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SharePoint is a web-based platform that is integrated with Microsoft Office. It was initially used as a document management and storage system. Microsoft SharePoint has many benefits that are taken advantage of by many organizations. It gives the user a consistent experience. It also makes the day-to-day business easier and simplifies the business data access. It makes the shared business procedure faster and also secures any business data or information that contains sensitive information.

If you want to hire expert SharePoint Development Services in Dubai, then UAE Website Development is your one-stop destination. Our professionals are one of the most sought tech-geeks all over the world for their development services.

What are SharePoint Development Services?

Users use SharePoint as a development platform, mainly by using the APIs that SharePoint provides: Server Side Object Model, JSOM – JavaScript Object Model, CSOM – C# client-side object model and REST API.

SharePoint Development Services is done usually via Visual Studio (preferably Ultimate, but not necessarily, though the free edition cannot be used) and via the Office Development Tools package (free download) that integrates with Visual Studio. The Office Dev Pack contains predefined SharePoint solutions templates, which can be used as a starting point for a plethora (almost all, if not really all) of possible SharePoint specific development scenarios. You have templates for SharePoint specific artifacts: farm solutions, user mode solutions (aka. sandbox solutions), site definitions, event receivers, content types, list templates, various types of add-ins (SharePoint hosted add-ins, provider hosted add-ins both low trust and high trust provider hosted), timer jobs, SharePoint modules, etc.

One thing to note is that starting with SharePoint Server 2013 focus has shifted from “old-school” server-side farm solutions and sandbox solutions to the new add-in model (which is more client-side focused, generally using the client side APIs much more – JS, C# client side and REST). Also, the web services (client.svc) are greatly improved in 2013 to allow for better development.

SharePoint Development Services

What can the SharePoint Developers at UAE Website Development Provide?

The most important thing a SharePoint developer should possess is the ability to understand the out-of-the-box functionality and SharePoint web services so that you do not program something that SharePoint does not support. In short, a SharePoint developer must possess these skill set:

  • Know the out of the box tools available to a SharePoint developer.
  • Know more about .NET, C#, REST API and JQUERY, Javascript, HTML5, CSS.
  • Understand the end user’s experience
  • Be able to train the users and document the process.

The experts from UAE Website Development have all the required qualities. We have professional SharePoint developers who have years of experience in SharePoint Development Services.

Why Choose UAE Website Development for SharePoint Development Services?

There are many reasons for choosing the assistance of UAE Website Development experts. They are certified and so, you can get assured services from us.

  1. Assured Quality: Quality is something that many development companies do not care about. However, we, being the best SharePoint development company in Dubai, do not compromise with the quality. The technicians provide world-class services, keeping in mind security of the clients and other necessary parameters.
  2. Experienced Developers: The developers are experienced and can solve any issue that you may be encountering. All you need to do is to get in touch with them. They also have all kinds of tools ready in their kit. The professionals make use of advanced technologies and so, you will get 100% working results.
  3. Certified Professionals: Our experts are well-trained and have done extensive fieldwork in this domain. They are skillful in this regard and have garnered many positive reviews from the customers for their services.
  4. Reasonable Price: No need to worry about the price as the UAE Website Development Sharepoint experts do not ask for anything extra and only charge the price as fixed before. So, you can easily afford our aid.

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