plan. After that, you need to press the Buy Now button to enter the payment gateway. It will take you through the remaining process. Once this is done, you can send updates easily. Also, you can update requests.

  1. What information do you need to share to perform the task properly?

This is basically dependent on the change/update request raised by you. Below are some of the examples you may look forward

  1. You have to share website Admin details such as Username as well as Password.
  2. Apart from these, you may need to enter the FTP details like FTP host and Username as well as Password.


  1. Is it possible to send any request after consumption of balance hours request?


You can send more request even after consumption of all the hours/update that you have purchased. Although, for the work assigned by the customer after the consumption of all hours, the website will transmit the predicted amount in order to finish the task. It will start working automatically after the payment is received.


  1. What will happen if you don’t highlight the required information or did not describe properly about the update?


They will not start working on your request until and unless you share all the required information. However, you have the option to perform live chat/ email/ call the executive in case of any query in your request.

  1. How much time required to begin the process?

Usually, they will start working on your request within 24-48 hours once you share all the required information.

  1. How much time does the website need to complete any request?

It basically depends on the request you put forward. But before they start working you will receive a notification.

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