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The word ‘chocolate’ can be associated with dark, white, sweet, hot, spicy, and more. Have you ever tried to combine this word with web design? If not, then it’s high time to do that for benefiting your chocolate industry. This article has provided a unique perspective to get your creative flavors spreading all over the world. 

Instead of enjoying chocolates, people are looking for health benefits in chocolates. They are also seeking for innovative flavors in chocolates. As a result, premium chocolates are outpacing the everyday chocolates for meeting customers requirements. Now, the question arises that how can you promote the products of your chocolate industry. A website with an appropriate web design will serve your purpose at a minimum price. And, web designers at UAE Website Development are here to offer you that web design. 

1. Essentials for a Striking Chocolate Website Design

Websites of leading companies possess the following similarities. Have a look at them to get an idea for designing your website. 

Horizontal Top Navigation

Horizontal top navigation seems to be suitable for chocolate website. It will fill a noticeable part of the website with product and ingredient images. The website must contain navigational links leading to pages describing offerings of the chocolate manufacturer. Moreover, add links to those shops where these varieties of chocolates are available. In addition, you can provide a link redirecting to the recipes page. 

Visual Effects

The quality of product photography on chocolate websites should be remarkable to grab attention in the first place. Images need to be large and dominant with horizontal and vertical space in between. Display mouth-watering images of your products along with their ingredients. 

Color Scheme

The dark brown color scheme seems to dominate chocolate websites on an average. However,  use vibrant and dynamic colors like green or red with photographic backgrounds of chocolates. 

Unique Designs

You can even add unconventional navigation schemes and elements to develop memorable user experience. It is an effective way to set apart your website from the existing ones. 

2. Successful Elements for Chocolate Industry Mobile Apps

A successful mobile app is one that can seamlessly satisfy the needs of end-users. There should be a constant attempt to develop an exceptional mobile app for your chocolate industry. Here are the key elements that can have a customized mobile app at your desk. 

Problem Solver

You should think big when it comes to mobile apps. Identify the problem of your app that will solve for your target audience. You can improvise a competitor’s app but it’s a bad idea to replicate the app. Otherwise, it will waste your money and fail to achieve success for your business. Determine your customer barriers to purchase and develop a relevant app accordingly. 

Core Feature and Real Value

Develop your app with a specific purpose and eliminate the unnecessary features. Try to deliver the real value at every step and encourage loyalty. Then only your app can compete in the market. Speed and convenience are key features of a powerful app. Moreover, your app should be used in different situations and areas like utility and entertainment. 


Your app should be user-friendly and task-oriented. Moreover, it should be built with simple navigation and convenient user interface. Or else, people won’t use your app and shift to another one. 

iOS and Android

Make sure that your app will work on both iOS and Android platforms. You can even achieve this by cross-platform app development framework  Furthermore, cross-platform framework will reduce the cost and effort required to develop the app separately on these platforms. 

Offline Functionality

Ensure that the audience can use your app without an internet connection as well.  It will boost positive user experience if the contents and features are accessible offline. 

Besides offline functionality, make your app an open-source so that customers can download it for free. Hence, offer a free basic app without using any ads. 

High Performance

Performance is the best indicator for the success of an application. Remember, poor performance leads to negative user experience and affect brand perception. Thus, your app should be reactive to the commands of users and serve their purpose flawlessly. 


It is important to continually test and reset your app for high performance. Test your app to understand the way users are using it and the changes they want. Last but not least, share your app with a larger group of users for evaluating its performance. 

3. ERP Solution for Chocolate Industry

Chocolate is the most preferable sweet for every age group. As the food industry is growing, it is facing many challenges and hence ERP becomes an important factor. Moreover, it enables you to produce fresh products of high quality in order to meet the requirements of the industry. ERP can solve your organization problem at a little cost and effort. Thus, EEP software tends to support companies in the chocolate industry by integrating everything into a single system. 

ERP is intended to meet on-time delivery, stock control, supply chain necessities, and sales. It is possible to monitor the inventory along with the sales volume. Thus, you will attain maximum benefit for your chocolate company. 

4. Internet Marketing for Chocolate Industry

Internet marketing is the strategy to promote your product on the internet using digital technologies. Internet marketing is highly beneficial for all sectors of industry including chocolates. It provides your company with a global reach at a low cost. You can even enjoy the ease of personalization and built long-lasting relationships with your customers. There are various internet marketing strategies that can accelerate the growth of your business. You will explore these strategies if you connect with UAE Website Development.

Personalize the Experience of Your Target Audience:

We have different experts at UAE Website Development Dubai to handle web design, mobile app development, ERP solutions, and internet marketing for the chocolate industry. We have been awarded as one of the leading service providers in the UAE for the chocolate industry. We have worked with many companies that have achieved success in these days. Our platform is 24*7 open to offer services at affordable rates. Therefore, get in touch with us at UAE Website Development to develop an Aesthetically Pleasing Website for Your Business. 

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